Hiya! My name is Bob Kelso and I like whores.Dr. Kelso

"My Perspective" is the ninth episode of Scrubs' sixth season. Elliot and Turk have to look after J.D. when he is diagnosed with a rare disease. Turk's patient loses faith in him after he tells the truth. Carla tries out her new "I have a baby" excuse, and the Janitor goes on vacation, but that doesn't stop him from tormenting J.D.



Todd acts like a meathead in front of Brian Dancer.

Turk ignores Dr. Kelso when he tells the staff to lie to their patients in order to avoid lawsuits. Turk then accidentally tells his patient, Private Dancer, that he was just an average student in school, and Private Dancer asks for a different surgeon to operate on him. Turk's replacement turns out to be a veteran surgeon from Croatia, Miloš' Radovicnouizicioiuizcinicizich'l, who, despite being an accomplished attending in his home country, has to redo his residency at Sacred Heart.

6x9-Dr. Cox invites J.D. for a beer

Dr. Cox invites J.D. to grab a beer with him.

Meanwhile, J.D. is coping with vasovagal syncope, a condition that means he faints every time he goes for a poo — causing Turk and Elliot to take turns looking after him. Turk realizes that Dr. Kelso was right about lying, but still doesn't want to do it. Dr. Cox tells him to tell the truth, but without giving false hope. He does, and Private Dancer regains his faith in Turk. Meanwhile, Ted and Todd — on the demand of the Janitor — tie J.D. to the ceiling, where he looks down on people whining to their friends about their problems, which are the exact same problems J.D. has had over the years (getting Dr. Cox's attention and approval, falling in love with a female best friend, and finding the perfect hairstyle). J.D. realizes how fed up Elliot and Turk must get when they listen to him complaining.

Recurring Themes

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6x9 Frankenstein



  • After confessing to a DUI (driving under the influence), J.D., dressed as Frankenstein's monster, is attacked in the hospital lobby by an angry mob wielding sticks and flaming torches.


6x9-Jail initiation

J.D. helps the gang initiate new members through kicking them

  • J.D. and Buzz get into an argument while being questioned by a police officer over a prank call (later revealed to have been made by the Janitor).
  • When J.D. spends the night in jail after getting a DUI, he attempts to poop in the holding cell's toilet, only to pass out. The gang members in the cell with him see this as a sign of being "hardcore" and invite J.D. to join their gang. J.D. later helps "jump in" new members of the gang.

Janitor story

Janitor appears to be on vacation in the Caribbean. The "Custodians Cruise" is actually a front for an elaborate hoax that results in J.D. being arrested for a DUI and receiving a prank call claiming that a wolf is in the area. The Janitor then orders J.D. to be stuck to the ceiling. The plan backfires when the Janitor's trained wolf attacks him instead.

J.D.'s Girl Names

6x9-You have a penis

Dr. Cox is shocked that J.D. has a penis

  • J.D. doesn't have any girl names in this episode, but Dr. Cox does give him a physical and says it "doesn't look right" that J.D. has a penis.

Episode gags

  • Whenever J.D. is seen unconscious, having passed out when trying to poop, it is shown that he has hung his pants up on the wall hook.

Guest Stars


Michael Weston as Private Brian Dancer

6x9-Angry Milos

Benjamin King as Miloš' Radovicnouizicioiuizcinicizich'l


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Caribbean Queen" by Billy Ocean
  • "I Summon You" by Spoon


6x9-Laughing Cox

Dr. Cox gleefully jumps up and down after announcing that J.D'll "...pass out when he poops".

He'll pass out when he poops [laughing].Dr. Cox

"I'll kill you bitches!"

"I'll kill you bitches!"

I'll kill you bitches!J.D.'s impression of a patient on helium

Girlfriend's gonna get paid!Ted

I bet you had straight A's since pre-school.Private Dancer

You kiddin' me? My girlfriend wasn't the only one with 34 C's in high school, 'know what I'm sayin'?Turk

What the hell is

6x9-Cyber Five

"Cyber-Five." - Todd

Log on and thank me later. Cyber five! (High fives Turk) Send!Todd

6x9 Characters in Lobby
Damn, dude, you got it pretty rough.Turk

Ya hear that, everybody? I do have it rough. And that comes from a man who knows a teensy bit about adversity. And why is that, Turk?J.D.
Because I'm black.

No, because you have diabetes. What's hard about being black?

That doesn't look right.Dr. Cox

What? What is it?J.D.
You have a penis. At least, that's what I think it is.

It's a penis.
Fair enough.



Elliot and Turk bedpan race in order to avoid taking care of J.D.

6x9 The Slawskis

Lloyd kisses Colonel Doctor and calls him Dad.

6x9-Carla's cane

Carla and Laverne before the bedpan race, Carla's cane clearly visible.

6x9-Happy J.D.

J.D. tries to sleep, satisfied that the Janitor's plan to attack J.D. with a wolf backfired on him.

  • According to the makeup department head, Phyllis Williams, in the DVD commentary for the episode, the DOC tattoo on the Todd is a stamp which is then filled in.
  • According to writer/producer Angela Nissel in the DVD commentary, a number of scenes had to be rewritten around Judy Reyes. For example, Carla was meant to be in the bedpan race. She also appears in the episode using a cane. In the DVD commentary for "My Road to Nowhere," it is stated Reyes broke her hip.
  • Todd wears a t-shirt with the words: This website, which used to contain a video of Todd in a banana hammock showing his muscles outside the hospital, is no longer working, but is reachable thanks to the Wayback Machine.
  • Nissel says in the DVD commentary that the character of Carl, one of the leaders of the angry mob who attack Frankenstein's monster, is played by "our prop man" Patrick.
  • Carla can be seen using a cane in several scenes because Judy Reyes was recovering from a broken hip when the episode was filmed. In the previous episode, Carla hurt her leg in an RV crash, allowing her to work with a cane.
  • When Dr. Kelso is clearing Turk's name off the OP schedule board, the schedule lists Cox and Dorian as surgeons for the two procedures prior to Private Dancer's, although both are in internal medicine, not surgery.
  • Private Dancer assumes that surgeons are geniuses, although in the Scrubs universe, they are stereotyped by everyone as being "dumb jocks."
  • J.D. says that Buzz and Donna's front bathroom has a hook on the door that he uses to hang his pants, but when he is found unconscious, the hook is actually on the wall next to the door.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Colonel Doctor is Lloyd's father.
  • In the Janitor's email to Ted, the "to" and "from" lines are both the same (someone named Ellen).
  • When Turk draws an incision line on Private Dancer, he draws it on the right side of his abdomen. A couple of camera views later, the line is on the left side.