We are the eyes, ears, heart, and soul of this hospital, my friends. So, be good to us, we’ll be good to you. We’ll make your life easier. Disrespect us, we will make your life a living hell.Carla


Wx11 Carla chews Denise out

Carla chews Denise out

Sunny talks to her camera about how she originally intended to talk to a pregnant woman about being a patient at the hospital, but learned that she was neither pregnant nor a woman. She tells the camera that Carla ordered a meeting to instruct them how to talk to the nurses.

Carla has lined up the new interns and paces in front of them, informing them that they are not to tell the nurses what to do, but to politely ask them. Howie had called her "nurse lady" which prompted her to give the lecture telling them why nurses deserve respect. She explains that she knows more than they do, and even stumps Katie and Denise on questions. Denise tries to make a snide remark about Carla's marriage to Dr. Turk, but Carla bounces back an insult about Denise having sex in the on-call room.

Plot Points

  • Carla explains to the interns that nurses are to be respected.
  • Carla makes Katie, Denise, and Howie look like fools.

Guest Stars



Now does everyone know why they’re here? We’re here because Howie called me something. Howie, what did you call me?Carla

Nurse chick.Howie
And what did I do?

You ripped off some of my arm hair.
That’s because my name is Nurse Espinosa, not Nurse Chick.

Now I know what clichés you’ve been watching on TV, but nurses are not just a bunch of ditzy women out to snag themselves a doctor.Carla

So how are things for you and Dr. Turk? Are they good?Denise


  • There are no background actors in this webisode. The Ward looks very empty.
  • Chronologically this episode is before "Our Final Advice", because that's supposed to be the last part of Sunny's video diary
  • The opening has the X-ray saying Scrubs Webisodes instead of Interns


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