North Hollywood Medical Center

The entrance of North Hollywood Medical Center

Sacred Heart entire building

The entire front of the hospital

The North Hollywood Medical Center was a decommissioned hospital used for filming in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California. In July 2011 the hospital was demolished.

It was a very small, private hospital and was closed down in 1998.

The hospital was used for filming all of the episodes of the first eight seasons of Scrubs, except for the pilot, "My First Day", which was filmed at a different abandoned hospital which was torn down later. Additionally to housing the sets for all the Sacred Heart locations, most indoor sets were built in the hospital too. The hospital also housed all the production facilities, like a writers room, cutting rooms etc.

The Ninth Season of Scrubs was shot at Culver Studios.

Other than Scrubs, the hospital also was used for filming the movie The One and episodes of Angel, Diagnosis X, The Sopranos, Eli Stone, The Forgotten, The Office, United States of Tara, Worst Week, Chuck, Parenthood and the series Childrens Hospital. It also housed the production offices of the animated show Clone High, which was executive produced by Bill Lawrence.

It was also known as University Medical Center for filming.

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