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I've never seen myself nude. I mean, I've been nude but I never looked downLucy

"Our Drunk Friend" is the second episode of Scrubs' ninth season. J.D. and Turk persuade Denise that she should try connecting with Drew. Lucy tries to convince a stubborn Dr. Cox that an alcoholic can change his habits.


Lucy smiles as Alan leaves.

Lucy & The Drunk

Lucy takes a liking to Alan, an alcoholic patient. She wants to help him recover, but Dr. Cox tells her that it is a lost cause. After asking several doctors around the hospital, she cannot find a doctor who is willing to sign Alan's transfer paperwork to the rehab facility. She finally asks her new mentor J.D. to assist, and he convinces Perry to sign off on Alan's form with the condition that Lucy raise the money to transport him there. Lucy holds a bikini carwash, an idea that Captain Duncook suggested. Lucy sends Alan off to rehab, and he hands her a picture he drew. Lucy is glad that she helped change his life. Days later, Alan has returned for the very same reason. Lucy finds out that Perry only signed the paperwork because he wanted to see the look of failure on Lucy's face. Lucy felt betrayed by J.D., and he told her that she needed to learn a harsh lesson that there are some things that cannot be changed.

Denise & Drew

Denise is mad at J.D. and Turk

Meanwhile, Denise finds out that everyone around the hospital and med school knows that she and Drew are having sex. Turk and J.D. convince her to go out on a limb to connect to Drew, but he shoots her down. She yells at J.D. and Turk for ruining her "island". Dr. Kelso and Turk tell Drew that he can't survive as a doctor or as a human being without any human connection. After some thinking, he asks Denise out for a beer and the two go to the bar to get to know each other.


Cole continues to talk down to everyone around the hospital, and some people are starting to think of ways to get back at him. Drew hooks Cole's mother up with Kelso, as a treat for Denise.

Recurring Themes

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Courage to Heal


A "wingmom"

  • J.D.: A "wingmom" is an angel that flys into J.D.'s bedroom at night.
  • Lucy: "Courage To Heal: The Lucy Bennett Story", a Lifetime movie featuring Antonio Sabato Jr. as Alan.


  • Todd senses Denise and Drew having sex in a supply closet (socks off, pants on).
  • Drew gives Turk his leftover nachos.
  • J.D. and Dr. Cox make a deal about allowing Lucy to send Alan to rehab.

Episode Running Gags

  • Dr. Cox has picked Drew as "his favorite" and makes him wear a #1 sign at all times.
    • J.D. tries to take the #1 sign from Drew and then later after betting that Alan's rehab would be unsuccessful, requests his own #1 sign as payment.
    • Dr. Cox also makes Drew send him a picture of himself wearing the sign every 10 minutes.
  • Turk refers to Denise as a gremlin.

Duncook and Underhill

Duncook & Underhill story

Duncook and Underhill show up to help get J.D. down from a tree that he climbed to teach a lesson. Underhill wanted to use a tranquilizer gun, but he ended up shaking the tree and Duncook caught him.

Guest Stars

Nicky Whelan as Maya


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Perfect" by Shane Drasin
  • "Moenjodaro" by So So Radio


J.D. is stuck in a tree

Duncook catches J.D.

Cole's family

9x2 Denise yells at JD and Turk.jpg
Hold that thought... forever.Dr. Cox

He is to always wear a sign that says #1. It signifies that he is the one med student for which I have hope.Dr. Cox

He said, 'You put that on! You!' and he was yelling and I was like, 'Okay, don't get mad!', but I don't wanna wear it. I don'tJ.D.

You're dangerous, aren't you?J.D.

Yes I am.Drew
I bet you listen to rap music.

Here's the secret about Old King Cole. The only way to get rid of him is to sleep with him until he gets tired of you.Cole

Yeah, I'm going to go get a wire brush and scrub my skin til I bleed.Denise

I call it teachertainmentJ.D.

Hell yea! Gimmie a chance to use ol' Megan Fox!

A Wingmom

9x2 JD happy to see wingmom.jpg

Alan's drawing

Cox celebrates while Lucy suffers

J.D. consoles Lucy

Hell yeah! Gimmie a chance to use ol' Megan Fox!Frank Underhill

Come on, little white baby. Jump in my arms!Melvis Duncook

[J.D. jumps and is caught]
It's like being held by a big piece of caramel.J.D.

Denise, you're scary! Sure you seem cute at first but then you eat after midnight or get some water on you and then boom! You turn into this monster and I gotta throw you into the microwave and explode you!Turk

Sing to me wingmom! Sing me to my dreams!J.D.

I'm not looking for a relationship. I like to be an island, ok? People can visit the island, but no one gets to stay.Denise

Turk and I met over a bloomin' onion. I like to think of it as a metaphor for our relationship because it's delicious but not really so healthy.J.D.

Are you hitting on me? Cause I already went through my bald black dude phase.Drew


  • Turk and Drew become "nachbros" when Drew gives Turk his leftover nachos.
  • Although Lucy's situation with Alan's alcoholism mirrors that of a young J.D.'s situation with Will Forte's smoking habit in Season 1, Dr. Cox gave different advice for each patient. He told the intern J.D. to continue treating every symptom that a patient has even if they continue with their unhealthy vices, while he advised Lucy to "do nothing" about Alan so that he would "die somewhere else." This may have to do with his different attitudes toward them, as he respects J.D. much more than Lucy and gives him more credit as a doctor.
  • J.D. says that he and Turk met while sharing a bloomin' onion at a bar, although two separate (and contrasting) flashbacks in My Kingdom and My Changing Ways show that they met when they shared a dorm room in college.
  • The tune that J.D. and Turk sing to while giving Denise relationship advice at the bar is the same as the "Steak Night" song from "My Last Words".