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Hibbleton, whatever that means, on three.Janitor

"My Ocardial Infarction" is the thirteenth episode of Scrubs' fourth season. Elliot helps J.D. learn to handle "train wreck" codes. Turk deals with his diabetes. Janitor comes on too strong to Elliot, and lies about being in an acapella band.


Elliot reminds J.D. to take a deep breath for train-wreck codes

J.D. and Elliot are closer friends than they've been since their break-up, and are working together well as Co-Chief Residents. However, they both have their strengths and flaws; Elliot is very good at train-wreck codes (when numerous things go wrong at once as a patient crashes) while J.D. is not, however J.D. is better at diagnosis and gets a bit cocky about it, calling himself "Dr. Diagnosis" and calling Elliot his sidekick. However, while trying to figure what is wrong with their patient, J.D. finds out that Elliot has already worked it out and ordered medication. J.D. goes to speak to Dr. Cox about it, who tells him that she became a better doctor than him because he was busy goofing off. But when Elliot tries to teach him how to deal with train-wreck codes, and how if you breathe slowly everything will slow down, J.D. gets angry and tells her that she's meant to be the screw-up, not him. However, when another train-wreck code occurs, Elliot stands aside and reminds J.D. to take her advice and breathe slowly - and he does, finding everything slows down, and succeeds with the train-wreck code. To celebrate, Elliot, J.D. and Lonnie attempt the first three-person "giant-doctor".

Turk is making bets with people about his blood-sugar level and his diabetes, and is having quite a lot of fun with it by gambling on the Blood Sugar Lottery. Meanwhile, Carla is trying to convince the other nurses to take the time to connect with patients, but gets annoyed when Turk fails to have her back with it and says he only does what is on the charts. Later, Turk is performing surgery and amputating a patient's foot, and decides that for Carla he will connect with the patient, and asks why he is removing the patient's foot - only to find out that it is because the patient has diabetes. He confides in Carla about how this scared him, but she tells him how proud she is of him because he is able to joke and make bets about his diabetes, and likes how confident he is with it - and tells him it is her job to worry about his diabetes.

Hibbleton perform

Janitor, meanwhile, asks Elliot if they want to go for a coffee and she agrees. Janitor, however, believes this is a date and turns up in a suit which scares Elliot away, as he is taking it too seriously. Embarrassed, Janitor makes up an excuse and later tells her he was in a suit because he had just been performing with his fake A Capella group who he says are the best in town - angering the Worthless Peons who challenge his A Capella group to a competition. Janitor arrives with his "A Capella group" which he calls Hibbleton, consiting of Troy and Randall and himself. They watch as the Worthless Peons perform a well rehearsed rendition of their song "No, Not Much", and Hibbleton try and forfeit the competition but Elliot encourages them to play, and they improv with "Barbara Ann", which turns out to be successful and Elliot announces them the winners. Janitor his happy that he managed to successfully cover up his crush and win the competition.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. imagines Elliot with six arms doing everything


  • J.D. imagines Elliot with six arms as she is so good in high stress medical situations, so good she can even do a crossword at the same time.
  • Turk sees himself as his surgery patient after finding out that he is amputating the patient's foot due to diabetes.


  • J.D. re-enacts the 'Classic Todd thong sugar trap' to Elliot. The victim on this occasion was Nurse Tisdale
  • Turk and Carla have their fake slap routine down, it looks like Turk is actually slapping Carla in the face. Excitedly, they go off to freak out J.D..
  • J.D. pinpoints the moment when Elliot figured out the diagnosis.
  • J.D. is all business when he gets to the hospital, when he's not playing 'World's most giant Doctor' anyway.

Janitor story

Janitor causes JD to lose control of his scooter and drive through the hospital by calling his mobile. He also attempts a coffee date with Elliot, showing up in a suit and causing her to run off. In an effort to explain he lies and tells her he's in an A capella band, "Hibbleton", leading to Elliot judging a contest between his band and Ted's. Hibbleton pull it out of the bag, with a improvised rendition of 'Babara Ann', and the Janitor goes on enjoying his crush on Elliot.

J.D., Elliot, and Lonnie perform World's Most Giant Doctor.

4x13 WMGD collapse.png

Episode Running Gags

  • Turk and Carla do their fake slap routine
    • Turk fake slaps Carla in a flashback
    • Carla fake slaps Turk at the hospital in front of Dr. Kelso and Ted, who think it's real.
    • Carla slaps Todd in the face. Turk, seeing this, assumes that Carla taught Todd the fake slap trick.
  • Todd places objects on the floor, to trick a female into picking it up so he can see their thongs, exclaiming "THONNNNNNGGGG!!!!"
    • J.D. uses his diagnosis ability to figure out that Todd used his "Thong Sugar Trap" on Nurse Tisdale
    • Todd tricks Carla with the Thong Trap by putting her stapler on the floor, leading to the aforementioned slap.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Nancy
Say, that was some real Nancy Drew stuff there...Nancy.Dr. Cox

Well then nice job, Nancy.

Guest Stars

Michael Hobert as Lonnie.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Sans Hesitation" by Chapeaumelon (Netflix ending song)
  • "All Kinds of Time" by Fountains of Wayne (Original ending song)
  • "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys
  • "No, Not Much" by The Blanks


"You got the tiny post-its!" - J.D.

You got the tiny post-its!J.D.

We'd figured out a fair way to schedule all of the Intern's shifts.J.D.'s narration

OK, whoever gets Dr. Reid's scrub top back to her first doesn't have to work this weekend. Commence the scuffle.J.D.
[Elliot throws her scrubs top into the crowd of interns. Chaos ensues. J.D. and Elliot walk away]
Hope it doesn't rain today.Elliot
Me too.

Here's your shirt Dr. Reid.Daisy

Wow, Daisy. Enjoy your weekend, you little scrapper.Elliot

Oh Daisy, I was supposed to ask you, can Lonnie have his lower lip back?J.D.

It's my trophy.Daisy
Ah.J.D. and Elliot

You could be my sidekick, 'Bangs McCoy'.J.D. to Elliot

"You all know the rules. I test my blood sugar, you bet high or low" - Turk

OK, you all know the rules. I test my blood sugar you bet high or low, and 25% goes to diabetes, because if we all work hard, together...I can get a big-ass flat screen.Turk

That's right, baby.Carla

I want high.Laverne
Low and slow that's his tempo.J.D.
This game is sick... high.Elliot

Baby, don't be mad. You know about surgeons; we're hammers, and our patients are nails, and hammers don't get to know nails. They hammer them. Why? Because...hammers.Turk

For the last time, Turk. I'm not going to call you 'The Hammer'Carla

Acute Intermittent Porphyria. I've figured it out. Alright, now who's got Dr. Cox's pager number?J.D.

[Turk, Carla and Laverne stare at him blankly.]
Ah, who am I kidding. I've got my Perry's pager song. [Dr. Cox at my door, Pager 234] There it is.

"He's done it! Dorian's the most annoying man in the world!" - Dr. Cox

Did you feel you weren't quite annoying enough without adding a delusional sense of grandeur? Because I promise you, you are annoying enough. In fact, you're the number one contender for the middleweight annoyance crown.Dr. Cox

Well, you're the number one jealous...weight for the jealous. Weight jealous champ.J.D.
He's done it! He's done it! Dorian's the most! Annoying! Man! In the Wooooorld!. Who would have ever though it! A journeyman annoyer, like Dorian...

[Cox leaves]
You were a close second.

[I've never been a great liar.] Looking straight, Bruce.J.D.

Y'lnow, I don't really like you guys playing with my cadavers.Doug

Oh really, Doug. So come that one over there has a soda in his hand?Elliot
He keeps it cold.

And how come, when we came in you were sitting in a circle with three corpses, playing Texas Hold 'em.J.D.


  • The episode's title refers to a myocardial infarction, commonly referred to as a "heart attack".
  • It appears that Elliot and J.D. both have the title Co-Chief Resident now, contrary to the settlement of "My New Game".
  • When J.D. nicknames Elliot "Bangs McCoy", he makes a reference to a character in the original Star Trek series, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy.
  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria, the disease the patient in this episode is diagnosed with, is the same disease that Turk and J.D discover by accident in the Season 7 episode, "My Dumb Luck".
  • Dr. Cox actually calls J.D. a man in this episode.
  • Carla tells Turk "Don't think that when you go blind I'm gonna go get you no seeing-eye dog." This is possibly a reference to Judy Reyes' role in Oz of a woman who reluctantly gets a seeing-eye dog for her husband after he is blinded.