That's backwards! It's been bugging me for years.Kim

My Urologist is the twenty-third episode of Scrubs' fifth season. This episode is notable for introducing the character of Dr. Kim Briggs, a urologist at Sacred Heart whom J.D. begins to fall for. Meanwhile, Elliot hits a rough patch with Keith because of his introverted nature, but Carla calms her down.


J.D. meets Kim for the first time.

J.D. begins to fall for Dr. Kim Briggs, a urologist he shares a patient with. Since she wears a wedding ring, J.D. assumes she is married and not available for him to hook up with. He later realizes that she is divorced and only wears the ring in order to keep the guys at the hospital at bay. When Dr. Cox reveals that Kim is refusing to do a risky surgery to keep her statistics up, J.D. begins to have mixed feelings. Elliot considers breaking up with Keith after he refuses to stand up for himself, but Carla, amid her pregnancy hormones, tries to save the relationship. Later, Carla goes off on Elliot, and Keith comes to her rescue and stands up for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso decides to trust the Janitor to fetch cash from Kelso's home, which he comes to regret. After J.D. confronts Kim about her attitude on keeping herself safe, she decides to perform the surgery.

Recurring Themes

Dr. Acula sires Kim


  • J.D. realizes he likes Kim, but since she is married, he can't have her. He then turns into Dr. Acula and bites Kim on the neck in order to make her his for eternity.


  • Clips from previous episodes are shown with Kim inserted in to prove that she was working at Sacred Heart throughout the show's history. The transposition is intentionally poor and inserted in unlikely places.
    • My First Day: Kim is shown behind J.D. when he does the catheter procedure.
    • My Screw Up: Kim is shown at Ben's funeral, although in the original episode, Carla was sitting in the spot where Kim is now seated.
    • His Story: J.D. is in an elevator singing "Kung Fu Fighting." Kim is in the elevator with him, but is invisible to J.D. because of her wedding ring, so he thinks he is alone. Interestingly, in the original episode, there was an elevator breakdown right after singing, and then Janitor threatened J.D. until Cox interrupted them. That doesn't accord with Kim's presence.

Janitor story

  • Janitor steals Dr. Cox's teaching mannequin

    Janitor is shown with the teaching mannequin in his van so that he can drive in the carpool lane. Dr. Cox punishes Keith for losing the mannequin.
  • Janitor tries out his new bit on J.D. He takes a pencil, snaps it, then says "oh no, I snappah deh pencil". He performs stand-up every Monday at sun-up at the Giggle Pit.
  • Dr. Rotinaj

    J.D. accuses the Janitor of stealing his video camera, which has all the scenes from Dr. Acula. The hospital website has a scene of Dr. Acula delivering a baby, then eating it. The video is listed under the name Rotinaj, which is Janitor spelled backward. At that moment, Dr. Rotinaj walks up, and Janitor addresses him as such.
  • Enid's wheelchair with Dr. Kelso and his cookie jar full of money

    Dr. Kelso asks someone to run out to his house and pick up $400, and Janitor volunteers. J.D. warns Dr. Kelso not to let Janitor do it because he will steal the money. Dr. Kelso lets him do it anyway because he doesn't fear the Janitor. The Janitor later shows up in a new black leather trenchcoat. Dr. Kelso suspects he bought it with stolen money. Dr. Kelso later realizes Enid is wearing a new pantsuit. The Janitor tells Dr. Kelso that all he knows is that leather never goes out of style; if you're going to keep your money in a pickle jar, you should probably know how much is in there; and it never hurts to buy your invalid wife something nice so she can feel pretty.
  • Dr. Kelso, in a fit of rage, takes his 8-iron to Janitor's van. Unfortunately for him, Janitor records the whole thing with J.D.'s video camera, which he did indeed steal. Janitor uses the tape as blackmail to get Dr. Kelso to read over the hospital intercom, "I feel compelled to tell you that I do, in fact, fear the Janitor. Honestly, is there anyone else with such a brilliant mind? So please join me in basking in the glow of the Janitor's awesome fearitude."

Episode Gags

  • Laverne is insulted about her age and threatens to kill somebody

    Staff members offend Laverne by assuming that she is much older than she actually is.
And you guys have been together for what, 60 years?Elliot

I'm 48. And I'm done here.Laverne

Yeah, she thought it would be best if I treated him medically.J.D.

First of all, Newbie, nobody's ever thought that. Ever. Secondly, she's a cutter. When was the last time you met a cutter who didn't want to cut? Laverne? You've been here 40 years now. You ever heard of such a thing?Dr. Cox
I'ma kill somebody.Laverne
  • You are square.

    The Greasers, a group of 1950s-styled surgical and medical staff members, give Kim a synchronized snap, and later call Turk "square" when he passes a risky surgery to one of them.
  • When J.D. walks into the hospital, the room seems empty because he can't see women who are wearing wedding rings. After Turk asks every woman to take off their wedding ring, the room is suddenly crowded. After the women put their rings back on, the room seems to be empty again.

Guest Stars


  • "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas (performed by Zach Braff)
  • "Easier to Lie" by Aqualung


  • This is the length of the average penis - Kim

This is the length of the average penis.Kim

What?!J.D.'s narration

That seems about right.Kim's Patient

Good for you! I was just messing with Dr. Dorian over there.Kim

You know what, I'm not talking to any of you guys. You liar!J.D.

(checks patient's penis)
Oh my God!J.D.

  • Carla pushes Turk over the coffee table

Baby, look at this, I'm starting to look like a big fat pregnant lady.Carla

No, you're not, baby. You look like you just let yourself go a little.Turk

(Carla begins to cry uncontrollably)
This past few days your moods have changed like that!Turk

That is not true!Carla

(Carla slaps the hell out of Turk)
That's cool...Turk

I'm sorry. Let me kiss that owee. Kiss the owee... Baby... oh baby... I wanna do it right now.Carla

You don't wanna do it right now. This'll pass.Turk

This is happening.Carla

Damn right this is happening.Turk

(Turk begins to remove his clothes and Carla sits down)
My mom. I can't believe she'll never meet her grandchild.Carla

Do you wanna start out with kissing, or should we go right into the good stuff?Turk

What is wrong with you?Carla

(Carla pushes him over a table)
When will you learn? Turk


  • Kim finally corrects the X-ray image

    My Urologist screens with a modified title sequence, in which Kim steps in and reverses the X-ray image that says "Scrubs." She concludes by saying, "That's backwards! It's been bugging me for years." This was in response to criticism about the backward X-ray image.
  • The extended version of the theme song, Superman, is the same as used in the short-lived longer opening attached to some early Season Two episodes.
  • The "square" joke by the Greasers is a reference to the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, in which a character similarly calls another square and draws a square in the sky.
  • Enid Kelso is seen in this episode, but only her wheelchair is shown this is her only appearance in the series.
  • In this episode, we learn that J.D. tends to pepper his conversations with cute animal imagery when he's smitten.
  • J.D.'s "not being able to see married women" rule doesn't quite add up, because he can still see Carla after she got married. While it could be argued that he can still see her because he knew her before she was married, that wouldn't explain why he couldn't see Gift Shop Girl after she got married.


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