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There's my big box of failure. Oh Santa, you got my letters you fat bastard!Dr. Cox

"Our Mysteries" is the fifth episode of Scrubs' ninth season. J.D. is hurt when a student points out his needy behavior in a teacher evaluation. Denise tries to gain control of her relationship with Drew. Lucy prepares for her final exam, in which she must draw blood from a living person.


9x5 JD in front of lectern.jpg

J.D.'s Neediness

As the quarter draws to a close, the med students prepare to write evaluations for their teachers. While Dr. Cox does not care about the evaluations (or the fact that the med students hate him), J.D. is hoping to gain the students approval, going so far as to attach coupons to their evaluation forms. J.D. gets mostly good reviews from the students, but Dr. Cox points out one that states that J.D. is needy, desperate, doesn't care about teaching, and only wants people to like him. J.D. and Turk try to find who wrote the evaluation by comparing it to the students' handwriting, and find the student, Barry Friedman. They go to his dorm only to find out that Barry Friedman dropped out of med school early in the quarter and Dr. Kelso has claimed the dorm for himself for a sex-pad. J.D. has Turk gather all the students into the lecture hall in order to find out who wrote the review. He interrogates all of the students until Dr. Cox, annoyed that J.D. is putting so much time and effort into finding the culprit, comes in and admit that he wrote it, to J.D.'s shock. Perry states that he did it because he wanted to teach J.D. to stop coddling the med students and trying to make them like him. J.D. however, feels that the med students need him and does not want to become the cold, abusive teacher that Perry is.

Sunny and her boyfriend on a double date with Denise and Drew.

Denise & Drew

Sunny invites Denise and Drew to go on a double date with her and her new boyfriend Keyshawn. They refuse. When Drew wants to change the plans that he and Denise made for that night, Dr. Cox tells her that she needs to score an "early victory" in their relationship. Denise decides that they are going to go on the double date, and meet up at a bar that night. Drew, is surprised that Denise cares about getting a win, as their relationship was previously a casual one. The two of them discuss making their relationship official. Denise then leaves the bar, leaving Drew alone with Sunny and Keyshawn.

Lucy's Exam

Lucy takes a blood sample from Trang.

Dr. Cox is giving an exam at the end of the quarter, in which the med students must draw blood from a living person. Lucy can't find anyone to be her partner for the exam, and she is nervous about doing the procedure. J.D. reluctantly agrees to be her partner for the exam after she begs him. When it is time for the exam, J.D. does not show up, deciding the best way to be there for Lucy is to not be there at all. Perry, also thinking about what J.D. said, allows Lucy to draw blood from him, and Lucy gains the confidence to complete the procedure without J.D.'s help. As J.D. is leaving, he wishes Lucy luck, and Turk, who wanted to do "Eagle" one last time, has all of the med students do a "Super Eagle" in the parking lot.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. and Turk as interracial Hardy Boys.

Lucy and J.D. in a needle costume are rollerskating.

Super Eagle


  • J.D.: J.D. and Turk are the "Inter-racial Hardy Boys"
  • Lucy: During the exam, Lucy repeats to herself "The needle is my friend." She then visualizes dancing with J.D. who is dressed in a giant needle costume.


  • Lucy attempts to draw blood from a fellow student, Trang.
  • Denise attempts to steal money from Drew's wallet while he is asleep, but she doesn't because she has feelings for him.

J.D.'s Girls Name

  • Mary Lou, used by Perry Cox J.D. is visibly upset when Cox tries to flick his ear a second time and he suggests that he watch a video called Boundaries, "especially the section on 'Roughhousing'".
Suck it up, Mary Lou.Dr. Cox

Episode Running Gags

  • J.D. tells Lucy that he was forced to watch a video called "Boundaries." After Dr. Cox flicks him in the ear, J.D. says that Perry should also watch the video.
  • Dr. Cox flicks a cadaver in the ear, and then does the same to J.D.
  • J.D. has rigged balloons to release with a remote control. However, it is broken and the balloons do not release until the next day, when Dr. Cox reveals that he gave J.D. the bad evaluation.
  • Dr. Kelso has claimed the old dorm room of a med school dropout as his "love nest."

Guest Stars

Sonal Shah as Dr. Sonja "Sunny" Dey.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Jingle Bells" by James Lord Pierpont (sung by John C. McGinley)
  • "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
  • "Boo Hoo V2" by Keren DeBerg
  • "This World Keeps Turning" by Latch Key Kid


J.D. presumably shows slides of his interpretative dance class.

J.D. is lying on a desk in the lecture hall.

The student evaluation list.

J.D. and Turk on the cover of Hardy Boys style books.

Lucy sexes up Cole.

There's my big box of failure. Oh Santa, you got my letters you fat bastard.Dr. Cox

Dr. KelsoTurk

Well well, well come in or shut the door, you're letting the funk out.Dr. Kelso

Oh God here's Sunny.Denise

Who's Sunny?Drew
Sunny is a wicker basket of adorable kittens sliding down a shimmering rainbow, head for the hills.Dr. Cox
Oh hi guys.Sunny
It's to late if she talks to me shoot me.Dr. Cox

Ok, I know Dr. D. can't resist my puppy dog look.Lucy's narration

Oh crap, she's puppy dogging me. Be strong.J.D.'s narration

Hey, you got any of those weiner pills?Cole

Who do you think you're talking to son? I'll give you one for ten bucks.Dr. Kelso
You got change for a twenty?

Nope. We'll drop a couple of these bad boys and go trolling for ladies at the airport bar.


9x5 Lucy desexing Cole.jpg

Lucy is taking a blood sample from J.D..‎‎

  • This episode was produced as 909.
  • One of the books in J.D's The Hardy Boys fantasy is written by Michael Spiller the director of this episode.
  • The student evaluation list has many interesting names on it:
    • Many of the names on the student evaluation list are names of former US-presidents.
    • Drew is on the list, although he is not a teacher - but in the previous episode Denise made him a Faculty Student Advisor.
    • Other interesting names on the Faculty list include: Elliot Reid, Denise Mahoney, and John Carter (possibly an ode to the character played by Noah Wyle on 'ER').
    • There is a "Beardface, J." listed on the Faculty List but it is not certain if it is the same Seymour Beardfacé from previous seasons.
  • Perry mentions Jordan Sullivan in this episode and their first date together.
  • The giant needle costume known as Mr. Prick was reused from "My Extra Mile".
  • It's revealed that Elliot also teaches classes at Winston University, as her name appears on the teacher evaluation list ranked as number 9. Although we haven't seen her, or been told that she teaches at the Med School.