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It is now time to join these two, as only the creator can.Van

"My Soul on Fire, Part 2" is the fifteenth episode of Scrubs' eighth season. Janitor and Lady get married in the Bahamas. Carla makes time for Turk, while Jordan makes a confession to Perry. Elliot accepts J.D.'s profession of love.


The attendees of Janitor's wedding.

The Wedding

Facing the arguments that started the previous day, the couples from Sacred Heart aren't having the best vacation they would like in the Bahamas. The Janitor has problems of his own - he must now organize a wedding ceremony. He asks Todd to find a Justice of the Peace at an emergency international Brain Trust meeting, with new member Ira. Later, Todd introduces Janitor to Van, an old buddy who let Todd practice rectal exams on him in medical school. At the wedding ceremony Janitor requested that everybody stand while he and Lady sat. Van did a terrible job leading the wedding by listing pitfalls he and his wife encountered when they were married. In the end, Janitor tells Lady that he loves her because she accepts him for who he is, in all his weirdness.

J.D. pours his soul out to Elliot.

The Couples

J.D. acts as if it is Elliot's fault that she is upset, after promising him there would be no more drama. She tells him that there is drama in every relationship, and he will need to be romantic to her if he truly loves her. Turk tells the same to Carla, complaining that she is too busy being a mother to love him by providing good sex. This angers Carla who blames him for acting as a child, yet furthering her role as a mother. Perry tells Jordan that he truly loves her and enjoys her company, but Jordan is reluctant to leave their bitterness behind. After the wedding, Carla finds some time to set aside to spend romantically with Turk. At the bar, Jordan tells Perry that when Perry is around she enjoys life more, which makes him happy. On a pier, J.D. opens his heart to Elliot, telling her that he loves her more than he ever thought he could love anybody, and that he loves her more than he loves Turk. He then gives her Turk's tiki necklace and the two kiss during a Bahamian sunset.

Doug, at Sacred Heart.

Kelso, and back at Sacred Heart

At the bar of the resort, Bob drinks Bahama Mamas all day long, and even sleeps at the bar. He misses the wedding because he is drinking the delicious beverage. Ted tries to not wear sunblock into the sun for mere seconds and gets severely burned. Back at Sacred Heart, Doug locks himself in a morgue drawer when he finds out that he wasn't invited to the Bahamas for the wedding.

The Brain Trust meets internationally.

Recurring Themes

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Janitor story

Janitor tapes fish to J.D.'s hands.

The Janitor is still mad at J.D. for convincing everyone to come to the wedding on such short notice. To punish him he tapes fish to his hands on top of a lighthouse. Seagulls attack him, wrecking his shirt for the wedding and covering him in seagull poop.

At the wedding, J.D. gets excited because Van twice starts to say the Janitor's real name, but a high-tide five by Todd and an exclamation of pain by Ted prevent him from doing so.

Guest Stars

Kit Pongetti as Ladinia "Lady" Williams

Credited but did not appear



Ted performs "Hey Ya"

Ted sings "Hey Ya".

  • "Gatta Find My Woman" by Jay Mitchell
  • "For You" by Lady E
  • "Hey Ya" by Outkast performed by Sam Lloyd


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[to Turk] I love you.J.D.

Well that's about right. And you're naked. Perfect.Perry


Van? I drive one of you!Janitor

It's not a real wedding! It's a crazy cleaning person's scam for presents.J.D.

Nice hat. Does it come in human size?Perry

I'm not a strong public speaker, nor am I that familiar with the Bible.Van

I never really believed that I would find somebody that I love as much as you. I love you more than anything in the whole world. Elliot, I love you more than Turk.J.D.

I know I'm weird, but you'd be weird too if your mother aged backwards like mine did.Janitor

Alright then, it is now time to join these two as only the Creator can.Van


  • This is the first episode in the entire series that plays completely outside of Sacred Heart Hospital, except for two short flashbacks with Doug not being invited to the wedding.
  • There have been "To Be Continued" and 45 minute long episodes on Scrubs previously, but never a two-part episode.
  • According to Bill Lawrence "My Soul on Fire" was intended to air as an hour-long episode, but ABC decided to split the episode in two parts to accommodate their broadcast schedule.
  • Bill Lawrence has a spot as the priest for the wedding, and says he will wed them as "only the creator can." Bill Lawrence is the creator of Scrubs. He then goes on to criticize marriage, Christa Miller who plays Jordan, is his wife.
  • There are no fantasies in this episode.
  • J.D. calls Elliot his dream girl, a reference to "My First Day".
  • The guitar Ted is playing while performing "Hey Ya" is held as if it were a left-handed guitar, but it is actually a right-handed guitar.
  • Continuity: When Perry throws Jordan into the pool, she is at first on his left side, but when they are visible in the wide shot directly afterwards, Jordan suddenly is on Perry's right side.
  • This is the last episode Doug appears in. He's one of the few major recurring characters to be absent from the intended series finale.
  • This is one of the rare occasions in which the Janitor calls J.D. "J.D."
  • The man who plays the bar patron is Bill Lawrence's actual father Van Lawrence. Bill Lawrence used his father's name for his character, the justice of the peace.
  • This episode was also filmed on the island of Elbow Cay in the Abacos of the Bahamas. The venue for the wedding where the episode was filmed is called the Hope Town Harbor Lodge.
  • The bartender that appears in the episode's real name is in fact Gary. He has worked at the Hope Town Harbor Lodge for over 15 years. When he speaks to Dr. Kelso, he speaks with a Jamaican accent. He does not, however, have a Jamaican accent. He also makes a fantastic rum runner.
  • When Doug is complaining about not being invited to the Janitor's wedding, the staff holds up their invitations. One invitation reads "MILF Doctor" while another says "Stand in Doctor".
  • It is speculated that the Janitor's name would finally be revealed when the priest performs the wedding vows however he is interrupted twice before it is heard.
  • Dr. Kelso is the only member of the staff to not be present at the wedding as he is at the bar.