The following is a transcript of the Scrubs: Interns webisode "Our Bedside Manner".

Title Sequence

Sacred Heart: Ward

Sunny: Hey everyone. it's Sunny again. Holla! Wanna know how I'm doing this cool tracking shot? Hey Mr. Gilroy! He's so cute, I like 'em old. Oh, did I say that out loud? Anyway, one of the hardest things as a new intern is learning to actually talk to patients. I'm super awesome at it, but Dr. Reid still wants to talk to me and Denise about it. Let's Go! (walks up to Elliot) Hey Dr. Reid!

Elliot: Hey Sunny! Remember how you promised to warn me when you were doing your little video diary so I knew to wear a good bra?

Sunny: Sorry.

Elliot: No biggie, I'll just put my shoulders back. (under her breath to Denise) Does this look natural?

Denise: Yea, totally natural.

Elliot: Sweet. Ok, Hmm, Denise let's start with you. How do you think you're doing with your patient interactions?

Denise: Uhh...

Flashback to Sacred Heart: Patient's room

Denise: Why are you crying?

Patient: Because my stitches hurt.

Denise: I'm not judging... just curious.

Patient: Don't be mean to me!

Flashback over

Denise: I'm getting better. I mean I still have that whole thing with the patients where I know they want me to comfort them so then I get really angry because it's like who the hell are they to tell me how to act, you know?

Elliot: OK, sure. Well, you're going to want to work on that a little. Maybe... Uh Sunny! Do you know why you're here?

Sunny: Oh, because I'm so amazing with patients that Denise could use me as an example?

Elliot: Well you are very upbeat. Sometimes too much so.

Flashback to Sacred Heart: Patient's room

Sunny: Hey there Mr. Ellis! Isn't this just the greatest day ever!

Flashback over

Elliot: He was in a motorcycle accident. He just lost both of his feet. With patients you want to walk an emotional sort of tight rope. You want to empathize with them, but not so much that you lose all of your professionalism. I like to try and get in the right mind space by pretending that my mom's sick. That way, it makes me sad because I truly love my mom, but also a little bit distant because she did sleep with every single one of my boyfriends in high school. Even the gay one. Anyway, I'm going to go talk to Mr. Williams right now about his lupus, and I want you both to come and watch and learn. (to herself) My mom has lupus, but she did go camping with my senior prom date. (to the interns) Ready! Let's do this.

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