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Six months old and already playing basketball.Turk

"My Rabbit" is the twenty-first episode of Scrubs' six season. Although he was hurt by Kim's lie, J.D. gives a relationship with her another chance. Turk doesn't perform a risky surgery on a patient when he finds out the patient has a child. Elliot makes picky choices about her wedding and bachelorette party.


Kim Briggs is back at Sacred Heart Hospital. People scowl at her for how she lied to J.D.. She feels hated and has no one to talk to, and J.D. shoots her down for the possibility of a relationship. Meanwhile, Elliot makes very picky choices about her wedding, and throws out Carla's plans for the bachelorette party. In the end, J.D. gives a relationship with Kim a chance, and Elliot lets Carla make some decisions for the party.

Turk prepares to preform surgery on a patient, but decides the surgery is too risky after he learns the patient has a child. He and Dr. Cox tell J.D. how having a child dramatically changes your life. J.D. takes this into account as one of the reasons he gets back together with Kim.

Recurring Themes


  • J.D.'s conscience tells him what to do. His conscience is a gym teacher with a rabbit mask on, because he was afraid of a gym teacher in high school, and his uncle once ate rabbit and got belly worms.
  • J.D.'s child is out trick or treating and a woman giving him sweeties recognizes him under a mummy costume because of his large head.
  • J.D. is tickling his child on a couch at home and Kim comes to join them.

Janitor story

When the staff at Sacred Heart feels sympathetic towards J.D., Janitor tells him that they will turn on him. After Carla and Elliot yell at J.D., Janitor is arrogant at being correct.

Episode Running Gags

  • Lloyd is seemingly oblivious to the situation between J.D. and Kim
    • When J.D. and Kim enter the hospital, Lloyd joins Keith and Ted in snubbing Kim, although he doesn't know who she is.
    • The Brain Trust, who had previously been on J.D.'s side, prove the Janitor's point by turning on him after finding out that J.D. refuses to forgive Kim, although Lloyd doesn't know what J.D. did wrong.
  • Kelso is eager to see a cat fight between Elliot and Carla.
  • Turk asks J.D. to hold Izzy up by a toy basketball hoop, with the intention of editing in a basketball in Izzy's hand and erasing J.D. out of the picture to make it appear that Izzy can dunk a basketball. He later shows the completed Photoshopped picture to his patient.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Pure Love" by Colin Hay


I have seen The Wiggles live in concert. Twice.Dr. Cox

Did they perform 'Big Red Car'?Turk
They opened and closed the show with it. It was awesome.


  • Turk shows J.D. a photograph of Izzy with Ugly Betty to which J.D thinks it is photoshopped and rips it up, but it turns out it was real.
  • J.D.'s conscience could be a reference to the film Donnie Darko. Also in the scene in which J.D. is sitting on the sofa with his conscience, there is a book about Schizophrenia behind J.D., the illness in which Donnie Darko suffers from.
  • When Dr. Cox refers to the "guy with the question mark jacket", he was referring to Matthew "Question Mark Guy" Lesko
  • Elliot says "Turk, for the last time, there's no place called Kokomo" to which Turk replies "where did the Beach Boys shoot the video". There are cities named Kokomo in Indiana, Arkansas, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Texas, as well as an island formerly called that (since renamed) in Florida.