Buddy, I get that you and Carla have been hanging out a lot, but pretending you're gonna steal her from me makes you seem sad, pathetic, and very lonely.Turk

"My Moment of Un-Truth" is the seventeenth episode of Scrubs' third season. Carla's "whatif" guy Ron Ramirez asks her out on a date. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are trying to convince Elliot not to give her patient drugs. J.D. is confided in by Turk and Carla but cannot tell anyone.


J.D. and Carla go out for Mardi Gras and get beads which solidate their friendship. J.D. rubs this in Turk's face, but all Turk does in return is complain about his worries of marrying Carla. Later, Carla uses their "friendship beads" to convince J.D. not to tell Turk that she has been having doubts about getting married as well. In the cafeteria an old friend of Carla's, Ron Ramirez, sees Carla and says hi. He later asks her out to dinner and she says yes, but makes J.D. keep it a secret from Turk. J.D. doesn't like this idea, but she tells him that Ron is her "what if" guy and if she goes on the date and doesn't have feelings for him, then she knows that her engagement to Turk is solid. The dinner goes well, and she rushes to tell Turk about the date and that she no longer has any feelings for Ron. J.D. stops her and convinces her to keep it their little secret.

Sam in pain

Meanwhile, Elliot is trying to convince Dr. Cox that a patient, Sam Thompson, isn't at the hospital just for free drugs. Dr. Cox tries to prove that he is, and will always be, right. Elliot runs some tests on Sam and waits our her decision, and finally falls prey to his charade of pain. She fills a prescription for him, but as she is about to give it to him he lashes out and yells at her for taking so long with the meds. Dr. Cox taunts her about it through a victory dance.

Recurring Themes

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Carla and Ron have sex at a restaurant


  • Carla and Ron Ramirez are looking for a table in a restaurant, and Carla pushes all the cutlery off the table and starts making out with Ron on it.
  • Five years in the future, Carla tells Turk about her date with Ron Ramirez, which annoys Turk, and J.D. is still living with them.
  • Twenty years in the future, Carla tells Turk about her date with Ron Ramirez, but Turk doesn't mind because it was so long ago, but questions why J.D. is still living with them.


  • J.D. flirts with a woman in an elevator and she beats him with her purse.

Janitor story

Janitor spends his time trying to convince Turk and J.D. that he has a twin brother, but no matter how hard he tries, they don't believe him. {C}

Hey, either of you guys see my twin brother?... Hey, I asked you a question!Janitor

You're better than this!Turk

Guest Stars

Nestor Carbonell as Dr. Ron Ramirez


Buddy, I get that you and Carla have been hanging out a lot, but pretending you're gonna steal her from me makes you seem sad, pathetic, and very lonely.Turk

Your woman wants me so bad, we've developed our own little shorthand with each other... Mornin'!J.D.
That means "good morning"!

Ooooooh! That ass warrants the Batman sound effects loop!J.D.



So I'm supposed to marry someone who can stare at women for the rest of my life?Carla

Well, I wouldn't put it that way in your vows.J.D.

Kudos on the nice pooper.J.D.

Thank you...Ron Ramirez
Mine's firm, like mutton.

What was the cute name you used to call her?Ron

Skunk face.Carla

I had a dream just like this... except I had a saddle on my back and you were an Indian. Turk was a donkey.J.D.

Say it.Dr. Cox

You're always right.Elliot
I know! But it is still so nice to hear it.


  • In this episode J.D. wears a t-shirt that says: "I'm what Willis was talking 'bout".
  • Alexander Chaplin is the 6th cast member of Spin City to appear on the show.
  • In the last scene J.D. slaps the Janitor on the butt and the Janitor does nothing.
  • Turk and J.D. reference the movie Stuart Little in this episode. The main character of that movie franchise is voiced by Michael J. Fox, who plays Dr. Kevin Casey. Stuart Little 3 eventually got made in 2005.
  • In the fantasy 20 years in the future Turk ask J.D. why he is still living with them even though the apartment was originally J.D.'s.
  • When Turk and J.D. go outside to the hospital to play basketball, they walk in the opposite direction of the hoop.
  • When the Janitor shows his "indisputable evidence" to J.D. and Turk, the audience never finds out who the man posing as the Janitor's twin is.
  • J.D.'s appearance as an old man in his fantasy may be a reference to the BBC series Little Britain.


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