Doctor-patient confidentiality goes both ways, Mr. I-prefer-to-have-my-temperature-taken-through-the-back-door!J.D.


Dan comes to visit

J.D. gets a new, custom-made, Italian suit to wear to the christening of Turk and Carla's baby. The next day at Sacred Heart an obese patient, Herbert, is admitted. Since no one likes to take care of Herbie, J.D. decides to take him under his wing. As J.D. tries to figure out what is causing Herbie's back pain, his brother, Dan arrives in town. J.D. had been lying to Dan on the phone, telling him that Elliot still digs Dan. The reality was that she was in a happy relationship with Keith. Dan visited her apartment and tried to have a threesome with the couple. The next day, J.D. lies to Dan and tells him that Elliot is not interested in him because Dan isn't ready to have children. Dan accepts this excuse and prepares to leave town. After some tests, the doctors decide that Herbie needs an MRI, but since he is massively overweight, he needs to go to the zoo and get an MRI there. J.D. decides to not tell him because he did not like breaking this harsh truth. Elliot storms into Herbie's room and tells him the truth, and tells J.D. that a harsh truth may not actually cause change, but that it can help him feel better. Back at Elliot's apartment, J.D. tells Dan the truth: that Elliot isn't interested in him because he is a slacker. Dan then leaves, but before he does he asks J.D. if he can borrow his suit to wear to a job interview. J.D. agrees and Dan drives off.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso talk about their children and vent about how they sometimes don't live up to their expectations. Dr. Cox calls Harrison Kelso a failure. Later, Dr. Kelso forces Perry to work with Ted on hours and hours of paperwork about malpractice lawsuits. Jordan tells Perry that it is completely unacceptable to insult someone else's child, and Perry apologizes to Bob, and the two share stories about their sons.

Turk and Carla, excited about their new pregnancy, decide to choose names. The decide on "Angie" or "George". However, this decision only leads to headaches when a hamster is named Angie. Turk couldn't keep the secret from J.D., who named the hamster. After Angie dies, the couple find that they aren't thrilled to have the name back because naming their child causes them to freak out about the future, and decide to throw out the names and not choose new ones until the baby is born.

Plot Points

  • J.D. takes an obese patient under his wing, but can't make himself reveal a harsh truth to the patient.
  • Dan Dorian visits J.D. and is interested in Elliot.
  • Dr. Kelso forces Dr. Cox to work with Ted after an insult.
  • Carla and Turk choose names for their child, only to find that it brings problems.

Recurring Themes


  • At Turk and Carla's baby's ultrasound, they determine if the baby is gay by playing "Macho Man" and watching it dance.


  • J.D. names a hamster that was surgically removed from a patient's rectum "Angie," the name which Turk and Carla had reserved for their unborn baby, which was supposed to be a secret until Turk told him.

Janitor distracts J.D.

Janitor story

Janitor distracts J.D. with a ridiculous story about his 46-year old adopted brother so Dan can scare J.D. Later, Janitor says he is going to make a hamster-vest for one of his squirrels with the dead hamster Angie.

Episode Running Gags

  • Elliot creates a new role playing game in which she is pretending that she and Keith are trying to have a baby, to Keith's frustration.
  • J.D. talks to the camera as if he were talking to the audience, but in reality is talking to other doctors.

Guest Stars

Tom Cavanagh as Dan Dorian.


  • "Still Fighting It" by Ben Folds
  • "Macho Man" by The Village People


So what's new?Dan Dorian

Carla's pregnant.Turk
Dude. Bummer.

Alright, I'm putting on a third condom.Keith

He is like the daughter that you never had, only gay and unsuccessful.Dr. Cox

What's a "buckland"?Ted

It's a predominantly hairless growth that is never found on women.Dr. Cox

[Dr. Cox shows Ted his name plate.)]

It's your last name, Ted.Dr. Cox

You know what name I've liked for a girl? Honor.Turk

Turk, you know how mean boys are. They'd be like 'I got Honor, did you get "on-her"?'Carla

Yeah everyone got Honor! Because she's easy!

You're like House without the limp (to Dr. Cox)Dr. Kelso


  • The names Turk and Carla choose, George for a boy and Angie for a girl, are probably references to the show George Lopez, as George's wife's name is Angie.
  • The Janitor takes the dead hamster, Angie, and says he wants to use it to make a hamster vest for one of his stuffed squirrels. However, The Janitor had said in My First Kill that he traded the squirrel army away for Stephen, Rowdy's look alike. Apparently he has been acquiring squirrels again since that time.
  • When J.D. asks Herbert (Herbie) how he is doing, he responds "Fully Loaded". Possibly a reference to the movie, Herbie: Fully Loaded.
  • Even though Dan Dorian is seen knocking J.D to the ground and is said to have beat him up when Turk gives him the pink belly he is perfectly fine.
  • J.D. breaks the fourth wall in this episode asking if America likes his suit.
    • But, seconds later, a man is shown correcting J.D. that his name is Americo, and of course he loves it, he was the one who made it. Following the previous (Asking "you", which was really Lonnie) and next ("We'll be right back" talking to Carla and a patient) fourth wall jokes.


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