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Well, gosh, Marjorie, aren't you sassy today! Did Santa finally bring you that Y chromosome you've always wanted?Dr. Cox

"My Own Personal Jesus" is the eleventh episode of Scrubs' first season. J.D. sees a Christmas miracle. Elliot helps a pregnant girl at the free clinic, but she disappears when Elliot diagnoses her with HELLP syndrome. Dr. Cox asks J.D. to tape his friend's baby's birth.


Some staff get festive for Christmas

As J.D. prepares to break bad news about a patient to the family, the patient wakes up. Turk believes it is a miracle. Turk tells J.D. and Carla that his religion makes him who he is. Unfortunately, he has a rough night on-call on Christmas Eve, and his faith is shaken by the people whom he believes God is ignoring.

Elliot is working in the free clinic, and she comes across a girl who is eight months pregnant. When she asks Dr. Kelso to transfer the patient to a family care specialist, Dr. Kelso tells her the patient will be good practice, because Elliot will probably go into women's care or family care eventually. Elliot does not like this claim and is rude to the patient, Meredith. When Elliot discovers Meredith has HELLP syndrome, she knows she must deliver the baby immediately. However, Meredith has gone missing. After thinking about his faith on the roof, Turk runs to Miller Park, where Meredith said she had been every night for the past week. He finds Meredith and helps her.

Dr. Cox recruits J.D. to videotape the birth of his friends Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler's baby. J.D. accidentally does not record the birth, so Dr. Cox must use a different tape and lie to the new parents.

Recurring themes

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J.D. is like The Fonz.

J.D. appears in an old-timey video.

Dr. Cox as the Grinch.


  • Nurse Tisdale wears a red bikini and is oiled up as she walks down the hallway, a reference to a similar scene in the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Phoebe Cates.
  • J.D. is The Fonz and hits a patient, who instantly recovers.
  • Turk fades from view as he walks down a hallway.
  • Turk is the minister at a Baptist service that takes place in the cafeteria. The gospel music makes J.D., Carla, Nurse Roberts, and Janitor dance.
  • In a 1950s-style video, J.D. explains to an expecting mother and father that childbirth isn't pretty.
  • Dr. Cox talks to J.D. through the television in the break room.
  • At a bookstore, Jordan doesn't buy a book titled "J.D. and Dr. Cox's Shaved the Baby Story".
  • Dr. Cox is the Grinch.
  • A nativity scene is made with Meredith as Mary.

Janitor story

As J.D. takes down hanging mistletoe, Janitor gets upset, but tells J.D. that he will not let him ruin his Christmas again. Later, J.D. accidentally knocks over a Christmas tree, and Janitor keeps his spirits up, although he is upset.

J.D.'s girl names

  • Judy
Dear God, Judy, how much product do you use?Dr. Cox

  • Sally ("Sally Sensitive" by Jordan)
  • Marjorie
Gosh, Marjorie, aren't you sassy today.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

Monica Allgeier as Nurse Tisdale


Turk is the only festive one.

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "On Fire" by Sebadoh
  • "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone
  • "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets
  • "Moving in Stereo" by The Cars
  • "Deck the Halls" by Jan Stevens


Jordan ain't buying it.

Banana hammock!J.D.

Excuse me, Sally Sensitive, I don't remember asking you anything.Jordan


Turk is like a Baptist minister... a congregation.

A 1960s-esque doctor talks about the fight against communism.

J.D. can't escape from Cox.

A nativity scene.

  • In a 2018 reunion at Vulture Festival the cast revealed that the script originally included a reference to Dr Cox and Jordan having lost a child they had together when it was still a baby, with it being the original cause of their divorce. This was cut due to disagreements with the network.
  • Although not the first holiday-themed episode of Scrubs, this is the first Christmas-themed episode.
  • If Scrubs had been cancelled after the first season, the plan was to make Janitor a figment of J.D.'s imagination. However, Janitor interacts with a child in this episode, being hit in the crotch by her after asking what she wants for Christmas. The child's mother also seems to acknowledge his existence, staring at him as they walk away. However, they could be part of J.D.'s imagination as well.
  • The "J.D. and Dr. Cox's Shaved the Baby Story" book was printed by The Earl Hays Press, a prop-making company in Sun Valley, California.
  • In the Region 2 DVD, the images for this episode and "My Nickname" are switched.
  • In this episode, Elliot says that she has no interest in babies. However, in later episodes, she is portrayed as loving babies and desperately wanting one.
  • This episode marks the first of two appearances of Nurse Tisdale, who is described as the hottest woman in the hospital. Her next appearance is in "My Ocardial Infarction".
  • In J.D.'s fantasy about Turk being a minister, two women in the choir behind him wave to the camera before they start singing.
  • In J.D.'s fantasy about magically awakening the coma patient, he is Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli from the sitcom Happy Days.
  • According to Zach Braff, in the Happy Days fantasy scene, he was very hungover.
  • When Elliot says that Meredith has HELLP syndrome, she is referring to Hemolytic anemia Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelet count syndrome, a life-threatening obstetric complication.
  • The fantasy in which Dr. Cox is the Grinch refers to the Dr. Seuss character who steals Christmas from Whoville in the 1957 children's story How the Grinch Stole Christmas!.
  • When Jordan says, "You made some interesting choices with the camera, Orson", she is referring to Orson Welles, who was an American screenwriter, producer, director, and actor.
  • J.D.'s fantasy about Nurse Tisdale walking in the red bikini is a reference to Phoebe Cates's walk out of the pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a 1982 teen comedy.
  • When J.D. says, "God bless us, every one", he is referring to Charles Dickens's 1843 novella A Christmas Carol. Tiny Tim, a character in the novella, says this line at the end.
  • The footage seen on Dr. Cox's VHS is the same as seen at the end of "My Bad".
  • When Turk quotes from the Bible (Matthew 2:10), he uses the phrasing from the King James Bible.
  • Turk acts like a stereotypical black preacher in J.D.'s fantasy and quotes from the King James Bible, which is a Protestant translation, indicating Turk is a Protestant. However, he wants to go to morning Mass, which is a Catholic service. 
  • The Sacred Heart version of Twelve Days of Christmas goes:

On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
A drunk who drove into a tree
On the second day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Two shattered skulls
And a drunk who drove into a tree

Twelve beaten children

Eleven drive-by shootings
Ten frozen homeless
Nine amputations
Eight burn victims
Seven strangled shoppers
Six random knifings
Five suicides
Four beaten wives
Three ODs
Two shattered skulls
And a drunk who drove into a tree

    • This version could be a copy of the one on Doogie Howser M.D.