If you try to make me part of your lame little home movies, I'm actually going to beat you up. Seriously I'm going to make everyone form a circle around us.Denise


Our Intern Class

The new intern class

Sonja Dey, a new intern at Sacred Heart Hospital explains that she thought it would be fun to document her first year at the hospital with a video diary. She double majored in Pre-Med and Film at college, so she promises they won't be boring. Using freeze frames, she introduces herself and explains her nickname, Katie Collins as possibly two-faced, Howie Gelder as snarky, Ed Dhandapani as always late, and Denise Mahoney as her new Besty, but Denise comes off as kind of a bully.

Wx1 Sonja Freeze Frame

Sunny, the host of her video diary

In orientation, Ted tells the interns that lawsuits are bad and that they should never tell a patient if they make a mistake. Dr. Cox enters the orientation and tells the interns that it will not be a fun year for anybody, and when Sunny tells her camera she is still going to enjoy it, he confiscates her camera.

Later, Sunny tells the camera that a Janitor sold her her camera back, and pays The Worthless Peons to perform a theme song for her video diary.

Plot Points

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Ok. Howie doesn't get a freeze frame because he's being snarky.Sunny

Ok, here is the real dope. This year is going to be hell. You're going to be overworked and underpaid. We're going to treat you like crap and some of you won't be coming back. [...] It's not going to be great. Not for you, not for the patients that you practically kill every time you administer treatment, and definitely not for me as I occassionally have to interact with you. It will be, as always, a complete and utter suck-fest.Dr. Cox


  • Ted's orientation is nearly identical to J.D., Turk, and Elliot's orientation. ("My First Day")
  • Sunny claims to be creating a video letter for her mother when Denise asks if Sunny is talking about her. This is similar to J.D. making a video postcard for his mother at the beginning of His Story III


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