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That's a horse with a sword on his head, and he's there to guard my hopes and dreams.J.D.

"My Unicorn" is the eleventh episode of Scrubs' fourth season. J.D. tries to get Murray Marks (Matthew Perry) to donate his kidney to his estranged father. Elliot upsets people when she starts heavily flirting to get her way. Janitor falls madly in love with Blonde Doctor.


Dr. Cox and Gregory talk

When a nice patient, Gregory Marks gives J.D. a journal, J.D. decides to work extra hard to find him a new kidney. He tracks down his son, Murray Marks, who works at an air traffic control center at a small airport. He convinces Murray to visit his father at the hospital, and when he does Murray rubs it in his father's face that he will not be giving him his kidney. At lunch, J.D. shows Murray how to get chocolate cake from Glen as Murray complains about how his father was never there for him and named him "Murray". He eventually decides to donate the kidney. To the delight of Dr. Cox, who previously told J.D. to not get too involved with patient's lives, it is revealed that Gregory is not Murray's biological father. J.D. tracks Murray to a park where he is flying a model plane, where he tries to hit J.D. with the plane and it ends up crashing. J.D. convinces Murray to go visit his father again at Sacred Heart, while Dr. Cox realizes he is a major influence on J.D.'s decisions, even if he does ignore him once in a while. After being yelled at by Dr. Cox, Murray decides to give Gregory his kidney, and J.D. thanks Dr. Cox for berating him, which forces him to work harder.

Elliot pushes in front of her interviewer in a line

Meanwhile, Elliot is upset that she can't get anything she wants around the hospital, including chocolate cake, because she is a woman. Carla and Jordan convince her to use her feminine attributes to get the males to pay attention to her, while Turk pleads with her not to. After a few failed tries on Franklyn, she finally convinces him to do her lab work first. Later, she flirts with Dave who gives her the last orange soda from the gift shop, snubbing the man behind her who turns out to be her interviewer. When Carla finds out, she distracts Elliot and the interviewer, sending Elliot and Turk to a Honey Festival. Returning from the festival, a bitter Turk (who was covered in bees) is glad that when Elliot tries to make amends with the interviewer, he walks out on the interview. The Janitor steps in and it appears he smooths everything over, just by giving the interviewer the soda he originally wanted. Elliot learned that she can still get her way while being nice, and flirting doesn't work for doctors.

Recurring Themes

J.D. is forced to watch Everwood

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  • The Unicorn on J.D.'s journal talks to J.D.


  • A patient named "Jerry" kidnaps J.D. and forces him to watch Everwood while handcuffed to a radiator.
  • Elliot, Carla, Jordan and Turk believe that by simply giving Elliot's interviewer an orange soda, the Janitor has gotten Elliot a second chance. However, the Janitor actually threatened the Interviewer into reconsidering, before they posed for Elliot and co., fake smiles and all.

Janitor story

Janitor tries proposing to Elliot

After a fleeting brush of the arm, The Janitor buys a ring and proposes to Elliot, unfortunately she doesn't notice. Later he helps her out by threatening her interviewer into reconsidering her for a job.

J.D.'s Girls Names

  • Heather
Hello, Heather.Dr. Cox

  • Claudia
Look, Claudia. Just promise me you won't get too involved with your patient, OK.Dr. Cox

Episode Running Gags

  • Whenever someone in the cafeteria makes a sexually provocative gesture or pose, a cafeteria worker will place a piece of chocolate cake on their table.
  • Murray claims that "Murray" is an old man's name. Whenever someone calls out "Murray," one or more old people will respond.

Guest Stars

Matthew Perry as Murray Marks.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin
  • "Hey, Good Lookin" by Hank Williams
  • "Learn To Fly" by Foo Fighters


"Practicing our slow motion run." - Turk

What are you guys doing?Carla

Practicing our slow motion run.Turk
Makes everything seem more dramatic.J.D.
You're Doctors! Doctors!

Go get her, Turk.
[Turk runs after Carla, in slow motion]
Oh, he's slow.

Do you have chocolate cake today?Elliot

No.Cafeteria worker
Well, isn't that just the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is my day.

Elliot, relax, I never get chocolate cake.Turk
Oh right, 'cos you're diabetic. Boo hoo. You know what, Turk! If you want sympathy, get a disease people can see!


"What an oddly sized explosion" - J.D.

[After a toy plane crashes and makes a large explosion]
What an oddly sized explosionJ.D.

I'm a pretty airplane, board me!Mickey

Franklyn, if you analyze this urine sample right now, then maybe I'll have sex with you, but probably not.Elliot

I love this moment so much I wanna have sex with it.Dr. Cox

By the by, this moment is so great I'd cheat on the other moment from before, marry this one and raise a family of tiny little moments.Dr. Cox

It doesn't matter that your father is handsome, and charismatic, and sings like a young Joan Baez. He's your flesh and blood and you gotta step up.J.D.

"He named me 'Murray'. That's an old man's name!" - Murray

All right, we-what's the problem with your dad?J.D.

Well, for starters, he named me "Murray." That's an old man's name!Murray Marks
Oh, come on, no it isn't!


[A whole load of old people stick they're heads out their doors]

What?!Old People
No, the youngest Murray!

I'm 68.Old Murray (proudly)


  • The slow-motion run that J.D. and Turk are practicing may be a nod to the television and film series Baywatch where slow-motion running and dramatic music are used to create tension.
  • J.D. is forced to watch Everwood, a teen drama that ran on The WB from 2002-2006.
  • The plane chase scene is a famous reference to Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest.
  • Murray's (Matthew Perry) "father" is played by Matthew Perry's actual father, John Bennett Perry. Interestingly, the Actor who plays Old Murray (Anthony Perry) also has the last name Perry, but there is no relation the name is just a coincidence.