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"My Point of No Return" is the twenty-second and final episode of Scrubs' six season. J.D. has second thoughts about asking Kim to give up so much for him. Elliot has second thoughts about her wedding to Keith. Dr. Cox gets Jordan to make J.D. no longer be Jennifer Dylan's godfather.


Three weeks have passed since Kim came back to Sacred Heart. She and J.D. are a couple now, waiting for their baby, Sam, to be born. However, J.D. has second thoughts about getting back together with her. He feels guilty that he convinced her to quit her other job and leave her apartment in Tacoma.

At the same time, Elliot is nervous about marrying Keith Dudemeister. The wedding is one week away, and although she is still inviting people, she wonders if she is marrying just to get married.

Dr. Kelso walks through the hospital looking for a good cat fight, while Dr. Cox is still upset that J.D. is the godfather of his second child. He tries hard to get J.D. to back down, offering to give him a hug and never call him a girl's name again. J.D. refuses because being the godfather of Dr. Cox's child will keep him involved in Cox's life forever. But Cox convinces Jordan to revoke the godfather privilege from J.D., taking some punishment in the process. At the christening of his and Jordan's daughter, Jennifer Dylan (also a "J.D." thanks to Dr. Dorian), Elliot and J.D. panic over their commitments. Later, while hiding from their respective lovers, J.D. and Elliot share a nostalgic moment talking about when they were dating. As they lean toward a kiss, the season ends.

Recurring Themes


  • Dr. Cox makes everyone in the hospital lobby leave, including a potted plant ("All living things," he says), which grows cartoon legs so it can run away.
  • Carla admires her new diamond tennis bracelet while Turk revels in the fact he got to "do the thing all guys want but we [women] swore we would never do."


  • Dr. Kelso tells the urologist that he hates him after he makes a bad joke.
  • Keith walks out of an elevator only to be forced back in by the Brain Trust.
  • J.D. and Kim talk about how they hate beets.

Janitor story

Janitor is invited to Elliot's wedding. Because he has had a crush on Elliot for the past few years, he wants to get her an extra special gift. He rallies the Brain Trust, from which he has dumped Doug to replace him with Lloyd, to help him think of a gift.

During the meeting, Janitor expresses his desire to make sure Elliot has lasting happiness in her marriage to Keith. Ted tells Janitor that it is not up to him to make sure Elliot is happy; that is Keith's job.

Following this train of thought, Janitor decides to train Keith to be a good husband. He does this by inventing strange and impossible scenarios, one in which Elliot wakes up unable to say vowels, to test Keith's reaction. After Janitor details a scenario that involves Keith bringing home a gay lover, Keith objects to the bizarre interrogation and tells the Brain Trust that he doesn't need to prove his love to them, only to Elliot, a job he plans to do every day for the rest of his life.

After this, Janitor declares it a job well done and dismisses the Brain Trust, but not before firing Lloyd.

J.D.'s Girl Name

  • Tina
Okay, Tina, here's what I'm prepared to offer you to relinquish the post of godfather.Dr. Cox

  • Nancy

Nancy No-Chin by Jordan

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Alive With the Glory of Love" by Say Anything


My mom calls me Thunder.Ted

1313 Mockingbird Lane? The Munsters? TV Show? I'm old.Janitor

Here's some things's I'd rather see happen than Dinkus over there becoming the godfather: a nuclear war, a sequel to Hope Floats, Hugh Jackman winning an Oscar...Perry Cox

Yeah, yeah. Funny long list. We get it. You need a new thing, big guy.Robert Kelso

I think this time I'm actually gonna kill him...Yep, this is the one.Dr.Cox

Rabbi.Dr. Cox

Don't care. Hit it.Dr. Cox

Oh that's bullsh...J.D.



  • Elliot wears scrubs in this episode, which she hasn't done since entering private practice
  • The Urologist is played by Mike Henry, who plays the voice of Cleveland Brown from Family Guy and The Cleveland Show
  • Continuity error: Janitor has a mop in his left hand when he gives Elliot a hug, but in the shot from behind him there is no mop in his hand.
  • Elliot makes fun of the tuxedo Keith wants to wear for the wedding. Ironically, it is the same tux that was used for Turk and Carla's wedding.
  • When Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he is out as godfather, the closet door says "Authorized Personnel Only" on the inside of the door, not the outside. This has been a running gag on the show ever since the first episode, where the "Authorized Personnel Only" sign was on the inside of the supply closet J.D. and Elliot were hiding in when Dr. Cox found them.
  • This is the last episode to use the 2004 Touchstone Television logo, since the season 4 premiere "My Old Friend's New Friend".