How're we going to get rid of Maddox? Would you [Janitor] like to go first to get your useless ideas out of the way first?Dr. Cox

"My Saving Grace" is the third episode of Scrubs' eighth season. J.D. and Elliot attempt to cheat the system to get a patient medications. Dr. Cox and Janitor work to get Dr. Maddox fired, but need the help of Dr. Kelso. Carla and Katie have a serious talk in the cafeteria.


The Rosels

J.D. & Elliot

The staff of Sacred Heart are continually burdened by Dr. Maddox watching over their shoulders to make sure they are working efficiently and not cheating any insurance systems, other than ways that get the hospital more money. J.D. and Elliot get a patient, Pat Rosel, who is admitted with multiple sclerosis. He is showing the typical signs - shaking hands, colorblindness - so the doctors bring him medications. When they instruct him to take the red pill, J.D. notices he is not really colorblind. When they confront him, Elliot notices that his daughter, Christine Rosel is showing the signs of MS, and they reveal that she doesn't have insurance. Later, when they return with the meds, they find that Maddox has kicked them out of the hospital.

Cox asks Kelso to help

Dr. Cox

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox has had enough of Dr. Maddox making it impossible for him to help his patients. He asks Janitor and Dr. Kelso for help to get rid of her, but Kelso only wants to hear from Perry's lips that he misses Kelso as Chief of Medicine. After failing to find anything to fire her with after breaking into her office, Maddox reveals that she doesn't care if they don't like her style. Eventually, Dr. Cox tells Dr. Kelso that he thought he showed decency from time to time and was burdened by the job, and Dr. Kelso uses dirt he has on the board members to get Maddox fired. When she leaves, she informs the doctors that her replacement will be just like her.

Katie sucks up to Elliot

Carla & Katie

Carla notices that Katie is taking credit for other people's work. She sits her down in the cafeteria to school her on how to behave, but Katie does not care enough to listen. Katie tries to make Carla feel bad by telling a sob story, but Carla replies that she has heard enough sob stories to last a lifetime. She then tells the intern that by making all the other doctors and nurses at the hospital hate her will only hurt her in the long run, and that they want to accept her as a family if she is down to earth.

Kelso at Coffee Bucks

In the End

In the end, Katie asks Elliot to help her learn the procedure she never learned, and Christine gets her MS medications through her father's insurance.

Recurring Themes

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Maddox appears everywhere.

J.D. tells Maddox he loves her...

...and she steps in front of an ambulance.


  • Dr. Maddox appears everywhere, including inside a patient during surgery.
  • J.D. tells Dr. Maddox he loves her and she steps in front of an ambulance.

Janitor story

Carla tells J.D. that Janitor had been fired, and J.D. doesn't respond with any emotion. Janitor replies that he had just cause to do all of the tricks he pulled, including:

As Janitor mopes with Dr. Kelso at Coffee Bucks, Dr. Cox enlists his help to break into Maddox's office to get her fired. In the office, Janitor shows off another personality he created who is afraid of getting caught and going back to prison, because breaking & entering has become too mundane for him. He also shares his ideas on ways to get rid of her, most including beating her.

Guest Stars

Betsy Beutler as Katie Collins


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Lookin' Over My Shoulder" by The Basics
  • "Healed" by Matt Ryd


8x3 Elliot Janitor.PNG

Elliot, J.D. and Cox approach Kelso

A sad Janitor in Coffee Bucks

Jordan gets free candy

Janitor and Kelso at Coffee Bucks

Taylor suddenly appears around the hospital.

8x3 Carla Katie in cafeteria.jpg

Kelso blackmails a board member.

You destroyed my scooter!J.D.

You know I hate Wednesdays.Janitor

Alright Dr. Cox, ridiculous name by the way...Dr. Maddox

Donny. Do my free-muffins-for-life include scone?Dr. Kelso

Damn you god.

You have never pictured me as an organism that has sex.Janitor

No we have not.Dr. Cox

I love playing the bad guy. I'd even wear black scrubs if they made 'em!Dr. Maddox

Heard it! Me? Dead mom. J.D? Dead dad. Elliot? Emotionally abusive parents. Dr. Cox? Emotionally and physically abusive dead parents which he may have killed, no one's sure.Carla

How're we going to get rid of Maddox? Would you [Janitor] like to go first to get your useless ideas out of the way first?Dr. Cox

Why thank you, Perry. Off the top of my head, I'd go reindeer stampede, astronaut attack, barbed-wire chandelier, photo shop, poisonous sushi.Janitor
When you said photo shop did you mean use Photoshop to create an incriminating picture?

No. I meant we build an actual photo shop, or a chain of photo shops. We each manage one. We let time pass. Eventually, Maddox has to have her film developed. She comes in, we all hop out, yell "Surprise!" and we beat her to death with pool cues.

And then we saw something amazing. Dr. Cox be nice to Dr. Kelso.J.D.'s narration

When you were the Chief, you were a jackass and a nightmare and I hated you a great deal.Dr. Cox
That's a great start.Dr. Kelso
But I always sensed... well I always sensed that you were burdened by the job and that it wasn't necessarily who you were as a person. And every once in a while you showed a shred of humanity. Plus you did manage to look the other way a couple of times - that was pretty good. So, for all that stuff Bob. Yea, I miss you.


  • Donald Faison does not appear in this episode. Turk, however is mentioned by J.D..
  • When Jordan gets candy from Yohan, the gift shop worker from Estonia, the camera goes onto Elliot for a few seconds and when it points back to Jordan, we can see she does not have chocolate in her hands anymore but instead a pill container. This is explained in a deleted scene.
  • The pills that J.D. hands to Mr. Rosel are clearly red and green Skittles.
  • When Dr. Maddox makes fun of Dr. Cox's name ("Alright Dr. Cox, ridiculous name by the way...") this is poking fun at Courtney Cox who plays Taylor Maddox.
  • During the rant about not going back to jail, the Janitor is clearly choking back laughter.
  • It is revealed that Dr. Mickhead needs to strangle someone to be able to keep an erection.

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