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I invited you to a wedding in a foreign country on three days' notice. You weren't supposed to come! I just wanted the gifts.Janitor

"My Soul on Fire, Part 1" is the fourteenth episode of Scrubs eighth season. Janitor invites the Sacred Heart staff to his wedding in the Bahamas on short notice just for the gifts, and J.D. convinces everyone to attend. All the couples who went to the Bahamas undergo relationship problems.


8x14 JD Turk with tiki necklaces

J.D. and Turk ready for their island vacation

J.D. and Elliot[]

When Elliot reminds him that it is their seventh year anniversary of their first kiss, J.D. freaks out and shoplifts a present for her. After Leonard retrieves it, Elliot tells him that they don't need to sweat the small stuff because they know what to expect in their relationship. Later, at the cafeteria, everyone receives invitations for the Janitor's wedding in the Bahamas. Elliot is upset that he is getting married before she is. Everyone is upset that the announcements came on such short notice, but J.D. convinces them that they all need a break and should be there for Janitor. They all agree. Elliot decides to stop eating so she will look good in a bathing suit. Later that night, in bed, she tells J.D. that she loves him. He tells her he feels the same way, but she explains that he must say it with feeling. He tries to sneak sweet ways to say "I love you" on her when they reach the Bahamas. After being yelled at by the Janitor for actually showing up, J.D. notices that all of the couples in the Bahamas are arguing. He confidently tells Elliot that they can rest assured with each other's love. He thinks he has pulled off a smooth move but Elliot walks away, upset.

8x14 Carla on beach

Carla on the beach.

Turk and Carla[]

Meanwhile, Turk is upset that Carla has been acting like a mother and not like a wife. She is hesitant to go to the Bahamas because of leaving Izzy alone for such a long time. On the islands, she is constantly on her phone with the babysitter. When Turk convinces her to meet for a special rendezvous in the ocean, she stands him up and talks to Izzy on the phone.

8x14 Jordan throws laptop

Jordan gets mad at Perry.

Jordan and Dr. Cox[]

Jordan pesters Dr. Cox into coming to the Bahamas, but he informs her that he will be busy working there. She celebrates this idea. However, she gets fed up with him being on his laptop all the time when they are together on the beach. She eventually hurls his laptop into the ocean when he reveals that he finished his work on the plane and was just doing extra work to prove his point.

Recurring Themes[]

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8x14 Barry Williams

Barry Williams sells his tiki necklaces.


  • Barry Williams sells the cursed Tiki dolls he obtained in The Brady Bunch Goes to Hawaii.
  • The group from Sacred Heart learns where Todd started high-fiving: his university in the Bahamas, where his professor gives the best high-fives. The professor's high fives are capable of causing earthquakes.


  • Jordan sings Juvenile's "Slow Motion" into a hair brush, unknowingly being recorded by a nanny cam.

Janitor story[]

8x14 Brain trust

The Brain Trust meets.

After reinstating Doug into the Brain Trust, Janitor asks his club to hand out invitations to his wedding in the Bahamas, which takes place in three days. When the staff of Sacred Heart shows up, he threatens J.D. and is forced by Lady to actually hold a ceremony. He originally intended to only invite them to get the gifts.

J.D.'s Girl Name[]

8x14 Jordan Elliot in bikinis

Hey Diane? Here come my ex-wife and your beard.

Hey Diane? Here come my ex-wife and your beard.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars[]

8x14 Lady Elliot excited

Kit Pongetti as Ladinia "Lady" Williams


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" performed by Sarah Chalke
  • "Slow Motion" by Juvenile performed by Christa Miller
  • "True to Myself" by Ziggy Marley


8x14 Ted with sunscreen

Ted wears a lot of sunscreen.

8x14 Lady Elliot

Lady is surprised to see her friends from Sacred Heart.

8x14 JD Turk tiki necklaces

J.D. and Turk on the beach.

8x14 Todd on the beach

Todd on the beach.

8x14 Elliot eating food

Elliot gorges after starving herself.

I feel like you raped my soul.Ted

This wedding is in three days and it's in the Bahamas. Nobody's going to this thing.Dr. Cox

I know the Janitor isn't exactly a friend to us, but he is a part of our family. A horrible, horrible part.J.D.

Oh I know I'm not. I heard at night the octopuses come out on the land and drag people up into trees and rip their faces off with their powerful suction cups.Ted

Downstairs!J.D.  ("My Bad Too")


  • This is the first "Season Eight" episode in which Johnny Kastl has appeared.
  • Although NBC was fine with The Todd's banana hammocks, ABC wasn't. This is why you can only see a short glimpse of his rather PG (for Todd) speedo.
  • This episode takes place and is filmed on the Island of Elbow Cay in the Abacos of the Bahamas. The episode was filmed on site at the Hope Town Harbor Lodge, an establishment still present on the island. Bill Lawrence's parents have a house on the island.
  • "My Soul on Fire" was originally intended to be aired as a one-hour episode, but due to scheduling ABC broke it into two.
  • J.D. and Elliot's first kiss was in Episode 14 of season 1, this is episode 14 of season 8, therefore it has indeed been 7 seasons or years, since their first kiss, as is mentioned in the episode.
  • When Turk and Carla leave the cafeteria arguing about whether or not they should leave Izzy alone you can see the spot on the wall where Dr. Kelso's picture used to be, behind where Ted is talking on the phone.
  • Even though Lloyd became an ambulance driver in Season Seven's "My Bad Too" he wears his delivery man uniform in this episode.
  • Goof: When J.D. is in the hospital wearing Elliot's shirt, Elliot is behind J.D. looking through her bag. Then Turk comes in asking about the shirt, the shot goes back to J.D. and has Elliot walking in asking about the shirt.
  • Goof: since the gang was traveling to the Bahamas they would need passports to enter the country as the Bahamas are not a part of the United States.
  • The only scene to take place at Sacred Heart is the opening after which the rest of the episode takes place in the Bahamas for the wedding.