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My name is Percival Cox. You're killing my friend. Prepare to die.Dr. Cox

"My Princess" is the eleventh and final episode of Scrubs' seventh season, and the last to air on NBC. After having a bad day at the hospital, Dr. Cox goes home to find out he has to tell his son Jack a fairy tale. J.D. and Elliot work together to diagnose Marian.


Knight Percival Cox rides in on a horse.

After having a bad day at the hospital, Dr. Cox goes home to find out he has to tell his son Jack a story. So he retells his day as a medieval fairy tale set in the land of Sacred Heartia. One of the Princess's (Elliot) handmaidens (Marian) has fallen under the control of a monster. The Princess calls for the help of the village idiot (J.D.) to help her. Along with the Giant (Janitor), the two-headed witch Turla (Turk and Carla), and the knight (Dr. Cox), they have to defeat the monster before it is too late. The knight tells them to go to the forbidden forest, which the dark lord Oslek (Dr. Kelso) has forbidden them to enter, and find the golden ring.

7x11 Elliot and JD IV.jpg

In reality, Elliot can't diagnose one of her patients. She and J.D. have to find the diagnosis, but Dr. Kelso has imposed a new 12-hour shift limit. While Elliot's patient declines, Dr. Cox tells them that they cannot help her unless they find the diagnosis. They ultimately diagnose her thanks to the fact that some interns were discussing Wilson's disease while playing "Diagnosis Jeopardy" earlier. They confirm the diagnosis by looking into the patient's eyes, where they see copper deposits in the form of a golden ring.

The Princess and The Village idiot

On a side note, J.D. and Elliot explore the possibility that they still have feelings for each other. Even though it's evident that they do, they both decide that their "almost kiss" meant nothing to either of them, because, as Dr. Cox tells Jack, "they were both idiots."

At the end of the story, Jack asks what happened to the maiden. Dr. Cox replies that she lived happily ever after. However, when Jordan later asks him if that's actually what happened, he says, "That's the way I'm telling it," implying that the patient was unable to get the liver transplant necessary to save her from Wilson's disease.

Recurring Themes

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Janitor story

  • In real life, as the Janitor is going about his normal day, J.D. points out that his shoelace is untied, and the Janitor says he now owes J.D. one. He repays the favor when he warns J.D. and Elliot that Dr. Kelso is coming — making sure his debt is paid before Kelso catches them anyway.
  • In Sacred Heartia, the Janitor is a toddler-eating giant who likes to hollow out human bodies to make kites with.

J.D's Girl Name

  • Princess

Guest Stars

Katie Gill as Maid Marian


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File:Scrubs TV Clip - I Don't Eat Babies


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7x11 Elliot as Princess.jpg
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Hey J.D., you keep wheeling them in, I'll keep wheeling them out.Doug

Awesome appropriateness, Doug.J.D.

Does this hat make me look fly?J.D., looking like an idiot

Does this hat make me look flyeth? It jingles when I shake it.Village Idiot

Damn it, Giant! Why is this village so filthy?!Irritable Townswoman of Color

Well, Irritable Townswoman of Color, it could be because this town is paved with mud, or maybe it's because I've been swabbing everyone's porch with ox urine [laughs]. I jest, only yours. D'you wanna know why?! You've been telling everyone I eat babies! I don't eat babies! With babies, it's a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips... I eat toddlers.Giant
I thought you said she'd be dead already?Doug, pushing a cart of dead people
Come back later. Say, do you have any babies toddlers on that cart?
[Doug looks for dead toddlers on his cart]
Well, off to work.

I just saved this fish from drowning!

I just saved this fish from drowning!Village Idiot

Look, Your Highness, I just came by so you could apologize for saying I tried to kiss you, when it was your Royal Tongue that tried to storm my Mouth Castle.Village Idiot

Don't worry, I got a sweet ride. [Sasha the Donkey]Village Idiot

Idiot, I have to ask. How do you get your hair like that?The Princess

You like it? I do it myself. It's one part horse manure, one part river mud and a touch of my special ingredient [more horse manure].Village Idiot

The Dark Lord Oslek was the Evil Ruler of the entire land.Cox's narration

Hey gang, how y'all doing? That is a sharp-looking donkey.Oslek

Hey, your shoelace is untied.J.D.

Hey, thanks man. You know how dangerous this is? My uncle's whole family was killed by an untied lace. Christmas morning, they're all running down the stairs. They tripped and a madman hacked them all to pieces. I owe you one.Janitor
Can't wait.

Why were you looking at my ass, anyway, Princess? Missin' what you coulda had when you tried to kiss me earlier? Good morrow!!!J.D.

I'm going to miss those two. They never once spit on me.Hunchback

Do I!

Hey, you wanna go hollow out some villagers and use them as kites?Giant

Do I!Hunchback

...and the Idiot and the Princess? They decided that their almost kiss meant nothing. Because in the end, they were both idiots.Cox's narration

What about the maiden?Jack
What do you think, Jack? She lived happily ever after.


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7x11 Jordan as Witch II.jpg
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  • This is Scrubs' 150th episode.
  • Due to the 2007-2008 writer's strike, series creator Bill Lawrence never got to complete Season Seven, so the episodes were rearranged to make "My Princess" the finale for NBC.
  • This episode was #709 in production order, made before "My Dumb Luck", so Dr. Kelso is still Chief of Medicine.
  • Bill Lawrence's wife, Christa Miller, wanted an episode that their kids could watch, so Lawrence ordered a fairy-tale episode.
  • The witch "Turla" is based on Dr. Cox often referring to Turk and Carla as "two-headed" in his various rants.
  • "Turla" was one of the suggestions for Izzy's name.
  • Elliot's patient's name is a play on the name Maid Marian from Robin Hood.
  • The Village Idiot follows up a joke with "Good Morrow!!!" much like J.D.'s tendency to follow up a joke with "Hello!!!"
  • The Monster holding the handmaiden/patient bears a resemblance to the Smoke Monster in Lost.
  • The Irritable Townswoman of Color seems to be based on Aloma Wright's previous character, Laverne Roberts, rather than Nurse Shirley, as Shirley rarely shows signs of irritability.
  • The Giant's footsteps make the ground shake, although he does not appear to be big enough to do so. When walking away with the Hunchback (Ted), he appears to be only about twice the height of a normal person.
  • "Turla" is a mix of Turk and Carla's names.
  • This is the last episode to air on NBC before switching to ABC for seasons 8 and 9.
  • It is revealed that Sacred Heart has a 12 hour shift policy.
  • The Dark Lord's name, Oslek, is "Kelso" backwards.
  • The Todd is a fairy in this episode, most likely because the term "fairy" refers to an effeminate or homosexual male.
  • The knight's "My name is Percival Cox. You're killing my friend. Prepare to die!" is a reference to Inigo Montoya's "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" in The Princess Bride.
  • This episode aired on Ireland's public broadcaster RTÉ 2, which aired Season Seven in production order, one week before it aired on NBC.
  • This was the final episode of the show to use the end credits version of the theme song. The credits in Season 8 would run over out-takes from the episode, while Season 9 had specially-written "epilogue" scenes for the credits to run over.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of "This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries, and its unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution." warning, since the season 6 episode "My No Good Reason" 1 and a half years before.