I know I would love to forget all the painful things that have happened to me. But unfortunately, I keep replaying them in my head like some clip show from a bad sitcom too lazy to come up with a fresh story.J.D.

"My Night to Remember" is the eleventh episode of Scrubs' sixth season, and the series' only clip show episode. The staff of Sacred Heart copes with boredom on a slow day. A patient, Roger Templeton, arrives at the hospital after attempting suicide, but he can't remember it. J.D. thinks back on the best and worst moments of the last six years.


It's a slow day at Sacred Heart, and everyone is bored, waiting for something interesting to happen. To pass the time, Janitor uses a new gadget he has bought or made. It is a small remote that can make different sounds at the press of a button—including a flatline sound to fool doctors into thinking that a patient is crashing, and the beeping sound of a truck reversing, which Janitor plays when someone insecure about their weight walks backward (particularly Dr. Kelso, who takes it rather personally). Meanwhile, Dr. Cox plays a new game with the interns called "Answer the Question Correctly or Stay Here Forever": The intern is asked an almost impossible question, and if they answer incorrectly—or even if they answer correctly—they have to stay at work "forever".

However, things get interesting when a patient arrives after a suicide attempt and is suffering from amnesia, leaving him unable to remember parts of his past—such as his name and why he is in the hospital. The hospital staff debate whether they should tell him that he tried to commit suicide or allow him to forget the painful things in his past. This leads J.D. to think about a sequence of all the painful things that have happened to him and others, such as tripping and walking into walls. After Elliot tells everyone a painful and slightly odd story from her childhood, J.D. thinks about all the odd moments that have happened to him. The group then starts talking about experimental drugs that can erase memories and dreams, and while Turk talks about how he can only remember dreams about cheese or Tyra Banks, J.D. thinks about the fantasies he has had.

Janitor then tries to entertain everyone, but mainly himself, with the flatline sound. However, everyone knows the sound is from his gadget. Instead, he decides to dance for entertainment, and that gets J.D. thinking about memories of people dancing. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is still going around torturing the interns with his new game, and this again gets J.D. thinking, this time about all the times people have been mean to each other. Dr. Cox then asks J.D. to tell the patient that he attempted suicide. When J.D. decides he doesn't want to, Elliot tells the patient instead. This makes J.D. realize that it is both the good and the bad memories that make everyone the way they are, and he thinks about the dramatic moments in his life and his friends' lives, both the happy and the sad.

Clip segments

  • Physical comedy
  • Odd moments
  • J.D.'s fantasies
  • Dancing
  • Mean things characters have done to each other
  • Scenes that define the characters

Recurring Themes


  • One of the flashbacks includes the best fantasies that J.D. has had in the past six seasons.
  • Turk is a "big breakfast machine" with a set of udders that dispense milk.

Janitor story

Janitor makes a device that creates the sound of a patient flatlining or of a truck reversing. He uses this to torture Dr. Kelso about his weight (playing the truck sound every time Kelso moves backward) and to create some action on a boring day by making the staff think patients are coding. When his flatline imitator fails to grab the attention of J.D., Turk, Elliot, and Carla, he begins dancing.

Guest Stars

Archive Footage


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "How to Save a Life" by The Fray
  • "She Is" by The Fray
  • "Diner" by Martin Sexton
  • "Walking Next to You" by ACRES
  • "Sometimes a Fantasy" by Billy Joel
  • "Winter" by Joshua Radin
  • "Candy Man" by Sammy Davis, Jr.


So what'd you do?Turk

I did what any good doctor would do. I turned up his morphine drip so he'd go back to sleep.J.D.

All you have to do is tilt your head to the left, close your eyes, and let your mind soar like an eeeeeagle.J.D. on how to fantasize

It really has been an amazing six years, hasn't it? I wouldn't change a single moment. Would you?J.D.

Oh, I damn sure would change this moment. In fact, I'd change this moment and every other moment you and I have ever had that's even remotely like this moment.Dr. Cox

Turk, can I ask you a quick favor?

I'm not giving you a hug.Turk
I hate this place.

There are so many moments in my life I will never forget. Like that time my dad accidentally glued my mom's legs together after testing out his new, homemade sex lube.Elliot

Your dad's awesome!J.D.

If you could have any animal part, what would it be?Turk

That's easy...J.D.
Besides an elephant's penis!

All right now, children, I know your shifts are over and you're all excited about going home, but first we're going to play a little game called 'Answer the Question Correctly or Stay Here Forever'. And ... Kenyan intern, Ken-ya answer me this? Is it even possible to give the right answer in this game?Dr. Cox

No!Kenyan Intern

Unfortunately, you're still staying here forever. My game, my rules.

The truth is, it is all your memories, the joyful ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make up who you are as a person.J.D.


  • "My Night to Remember" was voted the worst Scrubs episode ever by TV.com, with a 6.8 rating.
  • Not including the intro and the clips from previous episodes, this episode is only about 7 and a half minutes long.
  • This episode was meant to be shown at some point after "My Words of Wisdom".
  • In this episode, Dr. Cox has a shaved scalp. In the following episode, "My Fishbowl", he has curly hair again, because the episodes were shown out of order. Randall Keenan Winston, a producer, said in the DVD commentary that the bald head would be explained in a future episode.
  • According to Winston in the DVD commentary, it normally took five days to shoot a Scrubs episode, but this one took three.
  • According to Winston, the flashback in which Elliot is hit by a cart, falls back, and is covered in cereal took about eight hours to shoot.
  • J.D. says that to daydream, you have to tilt your head to the left (our right), which he demonstrates for the group. But in other daydream scenes, he more commonly tilts his head to his right (our left).
  • In the "Turk with udders" fantasy, Turk provides turkey bacon to go with the fresh milk, making a play on words with his own name. While bacon traditionally comes from pigs, a healthier alternative is often made out of turkey.


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