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That hurt me so much I lost my breath a little.J.D.

"My New Role" is the seventh episode of Scrubs' eighth season. Dr. Cox has a rough first day as Chief of Medicine. J.D. and Carla separately try to get Dr. Cox to grant them favors. Elliot angers the nurses, and tries to set things right again.


As J.D. and Turk use Katie as a messenger, Elliot tells them that they are not acting like grown ups. At rounds, J.D. shows the interns Frank Vaughn, a patient with pneumonia. J.D. tells him that he is welcome to stay at Sacred Heart until he is fully healed. However, he later learns that Mr. Vaughn's insurance won't cover him and he is being discharged.

Kelso and Cox converse in Kelso's backyard

Dr. Cox's new role

In Dr. Kelso's backyard , Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso drink beers together. Cox thinks he can still practice medicine and be Chief of Medicine, but Kelso tells him that the majority of his job will be in his office. The next day, Dr. Cox gets settled into his new office. Ted is happy that he is allowed to sit down on the couch. Carla enters to see him in his new setting. Dr. Cox gets ready to leave and walk around the hospital, but Ted has him sign a large stack of papers first. Stuck in his office overloaded with work, Carla and J.D. enter on separate occasions asking Dr. Cox for help, to which he replies no. Carla, who had been asked by her fellow nurses to ask Cox to hire some new nurses, is scorned by the other nurses for not trying hard enough while Cox is unwilling to allow Mr. Vaughn to stay without insurance due to worries that the board could be watching him.

Kelso back in his old office.

J.D.'s new role

J.D. talks to Dr. Kelso, who informs him that when he was Chief of Medicine, whenever Dr. Cox would come up and asks him for something he would always instinctively say "no" to a request, knowing that if it was important enough then he would keep asking until Kelso agreed to think about it. But now Dr. Cox is Chief, it is up to J.D. to go to him and make the requests and to not give up if it's important enough, even though Dr. Cox will hate him for it. J.D. asks one last time for help with Mr. Vaughn. Dr. Cox tells him to get the hell out of his office, and gets ready to go see some patients. J.D. informs him that it is 7:00pm and his shift is over. Mr. Vaughn is back in the hospital, presumably allowed back in by Dr. Cox. Before the new Chief of Medicine drives away, J.D. thanks him and Dr. Cox tells him to "go to hell."

Nurses angry at Elliot

Elliot & the nurses

Meanwhile, Elliot has upset some of the nurses by being rude to them, especially Nurse Barbara. The nurses soon get mad at Carla too for not being able to convince Dr. Cox to hire more nurses, and for being friends with Elliot. At dinner, Elliot sits down with the nurses (partially in fear of Barb's kick-boxing skills) and tells them that they are mad at the situation, not Elliot and Carla. The ladies eventually get over their differences and act friendly toward one another, to the surprise of Carla.

Recurring Themes

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Frank moves in with J.D.


  • Frank Vaughn moves in with J.D. and the two quarrel like lovers.

Janitor story

Janitor hangs a picture.

Janitor tells J.D. that every Monday is "Bongo Day". This is later followed up when the Janitor is sitting in his supply closet, and every Monday on his calendar is marked "Bongo Monday" with a picture of a bongo.

Later, while Dr. Cox is getting situated in his office, Janitor offers to hang up a picture of Sacred Heart in the office. It takes him a long time, and he hangs it from string in the middle of the room before hammering in several nails into a wall. Dr. Kelso eventually tells Perry that Janitor is just doing it to bother him because he does not have an office. In revenge, Dr. Cox has Janitor hold the portrait himself for the rest of the day.

Guest Stars

Kelso tucks in Ted.

Dr. Cox's list of who is allowed in his office.


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Bongo Monday

Since we're friends now I can show you my butt.Dr. Kelso

Too comfortable, Ted.Dr. Cox

Thanks sir. I need boundaries.Ted

Dr. Kelso used to sign all his paperwork on my back. I like to imagine it's what a hug feels like.Ted

It's like last night when my favorite shoes made my toes bleed and I called you a frizzy-haired mega bitch.Elliot


  • Dr. Cox has degrees from Yale University and Johns Hopkins University's School of Medicine on his office wall.
  • It is revealed that Coleman Slawski (Colonel Doctor) has had problems with addiction, just like his son, Lloyd Slawski.
  • The "tag" at the end of the episode features a Dr. Wells. This is played by Richard Wells, a director for Scrubs.
  • Donald Faison does not appear in this episode.
  • Jordan Sullivan and Hooch are the other two people below J.D. on Dr. Cox's "Never Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Allowed" list for Chief of Medicine Office. Meanwhile, several regular characters are listed on the "Sometimes Allowed" list, including Ted (the person who made the list), Leonard the security guard, and "Dr. Rotinaj" (one of the Janitor's aliases).
    • A Dr. Rotinaj actually worked at Sacred Heart at one point. He was seen during the episode "My Urologist" when J.D. accused Janitor of stealing his camera and posting a scene from Dr. Acula on the hospital website under the screen name rotinaj (which is janitor spelled backwards).
  • Maybe the reason the Dr. Wells went back to hear Elliot singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" is because he is offended as the song is a historic slave song.