North County University Medical Center, also known as County, is a research hospital in California.


North County University Medical Center is a research hospital presumably affiliated with North County University. Elliot Reid applied for an Endocrinology fellowship there and was excited at getting the job, even though she sneezed blood on the man who interviewed her. ("My Drive-By") After leaving Sacred Heart, she started her fellowship but had trouble meeting people. J.D. suggested she reinvent herself, and she decided to pretend to be the smartest and most competent doctor of all time. Back at County, she had trouble with a malfunctioning coffee machine but played it cool. When asked to retreive supplies, Elliot had to run back to Sacred Heart to get them because she was lost inside her new hospital. ("My Intern's Eyes")

Elliot likes everything about her fellowship except her co-fellow Charlie who tries to scare her to death. Elliot declines Charlie invite to work on the osteogeneis imperfecta therapy together. Later, Elliot loses her fellowship when her Director announces that Charlie found a cure for the OI disease and no longer needs her. ("My Rite of Passage")


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