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Nah Nah Nah... No hold on a second. Doe a deer. No, it's doe. It's a deer.J.D.

"My Nah Nah Nah" is the eleventh episode of Scrubs' eighth season. Perry and Jordan argue when he starts wearing his wedding ring again. Janitor becomes nervous when Lady doesn't want to hold his hand. Turk tries a risky procedure on a patient after being inspired by SportsCenter.


Dr. Cox and his family.

Dr. Cox and Jordan

Dr. Cox kicks Dr. Zeltzer off of his table so Jordan and Jack can join him for lunch. Jordan is happy with all of her new perks as wife of the Chief of Medicine. As Perry is walking her out of the hospital, they run into Janitor and Lady. Janitor tells them that he and Lady are a better couple than them. The next day, when Lady is afraid to hold Janitor's hand, Jordan holds Perry's hand and notices that he is wearing his wedding ring again. This bothers Jordan who spends the rest of the day arguing with him that they are both independent people, but he ignores her and tells her that he just likes wearing it. After reluctantly receiving advice from Elliot, Jordan decides to let it slide and starts wearing her ring again too.

Turk and Rich Hill

Turk watches SportsCenter

Meanwhile, Turk introduces J.D. to SportsCenter, a show he has been watching since he was ten. During the show, the hosts talk about Cold Therapy, a controversial therapy for preventing paralysis. Later, Turk must tell Rich Hill that his son will be paralyzed. J.D. tells him not to give the man any false hope, but he ends up suggesting Cold Therapy. He runs it by Carla first, who tells him that she would want him to do anything to cure their daughter if she were in that situation. They submit Mike Hill to the therapy, and in the end it turns out that he is recovering from the car wreck, but they are not certain if the therapy had any real effect.

Jordan and Janitor complain about their partners.

Recurring Themes

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  • J.D. is the "Worst Athlete in the World" featured on SportsCenter.
  • Turk gives Rich Hill a greeting card that explains his son is going to be paralyzed, which is a softer way of breaking the news.
  • J.D. reminisces about the first time he told Turk about Elliot.
  • J.D. participates in the "involuntary luge" thanks to Dr. Cox strapping him to a gurney and pushing him down a hallway.

Janitor story

Janitor and Lady

Before leaving the hospital, Lady tells Janitor that she will see him that evening. Janitor is a little confused if she will or will not see him later. The next day, Lady seems distant and does not want to hold his hand. Janitor prepares to break up with her before she breaks up with him, but in the end when they talk in Coffee Bucks she reveals that she is a germophobe and is afraid of germs and hands. Janitor accepts her for being the "weirdo" that she is.

Cultural references

J.D. on SportsCenter

  • SportsCenter - Turk watches the show and is inspired by a report on cold therapy. This news report was possibly based on the real-life treatment of NFL player Kevin Everett with therapeutic hypothermia (source: New York Times)
  • Caddyshack - J.D. thinks of the gopher dancing when he doesn't want to cry.

Guest Stars

Phoebe Dorin as Mrs. Jensen


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So they just sit there and talk about sports?J.D.

[Carla laughs]
Your wife's a dirty whore.

Sorry, not dirty.

Not a whore.

Now Hunn, and when I call you "Hunn" I don't mean short for "honey", I mean the Atilla kind...Dr. Cox

Say it!Carla

You're always right.Turk

Well, you were right. Lady and I are doomed. Congratulations Pam.Janitor

You think my name is Pam? You know what I don't care.Jordan

Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah! Sports Center, the place for sports!J.D., singing.

I'm not really good at the talking part of relationships. You see, if I were a catfish... you see, that's no good, catfish is no good. Let's pretend we're in Africa and you're a monkey trying to steal my gold...Janitor, to Lady


Brain-Top Cat.jpg
  • None of the new interns are in this episode.
  • The Walt Disney Company owns Scrubs' production company ABC Studios, the broadcast network ABC which aired Scrubs during Season Eight, as well as ESPN.
  • According to Bill Lawrence on the DVD commentary for the episode, this episode reused some material of the never shown and only partly produced episode "My Commitment". This can be evidenced by the fact that Jordan has longer hair in this episode than in the other Season Eight episodes.
  • Lady says she doesn't want to hold hands because she is a germophobe, but the first time she is on camera she is holding hands with Janitor and having no problems.
  • The cat on the card Dr. Turk is holding looks very suspiciously like Brain, the character from Hanna-Barbera's Top Cat. Except for the green T-shirt, Brain wears a purple one.
  • The "involuntary luge" is a sports 'invented' by Jerry Seinfeld. He talks about it during one of his stand up routines:
You know the luge, where the guy wears the slick suit. This is on the bobsled run, but it’s not even a sled. It’s just Bob. It’s just a human being hanging on for their life, this is the whole sport. Just ahhhhhhhhh… “oh he pointed his toes… oh, this guy is a tremendous athlete. The luge is the only sport I’ve ever seen that you could have people competing in it against their will. And it would be exactly the same. You know, if they were just picking people off the street, 'hey hey hey, what is this ?! I don’t wanna be in the luge.' You know, you put the helmet on them, you wouldn’t really hear them screaming, just: - purrrrrr - 'you’re in the luge, buddy...' 'ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh… aaahhh…' World record. Didn’t even wanna do it. I wanna see that event next year, the involuntary luge.Jerry Seinfeld

  • The "involuntary luge" was shot for an NBC promotional video for 2006 Winter Olympics during Season Five. This is evidenced by the fact that J.D. is clean shaven and both Turk and Dr. Cox have beards.
  • J.D. fantasizes about the first time he told Turk about Elliot, but he met Elliot for the first time at the same time Turk did, so he would have no need to tell Turk about her. Most likely he is referring to the first time he told Turk that he was interested in her.
  • Janitor doesn't lie when he tells Jordan that Dr. Cox has been wearing his wedding ring for months. The ring can be spotted from the very beginning of Season Eight.
  • Jack Cox is confirmed to be four years old in this episode. However, the episode depicting his birth "My Karma" aired six years before this episode. This can be explained in the following reasons:
    • All of Season Six took place in less than 9-months, not a full year as the first five seasons were. Also, Season Seven did not show a depiction of a full year passing.
    • Dr. Cox forgot how old his son is.
    • Jack is very close to his fifth birthday.