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I gotta stop with the long fantasies, they're never worth it.J.D.

"My Waste of Time" is the tenth episode of Scrubs' seventh season. Elliot and J.D. seek out a former patient in order to give him compensation for prescribing him Plomox. Dr. Cox loves his new title, however he is unsure if he wants all of the problems that come with it. Carla and Turk decide to have another baby.


Burger Empire

J.D. & Elliot

Elliot and J.D. seek out a former patient in order to give him compensation for prescribing Plomox, which later proves to have several negative side effects. They wait for Elliot's patient, Adam Candy, at a fast food joint. J.D. gets bored and wishes Turk was with them, Elliot resents this saying she can goof around just as well as Turk. To pass the time, they play a prank on the restaurant's manager, (they put a paper sign up on the mic where customers order their food saying that all orders must be yelled). It all goes wrong when the manager gets in an heated argument with a customer, and the customer drags the manager into his car before driving off. The pair are asked questions by a police officer, before finding that Elliot contacted the wrong Adam Candy. J.D. realizes the reason Elliot was so obsessed with finding this former patient was purely to see if he was still alive. He confronts her about this minor lie, and they realize they are nowhere near as close as they used to be. Later on, they rekindle their friendship playing with Sam and talking over coffee.

Dr. Cox

Ted cleans Kelso's car on his first day

Meanwhile, now that Dr. Kelso is no longer working at the hospital, Dr. Cox is the Interim Chief of Medicine. That same day Jennifer Dylan is having her shunt for her dermatitis removed. Cox insists on being called Chief, and he (as well as Jordan) clearly enjoys his new authority, however, he is unsure if he wants all of the problems that come with it.

J.D. and Turk browse for new balls

Carla & Turk

Elsewhere, Carla approaches Turk about the possibility of having another child, at first he rebuffs this suggestion by Carla stating that it has taken them a long time since Izzy was born to get back to normal. He says he will think about it. Cox states that the decision has already been made for him by Carla, and that his new goal is to get something out of it for himself. They decide to try for a second child, when Carla agrees to have sex with Turk every day for a month at anytime. They go off to 'rubber stamp' their agreement just as J.D., Elliot and Sammy come to sit with them at CoffeeBucks.

Recurring Themes

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Ball Mart


  • Ball Mart, a parody of Wal-Mart, where Turk must buy a new testicle
    • Fishing trip with Turk, Dr. Cox, Todd & J.D. when they use Turk's prosthetic ball to keep them warm
  • Legal Custodians sitcom featuring Janitor and Ted as parents.


  • When Ted met Kelso. Ted's first order of business as Sacred Heart's lawyer was to wash Kelso's car.

Janitor story

Janitor's new Brain Trust HQ

Since Dr. Kelso left Sacred Heart, Janitor claimed his office as the "Brain House" for the Brain Trust. When Dr. Cox asks Ted to fetch him some coffee, Janitor tells Ted that he needs to stand up for himself this time around. When Ted protests getting coffee Dr. Cox doesn't care but Ted takes it as a huge victory. Janitor is proud that he has turned Ted into a man, but when Ted protests Janitor's rule of making the Brain Trust clean the hospital on Tuesday nights, Janitor gets worried. Ted and Todd decide to break off and create the Brain Bunch. This infuriates Janitor, who eventually realizes that the only way he will get his Brain Trust back is to give Ted some of what he wants, rather than ordering him around all the time.

Guest Stars

Edward James Gage as Cop.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Missed the Boat" by Modest Mouse


A retired Dr. Kelso

The Brain House

History of the Brain Trust

A Brain Trust meeting

7x10 Brain Trust meeting.jpg
7x10 Doug sandwich.jpg
7x10 Janitor thinking.jpg

The Brain Trust flag

7x10 JD fantasizes.jpg
7x10 Freezing cabin.jpg
7x10 Turk's hot ball.jpg

An ad for Legal Custodians

Legal Custodians Title

Ted, we live in a country called America, and in America every man is free to do as he or she wishes and to claim anything he or she wishes with the simple act of planting a flag. In the same manner I claimed my parking space, the dead Possum across the street and Doug's Sandwich.Janitor

How'd he do that?Doug

Wow, that takes a lot of ball.J.D.

[Turk looks at J.D. disapprovingly]
See, I made it singular, 'cos you only have one Manberry.

I still don't think you needed to fire Mrs. Norton just because she ate the last of your rice pudding.Carla

I wrote my name on it, OK! NO! It's no! WAIT! I...sorry...Turk

Dr. Cox.Ted

Chief Dr. Cox.Dr. Cox
Chief Dr. Cox. I'm a lawyer. I shouldn't have to get you coffee.

How do you feel about that?Cox to Jordan
Can't even pretend to care.Jordan
Fine. No more getting me coffee.

Is this really that big of a moment for you?

Why are we meeting him here?J.D.

Because the last time I met a patient at their house I was on the news.Elliot
Was that the crack raid?

It was.

All right, now you gotta hold on to that new confidence. There's Cindy. Let me see the new Ted in action.Janitor

Hey Cindy! I want to make you pregnant.Ted
[Cindy runs off to throw up.]

To be safe, I'm going to line your boxers with bubble wrap!Carla

The manager is fine, luckily he maced the driver with a packet o' hot sauce before they hit the freeway.Cop

OK, he doesn't know you caused this so stay calm.J.D.'s narration
Any more Information I should know.

Yes. Er, but not about this, we're doctors, we like to give out health tips, you should wear sunscreen, even with your dark complexion.
Nice save.
We did it! We put up the sign.Elliot
You should also stay hydrated.
J.D., we have to take responsibility, OK. You gonna cuff us?Elliot, holding out her wrists
For a paper sign?! No. You know how many people get shot around here?Cop

She probably does, Y'know she got caught on T.V. in a crack den.

I thought his was a Democracy.Ted

Oh...then its just miscommunication.No, the Brain Trust is Dictatorship masquerading as a Democracy. I know that you all remember, when I seized power during the Revolution of '02, when I overthrew Kyle during the Battle of the Basement Supply Closet or have you forgotten your history?Janitor

...I own that name and Chanel.Janitor

Old Ted was cool.Janitor

Your patient did die. He was hit by a truck.J.D.



  • There are numerous references to Plomox in this episode, this drug first appeared in Season Two's "My First Step". As well as the side effects stated in "My First Step", it is stated in this episode that Plomox can cause heart attacks in patients with diabetes.
  • In a previous episode, Ted claimed to have lost his hair by eighth grade. However, in a flashback in this episode Ted still had his hair when he started at Sacred Heart. Although, the hair we see in the flash-back may be simply one of Ted's toupees referred to in "My Musical".
  • This episode was the last one produced before the 2007-2008 writer's strike.
    • To give the season a somewhat proper finale, NBC decided to air this as the penultimate episode before "My Princess."
    • The episode "My Commitment" would have followed this episode, but was abandoned due to the strike. Some stories and footage was used in the Season Eight episode "My Nah Nah Nah".
  • The "Burger Empire" location is the same location as St. Vincent's Hospital with different decorations.
  • The Janitorial newspaper edition with the Cox being angry story from "My Manhood" is featured on the old desk of Dr Kelso in the scene where Ted demands the brain trust play cards.