Nurse Tisdale is an attractive nurse who works at Sacred Heart Hospital.


During Nurse Tisdale's Christmas Eve coffee run, J.D. stood under a mistletoe and fantasized the approaching nurse recreating the Phoebe Cates, red bikini, emerging from the pool scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which was interrupted by Elliot and Carla. ("My Own Personal Jesus")

Dr. Kelso likes to see Nurse Tisdale when she is wearing ankle socks. ("My Case Study")

J.D. and Turk rank Nurse Tisdale as Number 1 at Sacred Heart, according to her appearance, in comparison with Elliot who is ranked as Number 12. Carla on the other hand is not ranked as the women have to be single to be on the list. ("My Last Chance")

Nurse Tisdale in "My Ocardial Infarction"

Nurse Tisdale is on the receiving end of Todd's thong sugar trap where Todd offers her sugar for her coffee. He has placed the sugar packets on the floor so that when she bends over to pick them up he can see her thong. ("My Ocardial Infarction")

It was said that Nurse Tisdale was sleeping with Jim Bianca, an albino radiologist, who is married. ("My Roommates")

Dr. Cox once gave Nurse Tisdale's phone number to Ted in exchange for a key to Dr. Kelso's office. ("My Hypocritical Oath")

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