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This is the guy that screamed on you for like twenty minutes for dropping a thermometer? And he hasn't raised his voice once about you bumping uglies with his ex-wife?Turk

"My Overkill" is the first episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. tries to get everyone back as friends after what happened at the end of the last episode. A patient, Mr. Zerbo, is bounced between departments until the staff rallies to diagnose him.


J.D. knocks over Laverne

J.D. wakes up the morning after an incredibly awful blowout between all his close friends and co-workers, hoping it was all a bad dream. Turk is sleeping next to him since Carla kicked him out of his own room for not telling her about how Dr. Cox felt about her. At Sacred Heart, J.D. passed Dr. Cox, who is ashamed with Carla, mad at Dr. Kelso for misleading him about a job offer, and furious with J.D. for sleeping with his ex-wife. He also sees Elliot who quickly leaves, ashamed to be seen by J.D. now that he knows she still has feelings for him. After Dr. Cox unleashes his anger on Dr. Kelso, he proceeds to be surprisingly polite to J.D. Meanwhile, Turk is trying to get back on Carla's good side but is confused when he realizes he doesn't know why she is mad at him. Elliot and J.D. have an awkward conversation where J.D. suggests they sleep with each other, giving a reason for Elliot to be mad at him.

When J.D. makes a loud announcement.

When J.D. realizes that Dr. Cox isn't yelling at him because he doesn't care about him anymore, he pages everyone to the cafeteria, where everyone argues and nothing is resolved. J.D. is late for rounds and hasn't done any tests or medication for Mr. Zerbo yet. When Dr. Kelso confronts him on this, J.D. is honest and said he did nothing, to which Dr. Kelso compliments him as good doctors know that any patient bounced from ward to ward has a high risk of fever. Shocked at this response, J.D. realizes that doing nothing sometimes works and all people need is time.

Eventually, J.D. and Elliot are comfortable to be around each other again, Dr. Cox realizes he just idealizes Carla, Carla lets Turk back into his own room and Dr. Cox starts yelling and caring about J.D. again, putting everything back to normal.

Recurring Themes

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Dr. Cox becomes impatient with Colin Hay


  • On their way to work, J.D. and Turk pass Colin Hay who starts following J.D. around the hospital singing "Overkill".
  • After publicly apologizing for sleeping with Jordan, everyone in the cafeteria and on the street stops what they are doing and stares at J.D., and later when he admits he hasn't done anything to treat Mr. Zerbo.
  • J.D is being shouted at by Dr. Cox and is enjoying all of the spit that comes out of Dr. Cox's mouth onto him.
  • Everyone in the hospital floats around.
  • While waiting for Colin Hay to stop singing, Dr. Cox becomes impatient and smashes his guitar against a wall.

J.D. dries his pants.

Janitor story

  • The Janitor spends his time spraying J.D.'s crotch with water to make it look like he wet himself, at one point spraying him with ammonia.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Felicia
  • Oprah
  • Farrah

Guest Stars

J.D. enjoys Dr. Cox's anger.


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This is unacceptable. You said we were gonna sleep head-to-foot.J.D.

Dude, either way the naughty bits are still in the middle.Turk
Yeah, but with the head-to-foot alignment, it's just--there's no way for them to lock in.

[Janitor sprays J.D.'s pants with water]
Whoa.... Looks like someone switched to big-boy pants a little too soon.Janitor

Ah, that's--that's very looks like I wet myself. Do you actually think that that's funny?J.D.
[The Janitor shoots him in the pants again, and laughs.]

Life in a hospital is made up of highs and lows. For instance, my spare pair of scrubs doesn't match, but I put my underwear in the microwave to dry them off, and they feel gooooooooooood!J.D.

Here you go, whiz-kid.Dr. Kelso

Ooh! Is that my new nickname? 'Cause, you know, I actually thought people were gonna start calling me that in high school when I was in our production of 'The Wiz'.... Yeah, it was the--sort of the "hip" version of The Wizard of Oz.... Nipsey Russell played the TinMan? [sings:] "Come on and ease on down, ease on down the road!" Remember that? No? Well, anyway, you know, kids can be mean and everyone just started calling me "Dorothy." ...High school was hard.... ''J.D.
Oh, I'm sorry, sport; I was thinking about soup.


Turk has been kicked out of his own bed.


  • This episode was nominated for the 2003 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television Episodic - Music.
  • This is one of the few episodes with the extended opening which features Neil Flynn and a slower version of "Superman".
  • Unlike in the regular opening the x-ray with the title appears the correct way round, with the heart on the right-hand side of the body. This is despite Bill Lawrence claiming that having it the wrong way round in the short version was intentional.
  • In the fantasy where everyone floats, Sarah Chalke is not using a dolly but rollerblades because she was the only one who knew how to rollerblade.
  • In the audio commentary it is mentioned that NBC hated this episode, but also says that this episode received a high rating from and is generally considered a fan favorite.
  • In a DVD commentary for this episode, Bill Lawrence revealed that Christa Miller was beginning pregnancy by the production of this episode.



  • Elliot's mother being happy she's straight is a reference to the episode "My Old Man", in which her mother confuses Elliot's doubts about being a doctor with her being a lesbian.
  • The troubadour says "I have other songs", which is a reference to the actor who plays him, Colin Hay, who has had many of his (and his former bands) songs played on the show, such as Beautiful World, My Brilliant Feat and Waiting For My Real Life To Begin.
  • When Dr. Cox smashes the troubadour's guitar, the scene is similar to a scene in Animal House where Bluto (John Belushi) smashes a folk singer's guitar against the walls of a stairwell.
  • When J.D. says "I thought people were gonna start calling me that (Wiz Kid) in high school when I was in our production of The Wiz", he is referring to the 1970s disco version of The Wizard of Oz which starred Nipsey Russell, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.


  • In the beginning of the episode, the coffee Turk buys J.D. is obviously empty because when Turk tilts the cup, coffee should have spilled out.
  • Although Turk whips the covers off of the bed to reveal a fully clothed J.D., in previous shots J.D. appears to be undressed.
  • When everyone is floating around in a fantasy, you can see Carla's dolly pulling her along at the bottom of the frame for a second or two.
  • Before the Janitor squirts J.D. with water for the second time, J.D. is holding a chart at first. However, in the close-up of his crotch, his hands are visible and he isn't holding anything.