Years from now, people will be using this footage to teach children.Janitor


Our Meeting with the Braintrust

Sunny meets with the Brain Trust.

As Sunny busily works in the ward at Sacred Heart, she tells the audience that she captured some secret footage of a Brain Trust meeting.

At the meeting, Janitor calls the meeting to order with a hammer as a gavel. He explains that Doug is not present because he may have looked at Janitor wrong. Janitor denies Todd's motion to date Sunny, and also denies his motion to go shirtless for the rest of the meeting. Ted is upset because it is very hot in the meeting. Janitor states that Sunny's cameras are not only important because they will capture the Brain Trust so children can later learn from it, but also so she can make Legal Custodians, a sitcom featuring Janitor and Ted as parents. Todd wants to be in the series, but Janitor tells him that they will just CGI in a child later.

They record the theme sequence, but when it comes time to shoot the pilot, Janitor tells Sunny to write the script. Sunny tells the viewers that next week will feature the pilot episode of Legal Custodians.

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Why is she here?Ted

Three reasons. One: none of your business. Two: I think Doug gave me a dirty look yesterday and so he is suspended until I determine whether of not that One: he was looking at me and Two: that was actually him.Janitor

Ted and I have a sitcom, called "Legal Custodians". He's a lawyer, I'm a janitor. Together we adopt a cute little kid.Janitor



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