Look, I know that you've got daddy/food/body/confidence/horse issues. But Cole, really?Denise

"Our Couples" is the eighth episode of Scrubs' ninth season. Dr. Cox and Turk compete with each other. Lucy is embarrassed by her relationship with Cole. Denise and Drew prank with Underhill and Duncook.


9x8 Lucy Cole kiss

Lucy and Cole kiss.

The Couple

Lucy is in bed with Cole, he tells her about her smile and quickly changes the subject, and Lucy pretends to listen. In a study session, Cole is late and forgets to bring the slides and is thrown out. Later he asks Lucy to ask Drew to let him back into the group. Later Cole asks Lucy if she has spoken to Drew and she lies and says that he said no. Both Drew and Cole then find out she lied, and Cole is allowed back into the study group because Drew does not like having words put into his mouth by others. The group discussion turns to Lucy and Cole sleeping together, and Cole uses this as a pretence to leave and "clear his head". 

At first Lucy thinks that Derek told everyone about her sex life, but soon learns that Cole has been bragging about it for months. Lucy stops him and confronts him, but Cole tells her that her embarrassment of him hurt his feelings. Cole explains that he thought she saw through his behavior, and he told everyone because he was proud that a girl like Lucy would sleep with him. Lucy apologizes to Drew about lying about their study group and she is confused by her feelings for Cole, Turk asks her a series of questions about Cole that makes her realize, to her dismay, that she does, in fact, like Cole. Drew explains that everyone needs someone to watch their back and she should be lucky. Lucy finally admits that Cole is her boyfriend in front of her entire class, but she decides to make him change some of his obnoxious behaviors.

The Alpha-males

9x8 Cox steals cart

Dr. Cox steals the golf cart.

In a patient's room Turk and Dr. Cox are competing against each other in hands on a coma patient and Turk eventually loses. One of Dr. Cox's and Turk's favorite patients, Arthur, is re-admitted to the hospital with a hurt shoulder. Perry and Turk debate over physical therapy and surgery, and Turk finally lets in to Dr. Cox's preferred PT route. However, when the doctors find a tumor on Art's x-ray things change. Perry pulls rank on Turk and makes him perform a risky surgery. Arthur dies on the operating table. Later, Turk enters Dr. Cox's office and thanks him for pushing him to do the risky surgery.

The Pranksters

Denise and Drew notice the security guards cart is parked in front of the emergency entrance and Denise decides to move it. Duncook objects to Denise touching his cart. Denise and Drew decided to get their own back by stealing the carts keys and making multiple copies of the key and hand them out. Later, Denise tells the guards they should apologize to their cart for their mistreatment of it. Duncook eventually does, Drew pushes it forward, and the guards believe that apologizing made it return to them.

Recurring Themes

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  • Denise and Drew steal Duncook & Underhill's golf cart while they are laying on the grass watching the clouds.
  • Turk asks Lucy about Cole, and she remembers when Cole said sweet things to her and made her laugh.

Duncook & Underhill Story

9x8 Underhill Duncook cart

Underhill and Duncook confront Denise about their cart.

Denise and Drew decide to mess with Duncook and Underhill by making multiple keys to their golf cart for anyone to use it. Later when Dr. Cox steals the cart from them for one of Dr. Cox and Turk's Games, they claim that the cart ran away due to Duncook's neglect of it. The two security guards are miserable without the cart, having been issued scooters to replace it. Drew reclaims the cart from Cole, and pushes it forward to make it look like the cart was returning the to the guards after Denise tricks Duncook into apologizing to it. Denise takes the scooters for herself and Drew.

Episode Running Gags

  • Dr. Cox makes Turk say "Dr. Cox, he's hella foxy."

Guest Stars

9x8 Arthur

Tom Ormeny as Arthur.


Dr Cox, he's hella foxy.Turk

Hey, ballpark peanuts. You know something I don't know?Turk

I know a minimum of 9 million things you don't know.Dr. Cox

Oh, hey guys, what's up? You out here scoping the ladies? I hear Rebecca B. has sex with multiple partners... whaaaat?!? That's how guys talk, right?Lucy

You said you were stabbed.Drew

How come you never get my jokes?Denise

9x8 Lucy and Cole laugh

Lucy and Cole laugh

Girl! You can't just jump in front of golf carts! That's how gardeners die!Cole

I know he's a tool, but then, how come I feel so horrible?Lucy

Because you're a needy, sad, crazy person who constantly makes bad decisions.Drew

Toot toot tootie. Dr. Turk's a cutie.Dr. Cox


  • This episode was originally titled as Our Lost Causes.
  • Other than the soundtrack by Jan Stevens, there are no songs in this episode.
  • There are no fantasies in this episode.
  • This has a 7.9 rating on, making it the lowest non-flashback related episode of Scrubs and the second lowest rated overall.
  • Dr. Coleman Slawski (also known as Colonel Doctor) appeared in this episode as a background character.

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