I know that you're all new here, and before you all develop any bad habits, I just want to set some ground rules.Janitor


Our Meeting in the Broom Closet

The interns meet Janitor

After Sunny received her mysterious note when she was in lecture with J.D., she, Howie, Denise and Katie visit the broom closet. There, a shelf slides away revealing a man sitting at a desk. The man is Janitor. He lays down some ground rules for their behavior at Sacred Heart. He tells them that they are not allowed to wrong him or enter Brain Trust headquarters. Janitor asks if anyone likes Dr. John Dorian, to which Katie says yes, and he kicks her out of his office.

Ted enters and notifies Janitor that his next appointment - a man with a raccoon - has arrived. Janitor then kicks the interns out of his office.

Plot Points

  • The interns meet with Janitor in his office.
  • Janitor sets some ground rules for their behavior.

Guest Stars



What the hell is this about?Denise

I'll tell you what this is about. It's about leaving the swear words there, and you come in here.Janitor

Say, do any of you have a license for a small aircraft? Or know someone who... no? Nevermind, it was just a thought.Janitor

Now, have any of you met one Dr. Dorian?Janitor

Oh, I have. He's really cool.Katie
Oh, ha ha! I'm going to have to ask you to leave.


  • We have not seen Janitor's office before, but have seen several broom closets and some of the Brain Trust meeting areas.


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