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Good morning, reasons why I drink. You may have noticed that we have a new face in our group.Dr. Cox

Oh, these glasses, they're not prescription, but, uh, I figured I wear them so I could fit in with you medical geeks. Y'know what I'm sayin'.Turk

"My Therapeutic Month" is the tenth episode of Scrubs' sixth season. Private Dancer wants to write his name. Turk studies as a medical intern after breaking his arm. J.D. tries to ask out the PT Anne Chase. Janitor wants to bring back mutton chops. Elliot and Keith move in together.


J.D. has to get a ride from Lloyd to work because of his DUI ("My Perspective"). He is still living in a tent on his half-acre because he can't sign a lease on an apartment because he faints when he poops. At the hospital, he introduces Private Brian Dancer to his physical therapist Anne Chase. She is extremely attractive, and J.D. is taken by her. Brian later asks why he doesn't ask her out, and J.D. explains that his life is a mess and he doesn't want to get back in the game quite yet. The next week, Brian complains about his lack of progress in therapy, but agrees to continue therapy if J.D. asks Anne out on a date. J.D. only pretends to ask her out. The following week, he actually works up the courage to ask Anne out and reveals to her all of his embarrassing setbacks. She turns down his request without any explanation. J.D. reveals this to Brian who isn't upset at J.D.'s lie. In fact, Brian was proud that J.D. got back in the game. It has been one month and at the nurses station, Brian shows the doctors that he has reached his goal of being able to write his name. It isn't very good, but the doctors are humbled when they realize how proud he is of himself.

Turk becomes a medical resident for a month after breaking his arm.

Meanwhile, Turk is forced by Dr. Kelso to act as a medical resident while he recovers from a broken arm that he got while hanging on a ceiling fan. At first, Dr. Cox humiliates him in front of everybody during rounds. Dr. Cox promises to leave him alone if Turk just stays out of the way, but Turk wants to prove that he can learn medical information. With the help of Carla he studies and answers a questions correctly a couple of weeks later. Dr. Cox corrects him, saying that his diagnosis would actually kill the patient due to another factor. Later, in the main entry, Dr. Cox tells Turk that while he isn't nearly as smart as "real doctors" (medical doctors), he is miles ahead of other surgeons.

Elliot asks Keith to move into her place to see if he is marriage material. He continues to forget her house rules including putting drinks on coasters. She finally snaps and yells at him, telling him that it is her apartment and he is only renting a room. In retaliation he throws a party in his room, much to Elliot's disgust. In the end, she forgives him and they realize they need to make compromises if they want their relationship to work.

Recurring Themes


  • Anne Chase is an angel, but this is revealed to be false as Laverne is holding up ostrich feathers behind her.
  • Laverne twice flies like an angel using the aforementioned ostrich feathers.


  • Turk tries sticking his hands in between a ceiling fan's blades. He instructs J.D. to increase the fan's speed, but he ends up getting caught hanging on the fan. When J.D. tries to turn it off, the switch breaks, and Turk is thrown from the fan, leading to his broken arm.
  • Carla catches Turk eating hot wings in bed.
  • Turk scratches J.D.'s back with a rake.

Janitor story

Janitor realizes he is related to Civil War general Ambrose Burnside, whom he incorrectly refers to as "Burnsides" and describes as a "mutton chop enthusiast", and decides to bring them back to style. His mutton chops start patchy but grow to be thick. Soon, everyone has mutton chops, but at Keith's party, he reveals that they are fake and that people should be more original.

It looks like tiny hamsters died all over your face.J.D.

That happened once, but no, this is just how I grow facial hair.Janitor

After the party, Janitor deactivates J.D.'s scooter which has been fitted with a breathalyzer that causes it to shut down if the tester is over the legal limit.

Episode Running Gags

  • J.D.'s fantasies of Laverne flying
  • As a medical resident, Turk has internal narrations in the same manner as J.D.
  • All of the male hospital staff grow mutton chops.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Devil's Son" by DevilDriver
  • "Driving Down The Darkness" by DevilDriver
  • "Turn" by Travis


Cool! A new black residentJ.D.'s narration

[Turk lifts up his glasses]

Oh, it's just Turk. Hey Turk!

What's happenin' J.D.?!Turk

Brian, expertly flirting is one thing, but I'm not ready to get back in the game yet. I just got out of a serious relationship. Plus I'm a tent-dwelling poop-fainter who can't drive.J.D.

I have a fibreglass skullPrivate Dancer
It's always a competition with you.

So, Dr. Cox, cast comes off tomorrow. Any last-minute shots you want to take at me?Turk

You have diabetes and you can't eat cupcakes.Dr. Cox

Elliot, you can't test love. When I first met Turk, it seemed he was more in love with his best friend than me!Carla

[Turk walks over]

Honey, they got that almond biscotti J.D. loves; I was wondering if I could borrow some money so I could get him some.Turk
No, you got him a present yesterday.

Thanks for the ride, Lloyd, this DUI is such a hassle.J.D.

Been there, bro'. Been there.Lloyd

Crack...hey, by any chance do you like speed metal?
I did not.J.D.'s Narration

Hi, I'm Anne Chase, Brian's physical therapist.Anne Chase

I'd love to put my ear on her butt, and see if I can hear the ocean.Private Dancer
Uh, Brian, you're doing that thing where you say your thoughts out loud. It's a side effect of his injury.J.D.
Oh.Anne Chase

It wasn't, but we'd been having fun since we came up with that.J.D.'s Narration


  • Turk narrates a line of this episode, when he asks J.D. why some people try to obtain Cox's respect.
  • According to Set Dresser Patrick Bolton in the DVD commentary for this episode, each ICU hospital bed costs about $30,000.
  • J.D. does not take his scooter as his license was suspended because of a DUI.
  • It seems odd that Turk would risk his hands in such a matter as he is seen being very careful about his hands. He shouldn't risk such an injury as he's a surgeon with a need for his hands.
  • The invitation to Keith's party reads, "Keith is having a party next Friday in his room at Elliot's house. BYOB (Don't tell Elliot)."
  • Writer Aseem Batra and Set Dresser Patrick Bolton claim in the DVD commentary that the hospital used to shoot the series is haunted.
  • The character of Brian Dancer seems to be left-handed. This is most likely a way of making the right-handed actor appear to have difficulty writing due to his brain injury.
  • Turk answers Dr. Cox's question about what exams to run on a Lupus patient with the lyrics of the song Luka while doing medical resident rounds.
  • J.D.'s fantasies of Laverne flying could be foreshadowing the events of "My Long Goodbye".