I'm getting better. I mean I still have that whole thing with the patients where I know they want me to comfort them so then I get really angry because it's like who the hell are they to tell me how to act, you know?Denise


Sunny and Denise meet with Elliot to discuss their bedside manners. Denise believes she is getting better, even though she seems to get really angry that patients expect her to comfort them. Sunny believes she is at this meeting to give Denise an example of how to act around patients, but is really just a little too cheery, regardless of how bad of shape the patient is in.

Elliot explains to the interns that they need to walk an emotional tight-rope with patients, being empathetic but remaining professional. She uses her love for her mom to be empathetic, but also her hatred for her mom sleeping with her boyfriends as a way to keep a distance.

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Sunny with a patient.

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I like to try to get in the right mindspace by just pretending my mom is sick, that way it makes me sad because I truly love my mom, but also a little bit distance because she did sleep with every single one of my boyfriends in high school, even the gay one.Elliot



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