This is the greatest job in the world. Just make sure you enjoy it.Dr. Kelso


Our Final Advice

Kelso talks to Sunny in Coffee Bucks.

After promising to buy him a cup of coffee, Sunny sits down with Dr. Kelso in Coffee Bucks so he can give her some final advice as an intern. He yells at her when she doesn't want to buy him a coffee because he is already drinking one, and he eventually begins telling her the advice anyway. He tells her that she must always be on time, always have a weak friend to blame her problems on, and always keep secrets about anything that happens in the on-call room.

As Sunny states that she has to give the camcorder back to her sister so she can record her ugly baby, she shows clips of Ed, Denise, Katie, and Howie remembering the advice they learned around the hospital, which ultimately results in Denise giving Sunny a swirly off camera for not shutting up. Afterwards she shows a small clip of her sister's ugly baby.

Wx10 Howie tattoo

Howie talks about his intern experiences.

Plot Points

Guest Stars



And most important, what happens in the on-call room, stays in the on-call room.Dr. Kelso


  • Ken Jenkins is the sixth regular Scrubs cast member to appear in a webisode.
  • This is the first webisode in which Aziz Ansari has appeared, although a picture of him was seen in "Our Intern Class".
  • Chronologically this is the last webisode, however on DVD and Blu-ray are two additional webisodes and those stories happen before that one.


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