Taken out of context, you sound like a dork. But, I only say that because my best friend's a medical.Turk


Our Meeting with Turk and the Todd

Turk and Todd talk to the interns.

Sunny introduces this chapter of her video diary by stating that Dr. Turk has offered to help them understand how medical doctors, such as the new interns, are different from surgical doctors.

Turk has asked his friend Todd to help them understand, but he only ends up embarrassing himself by letting Denise prank him mere seconds after he used the original prank on Sunny. Upset, he tells them that they are nerds and surgeon are cool, and storms off. Turk tells them that this is only a stereotype. Howie reaffirms the stereotype when he compares them to wizards and warlocks, and Turk also reveals that his best friend, J.D. is a huge dork as well.

Plot Points

  • Turk and The Todd tell the interns how to tell the differences between surgeons and medical doctors.

Guest Stars



Like wizards and warlocks!Howie


  • Donald Faison is the fifth regular Scrubs cast member to appear in a webisode.
  • It appears that Turk and Todd were not filming at the same time as the interns because of the way everything is cut together never showing the 6 all together. Either that or they shot with only one camera which is common for Scrubs. This was, actually, likely intentional, as this episode deals with differences between medical and surgical doctors, and how they are seperate.


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