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The New Sacred Heart Hospital is a private teaching hospital in San DiFrangeles, California.


The new Sacred Heart building was built after the original Sacred Heart Hospital got too old to manage. However, completion was halted due to economic problems. Cole Aaronson's family donated the north, south, east, and west wings to the new hospital. Even though the hospital is unfinished it is a fully operating hospital with a large emergency ward. The hospital is located on the campus of Winston University.

The Staff

The staff of the new Sacred Heart Hospital is the same as the old hospital, with only minor changes. Dr. Cox is still the Chief of Medicine, and Dr. Turk is still the Chief of Surgery. Janitor left Sacred Heart after J.D.'s last day. ("Our First Day of School")

Significant staff


Dr. Perry Cox
Chief of Medicine


Dr. Chris Turk
Chief of Surgery


Dr. Denise Mahoney
Resident Physician


Dr. Elliot Reid
Attending Physician


Dr. Todd Quinlan
Attending Surgeon


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Like the previous Sacred Heart, the new hospital has a cafeteria for staff, patients, and visitors to purchase and eat meals. The new cafeteria is larger and accommodates more patrons.

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The ICU is state-of-the-art. It has streamlined equipment and has many patients beds for the doctors and students to practice medicine.

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Patients rooms

Like any hospital, Sacred Heart hospital has private and shared rooms for its patients. All have windows looking into the ICU or hallways, so doctors may observe.

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Main entry

The main entry to the ICU ward is much more grand than the old Sacred Heart Hospital's. It has a nice large desk for people to ask for directions or assistance and also acts as the nurses station.

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Physiotherapy Room

The hospital has a room specially designed for giving physiotherapy and Winston University med students can volunteer to learn how to do.

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On-call room

The on-call room has bunk-beds for on-call doctors to use during over-night shifts. What happens in the on-call room stays in the on-call room.

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Chief of Medicine's Office

Like the previous Sacred Heart, the new hospital has an office for the Chief of Medicine currently Dr. Cox, the office has a modernist feel. It is located on the same floor as the ICU.

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Each floor has its own balcony for staff to get to each end of the hospital quickly as well as for patients to get some fresh air.


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Chief of Medicine: Dr. Perry Cox • Former: Dr. MaddoxDr. KelsoDr. Benson

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