The best thing about this place is that when someone's really in trouble, all the pettiness melts away.J.D.

"My Office" is the second episode of Scrubs' fourth season. J.D. and Elliot compete for the position of Chief Resident, but are also fighting each other. Carla gets frustrated with Molly for giving advice to all her friends. Dr. Cox gets frustrated with people stealing his moment.


J.D. when told Elliot got the job

J.D. is the only applicant for the position as Chief Resident and is looking forward to Dr. Cox appointing him. At lunch, he discusses residency with Elliot and Doug. Doug notes that he is having to repeat his residency, while Molly convinces Elliot to apply for Chief Resident. Elliot starts trying to prove herself to Dr. Cox and J.D. worries that she is going to get the job instead of him, Dr. Cox confirms his worries when telling him that Elliot is "in the lead".

Elliot and J.D. wait outside for Dr. Cox to announce who is Chief Resident, he eventually arrives and tells them that Elliot got the position, causing J.D. to have a complete breakdown of anger, before being told that he also got the job - but Dr. Cox just didn't say it because he wanted to see his reaction. They are then given their own office, a small tiny office which they are forced to share. Molly tries to sort out J.D. and Elliot's problems and gives them two options; to sort out their problems like adults or to go for the petty option. They decide to go for the petty option and split their interns into two teams, who are told not to speak with the other team. J.D. and Elliot start arguing, but when a patient starts dying they work together to save his life, and afterwards they start remembering why they were friends in the first place, and start on recovering their friendship.

The light-bulb X-ray

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is given a patient with a light bulb in his behind, and according to Dr. Kelso, it is a very important patient because his father donated a wing, "a thigh, and a breast." Molly then follows Dr. Cox to observe him, He doesn't allow her to do this, but after he rushes off on the opportunity to give good news, Molly takes notes anyway. To Dr. Cox's unhappiness, Turk has already delivered the good news, and as Molly takes further notes, Dr. Cox says he will make Turk pay for stealing his moment. Turk goes in to tell a patient about his surgery, and assumes the patient already knows about it, causing the patient to get angry at Turk for saying it so casually. Dr. Cox comes up, and tells him "payback is a bitch". Turk and Dr. Cox team up to try and find a way to remove the lightbulb from their patient, and have no luck until Janitor (with his experience and lightbulb knowledge) comes up with an idea, and the three of them eventually succeed and replace Dr. Kelso's office light with their new lightbulb after he takes all the glory of removing it.

Carla gets upset that everyone is turning to Molly for advice, Elliot (going for the Chief Residency) and Laverne (marital problems) being among them. Carla invites her to a barbeque that isn't happening, it's actually just Todd and two of his elder neighbors in a hot tub. Molly confronts her about her problem, but Carla denies any sort of rift between them. She gets Turk to tell Molly about how much she helps people, but he just tells Molly that if she lets Carla do some of the advising the two of them could end up friends. Later on, Molly says that Carla should help her friend Laverne through her troubles with Mr. Roberts, Carla sees what Molly is doing but has come to terms with it.

Recurring Themes

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  • J.D. shouts "hit the water" as a solution to a patient with a lightbulb up his ass.

Janitor finds the solution to the bulb


  • J.D. is working with delivery men to get a ride to work.

Janitor story

  • Janitor comes into J.D. and Elliot's new but small office, and begins cleaning it, before "accidentally" spraying J.D. with ammonia.
  • Janitor gives advice to Turk and Dr. Cox on how to get a light-bulb out of someone's behind, as Janitor is a light-bulb expert.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Scarlett
Yeah Scarlett, you're chief resident too.Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

Heather Graham as Molly Clock.


"Bubblewrap, Bubblewrap, Bubblewrap!"

Bubblewrap, Bubblewrap, Bubblewrap!J.D. and the removal men

So what do you think, Perry?Dr. Kelso

I'll tell you what there bob-o, either the kid's got a lightbulb up his butt, or his colon's got a great ideaDr. Cox

Well, I figure with her being ridiculously book smart to the point where she has almost no interpersonal skills, and you being warm and cuddly as an unpotty-trained labradoodle, and about as useful in high-stress medical situations as an unpotty trained labradoodle. Together, the two of you make one barely passable doctor...slash labradoodle.Dr. Cox

"I'm tired of trying to find my office, so I just set up shop here!" Molly

What are you doing?Turk

Oh, um, I'm tired of trying to find my office, so I just set up shop here!Molly
Oh! Okay, that's not weird.

How's it going in here?Molly

GO AWAY!Dr. Cox and Turk
Wow, you kinda harmonized on that. That was cool.

Argh! It burns!J.D.

Ammonia burns?! Huh, write that down.Janitor

Hey! I got like a two-hour break between patients, do you wanna grab lunch? Or dinner, I'm not really sure what time it is.Molly

Wait, so, if we're both gonna be chief residents, why didn't you just say that from the beginning?J.D.

What, and miss your hall of fame hissy? Not on your life.Dr. Cox

"Pick the hot chick!" Doug

[While picking residents]

I'll take Doug.J.D.

YES! Suck on that! Thanks, J.D. First pick.Doug
Relax, Doug, you're the only one whose name I know.

Pick the hot chick!
Shut up, Doug! We'll take the hot chick.

I do have three questions though. Why do you hate me when I show you nothing but love, who's gonna tell my mom, and what the hell is I'm supposed to do with 10,000 'John Dorian, Chief Resident' business cards?!J.D.

The way I see it, you guys can either get past it and talk like adults, or you can behave like petty children.Molly

We decided to go petty.J.D.'s Narration


  • It is revealed in this episode that J.D. was raised in Trotwood, Ohio.
  • On the surgery board it says Dr. Grace Miller is still at the hospital.
  • When Elliot says that she feels like Liza Minnelli when she won the Oscar, not when she married "that gay, pan-face alien", she is referring to David Gest.
  • In this episode, there is a patient with a lightbulb in his colon. In "My Two Dads", Laverne says that the staff has an "Ass box", in which the objects found in patient's colons are kept. Maybe if Dr. Cox, Turk and the Janitor hadn't put the lightbulb in Dr. Kelso's lamp, it would have ended up in this box.
  • When Elliot and J.D. reminisce about their first code, they are referring to "My First Day", in which they both hid in a closet during their first code.


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