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I just have to say, you have the spirit of a noble warrior. Which is not to say that you're not incredibly feminine because clearly you are, you're like stupid freakin' pregnant! But also so skinny - I mean come on! - you're like a snake that ate a tiny horse! My point is, I'd like to get to know you better.Lucy

Oh, so you're crazy.Elliot

"Our New Girl-Bro" is the sixth episode of Scrubs' ninth season. Turk searches for a new friend at the hospital to replace J.D.. Lucy is inspired by Elliot and tries to mimic her accomplishments. Cole works hard to avoid being last in his class.


Lucy multitasks

Lucy & Elliot

At 5:30 AM, Lucy multitasks by talking to her dad on the phone, drinking coffee, and studying, and then takes time to have sex with Cole. She also notes that she has given up on sleeping. Also, she has decided to help Turk by making slides for his class and emailing them to him, and also made pictures from her sister's recent bachelorette party. However in class, she realizes that she emailed each set of pictures to the wrong person, and is embarrassed as Turk struggles to teach his class with the raunchy photos from the party. At the hospital, she meets Elliot Reid and is instantly impressed by her. Lucy admires her for being smart and good with patients while she is pregnant. Lucy decides to not shadow Dr. Cox around any more but to learn from Elliot. At the same time, Elliot's hormones are constantly being thrown off balance and she uses Lucy's craziness to snap her back to reality. When Elliot tells her patient that she'll be there when she wakes up, but then goes home, Lucy loses respect for Elliot. Elliot then teaches Lucy that in order to take care of patients, good doctors must first take care of themselves.

Turk & Denise

Turk interviews Dr. Kelso

Meanwhile, Turk mopes around all day because he is sad that J.D. has left him again. He decides to talk to possible candidates to be his best-work-friend in the cafeteria. After interviewing The Todd, Drew, Dr. Cox, Lieutenant Underhill, Captain Duncook, and Dr. Kelso, Turk shares a moment with Denise when they make fun of an Asian doctor. The two later pal around by stealing a perky radiologist's birthday cake.


At the same time, Cole infuriates Dr. Cox when he walks out of an optional rounds. Drew is also bothered by him and he scares Cole by telling him that class rankings will be published in the next week's student newspaper. After asking Perry how his ranking looks, Cole finds out that he is last. Because he will be cut off by his dad if he does poorly, Cole asks to do some extra-credit. Dr. Cox assigns him several disgusting and unsavory tasks to do such as giving sponge baths and a manual rectal disempaction. In the end, Dr. Cox and Drew laugh because the rankings won't actually be published and Cole is getting his comeuppance. Cole sees the list, which is actually an alphabetized list of the med students' names, and assumes he is at the top of the "rankings," in actuality because his last name is Aaronson. Cole walks off making fun of the other med students, because their last names put them lower on the list.

Recurring Themes

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Turk mourns J.D.


  • Turk mourns J.D.'s departure by having a New Orleans-style funeral for him.


  • As Lucy watches a patient, absolutely nothing happens.

Duncook & Underhill Story

Duncook and Underhill are interviewed by Turk to become possible best-friend replacements. Duncook is upset and constantly apologizes that Underhill ordered soup rather than a more manly meal.

Episode Running Gags

  • Dr. Cox gets the urge to punch a wall after being annoyed by Cole. Later, Elliot notes that Dr. Cox sprained his wrist punching a wall.
  • Turk and Denise mention Hospital Staff that look like ethnic versions of celebrities.
  • Denise steals the last pork chop from Turk on pork chop day.
  • Elliot has strange food cravings caused by her pregnancy.

Guest Stars

Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid


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  • "Things Are What You Make of Them" by Bishop Allen


Drew and Denise kiss

Turk's "Chop" pants

Denise taunts Turk

Underhill and Duncook eat lunch

The first rule of Pillow Fight Club is you don't...Turk

Oh crap, I'm gonna be late for class.Drew

Drew, wait, there's something I need to tell you... I'm late too.Denise
You missed your...

Oh my God!

Kidding! Your face looks so dumb right now!
Why would you do that to me?

I'm bored.

Did she call me a butt munch?Elliot

She didn't use the word 'butt' but I can't think of any other prominent type of munch, so yeah I think she called you a butt munch.Drew

Lucy when I got pregnant I learned two things. Ketchup on cereal is delicious, and sometimes you have to be selfish. That's why I went home last night, finally I have something inside me that's forcing me to take care of myself. See I'm like you I probably ended up in medicine because I wanted to take care of the whole world. But here is the crazy thing about being a doctor, you cant even take care of a single patient unless you learn how to take care of yourself first. So tell your dad you cant talk everyday, have your boyfriend take a cold shower every once in awhile, stop doing slides for Dr. Turk and let your sister mess up her own life. That's the key to being a good doctor you first then the world. Go home and get some sleep.Elliot


  • This episode features a new Season Nine title sequence that does not include Zach Braff. It is similar to the previous title sequence with the notable difference being that Lucy places the signature chest X-ray on the board, which according to the show's creators was intended to represent her taking over from J.D. as the main character
  • This is the first episode of Scrubs to not bill Zach Braff in any of the actor credits, but he is billed as an executive producer.
  • The character Kevin Biegel is named after Scrubs writer Kevin Biegel. Kevin left Scrubs to work on Cougar Town, so the new writers made the character Kevin Biegel sleezy.