40 million. Do you have any idea of how many patients I had to ignore to get that high score? People died.Dr. Kelso

"My Own Private Practice Guy" is the seventeenth episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. becomes friends with Dr. Peter Fisher (Jay Mohr). J.D. is blocked by Jordan as he tries to give news to Dr. Cox. Elliot becomes friends with the Janitor. Carla feels insecure about her attractiveness when she can't get a patient to collapse from sexual arousal. Turk and Dr. Kelso battle over Pac-Man.


2x17 Cox and Jordan watch JD pee

Jordan makes J.D. nervous

J.D., Fisher, Cox, & Jordan

J.D. becomes friends with Dr. Peter Fisher, a private practice doctor who tells J.D. secrets about Dr. Cox. Pete used to be Dr. Cox's student, similar to J.D.. For some reason, Dr. Cox hates Dr. Fisher, and won't treat him with any decency or respect. Perry tells J.D. that Dr. Fisher is a bad person, but J.D. seems to like him and continues to help him treat a patient. Eventually, during an argument between Peter and Cox in the break room, it is revealed that Jordan cheated on Dr. Cox with Dr. Fisher, which led to their divorce.

J.D. tries to tell Dr. Cox that he is the father of Jordan's baby, but can't because the only time he can tell him is when they meet in the toilet, which is when they are always interrupted by her.

2x17 Laverne dunks

Laverne dunks a basketball.

Dr. Kelso & Turk

Dr. Kelso parks his car where Turk plays basketball, an activity Turk does to blow off steam before a difficult surgery. Turk cuts the plug out of the Pac-Man game, which is Dr. Kelso's alternative of relieving stress instead of basketball. They both resort to playing golf, but when Turk beats him, Kelso tells the security guards that he doesn't know Turk, thus kicking him out of the course.

Carla's Insecurity

Carla becomes insecure when she feels no one finds her attractive, as even Todd doesn't make any sexual jokes about her. She even flirts with Mr. Hilliard, the narcoleptic patient who falls asleep when sexually aroused, but he doesn't fall asleep when she tries her hardest. She eventually realizes it's because she is engaged, and when she takes her ring off, people find her attractive. Carla, meanwhile, regains her confidence after Mr. Hilliard faints at her presence, a feat she tried to accomplish before but failed since she reminded the patient of his sister.

Recurring Themes

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2x17 JD at Tonight Show

J.D. on The Tonight Show


  • Laverne is incredible at basketball, as she is black.
  • J.D. fantasizes about working at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno as his 'Happy Place'
  • Dr. Kelso walks round the hospital like Pacman, making pacman noises (Turk's fantasy)
  • "The Bio Mechanical Reaction of Dr. Perry Cox When He's Not Being Listened To." as hosted by Dr. Peter Fisher.


  • An angry Dr. Kelso waits for the elevator to open.

Janitor story

  • Janitor becomes friends with Elliot, much to the annoyance to J.D.. Every time J.D. tries to show Elliot that Janitor is mean to him, Janitor acts super-polite.

J.D.'s Girls Names

  • Maggie
  • Monica
  • Nancy
  • Marsha

Episode Running Gags

  • Dr. Cox and Jordan watch J.D. attempt to pee in the men's room, who gets pee shy in Jordan's presence.

Guest Stars

2x17 Jay Leno

J.D. at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Sweet Georgia Brown" (The Harlem Globetrotters Theme) by Brother Bones & His Shadows.


2x17 Laverne hangs from hoop
Say it!Turk

I'm your bitch.Dr. Kelso

Hi, can I buy you a house?Peter Fisher


  • In this episode it's revealed that Dr. Kelso has the biggest score in Ms. Pac-Man with 41 million points. This is impossible as the highest score ever in Ms. Pac-Man when this episode aired was 920,310 points. To get 41 million points, Dr. Kelso would have to complete 2,000+ levels with 20,000 points each.
    • Turk discovers this because of the high score player's initials DRK, but this is impossible because Ms. Pac-Man does not store the player's initials.
  • Even though in this episode there is a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the doctor's lounge, it was a Pac-Man machine in Season One.
  • In the scene with Turk and Dr. Kelso, Turk first holds the plug wire with his left hand, but when the shot changes, its in his right hand.
  • Dr. Kelso is shown to be very bad at golf in this episode. However, in other episodes, it is shown that he is very good at golf.
    • Yet it is possible that he is in a bad form due to the lack of playing Pac-Man which he obviously needs to relax.
  • This is the first episode in which Elliot and the Janitor speak to each other. Although the Janitor's crush is not yet established, he is certainly much nicer to her than he has been to anyone else up to this point.
  • When J.D. is talking with Dr. Cox about his jealousy, first Laverne is at the fax machine, then behind another nurse, then at the fax machine again.
  • In the scene where Turk and The Todd are playing basketball, Donald Faison's superman tattoo is visible. It also looks as if the make-up crew tried to cover the tattoo with make-up darker than his skin tone.
  • When J.D. walks into the room he and Dr. Fisher shake hands, and when the camera angle changes they shake hands again.
  • When J.D. is talking to Turk about how "some stereotypes are true" you can see Franklyn in the background taking a picture, pointing to the stereotype that Asians love taking pictures.

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