Ultimately, life is a lot simpler at home... Unless you live with a co-worker you're crazy about, and she recently decided she can't handle sleeping with you, and she just wants to be friendsJ.D.'s Narration

"My New Old Friend" is the twelfth episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. and Elliot are having problems transitioning from sex buddies back to being friends again. Dr. Cox and Carla incorrectly think that Mr. Corman is faking his illness. Turk lies to Dr. Kelso, telling him he revoked Mrs. Kay's license.


Dr. Ján Ïtor

J.D. & Elliot

Since Elliot and J.D. have recently broken up, Elliot claims that it will be harder for J.D. to transition back to being friends than Elliot, which she then proves by tricking JD into taking his clothes off for her. Turk encourages J.D. to ask out the gift shop girl. It seems to soon, but Elliot encourages J.D. to do so. And he does.

Outside the hospital, Elliot discovers that her van has been stolen, with all her belongings inside. She starts talking to J.D. about it, but he then instantly heads off for a second date with Lisa the gift shop girl, leaving Elliot completely alone, feeling even worse. Later on, she gives him attitude about it. He says this is what she wanted. Elliot tells him, "she needed him as a friend." She claims to be okay, but he realizes she's putting up a front. He considers if he should go out for a date with Lisa or be a friend to someone he already loves.

Harvey Corman

Meanwhile, Mr. Corman the hypochondriac is back, and this time he thinks he has 'Yaba', but Dr. Cox and Carla are doubtful. Turk performs brain surgery on a patient (Mrs. Kaye), who reminds him of his grandmother. After the surgery Dr. Kelso tells Turk to revoke her driving license because of the surgery, a task which Turk can't do because he feels too close to his patient. Besides, she says that her reactions have not suffered. Mr. Corman's results all come back negative (suggesting he is completely healthy) but he still isn't convinced. So, to scare him, Dr Cox suggests a bone marrow test involving a giant painful needle. Mr. Corman accepts. Then the results of Mr. Corman's big needle test come back, and it turns out he is actually sick, with a rare form of cancer (To which he replies "Yeah.... I think I had that in college once.)

Turk & Kelso

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, Turk is talking to Dr. Kelso, and lies to him about revoking Mrs. Kay's License. Just as he does so, Mrs. Kay comes hurtling through the car park and ploughs into Kelso's car. Needless to say, Kelso is not happy.

Recurring Themes

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Todd wrestles an old lady for her ID.


  • Todd wrestles Mrs. Kaye for her driver's license before they both stop and begin passionately kissing.
  • Dr. Kelso is chucked from his car as it drives past the hospital.
  • Janitor goes to a school career day and pretends to be a doctor, and says his name is Dr. Ján Ïtor.

Janitor story

  • The Janitor steals some of J.D.'s medical apparel and goes to his son's career day at school pretending to be a doctor. (Dr. Ján Ïtor)

Episode Running Gags

  • Dr. Kelso blanks out whenever he says that Mrs. Kay has had "major surgery on her...." leaving Turk to finish his sentence for him.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "She Says" by Howie Day
  • "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor


Now unless your pants are made out of turtle wax I suggest you boys get your asses off of BessieDr. Kelso

So you went over to your 'friends' house and cried on his shoulder, boo hoo wah. You of course comforted her because she was weak and vulnerable and blah blah blah, nerdy sex. The End.Dr. Cox

Cause even if it breaks your heart to be "Just Friends", if you really care for someone, you'll take the hitJ.D.'s Narration

Maybe all that therapy has changed you.Carla

Oh, please, I'm crazier than ever. During this entire conversation I've actually been imagining myself sitting on a throne between us, watching all of this.Dr. Cox
So you're just, like, right here watching us?

No. Other side. I'm... invisible to the naked eye.


  • J.D. has a car named Malik that he has had since he was 17. Dr. Kelso's car is named "Bessie".
  • This is the first time J.D. calls Turk "chocolate bear".
  • Richard Kind is the third Spin City star to appear on Scrubs. He appears three additional times, next in Season Three's "My Fault" and twice in Season Four.
  • Richard Kind's character is only called "Mr. Corman" in this episode but is eventually given the full name Harvey Corman, an omage to the comedian who had a recurring spot on The Carol Burnett Show and appeared in multiple Mel Brooks films and the Pink Panther films.
  • Janitor dresses up as a doctor in this episode, which he does again in...
    • "My Office" when he helps Dr. Cox and Turk remove a lightbulb from a patient's rectum.
    • "My Female Trouble" where he must pose as a male Dr. Elliot Reid to handle a sexist patient
    • "My Rite of Passage" as an intern to mock J.D.'s handling of his new interns
    • "My Happy Place" as a charade to fire Marvell, the janitor who temporarily replaced him.
    • "My Cookie Pants" in a surgery during the lawless period between Chiefs-of-Medicine.
  • Title explanation: J.D. and Elliot are new old friends again (they were friends, then they weren't, and now they are again).
  • In the first scene the amount of ice cream on J.D.'s cone gets bigger, then smaller, then bigger again from shot to shot.

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