I'm on a scavenger hunt, and I need to find a black haired, soulless bottom-feeder. Oh, hi Neena.Dr. Cox

Neena Broderick is the scariest lawyer in the entire city.


Neena is a malpractice lawyer who is known to occasionally turn up at the hospital and cause problems where there are none. She has a very harsh, impersonal and even ball-busting approach to her job, making her one of the least liked people to enter the hospital. When she comes to visit her father, who is a patient in the hospital, she starts a relationship with J.D., which turns into a problem for J.D. when Neena tries to sue Turk for malpractice with Harvey Corman. ("My Malpractical Decision") As an insult to Turk and to assert her dominance over J.D., she has sex with J.D. on the table on which she issued the lawsuit to Turk. They are caught by Turk and Carla. However, after J.D. has trouble finding the courage to break up with Neena, he gets Jordan — the scariest woman he knows — to break up for him, and Neena leaves the hospital. She tells Todd to get in her car for sex. ("My Female Trouble") She is either married or Divorced.

Personality Profile

Neena can sometimes be a cold-hearted ball buster, but she only does it because of her job as a lawyer. She is audacious, such as when she kissed J.D. to thank him for saving her father, to get to Dr. Cox, or both.


  • Her father
  • "Ball-busting"


  • Most people


  • She drives a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG


Hey you, get in the back of my car.Neena

(pushes man in wheelchair away)

I manipulated you.Neena

You're just saying that because he's here.J.D. (gestures toward Dr.Cox)



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