As I thought about how Mrs. Zeebee and I had gotten such a raw deal, I realized how easy it was for doctors to see themselves in their patients.J.D.

My Mirror Image is the season premiere of Scrubs' sixth season. J.D. tries to adjust to the fact that he's going to be a father. Dr. Cox worries that his anger might affect his children. Finally, Janitor wonders if he has wasted his life.


J.D. escapes to Vegas

After J.D. finds out that Kim is pregnant, he tries to call Turk for moral support. Turk, and the rest of Sacred Heart, are too busy dancing to his new ringtone to answer, so J.D. ends up getting drunk on his porch while some elderly gay men party. As he drunkenly states that his life would be easier if he married one of them, they take him to Las Vegas to get married. He wakes up and escapes and sneaks in a door to hide. The door leads him to the stage of the Blue Man Group who splatter him with paint and glitter. Turk gets a call from the LVPD and picks up J.D. in Vegas.

An upset Elliot offends Dr. Beardface

Back at the hospital, J.D. continues to try to find people to relate to his situation. In the cafeteria, Elliot gets upset that she is the only person who isn't having a baby and storms out. She spends the rest of her day treating the new interns as if they were her children. J.D. later explains to Elliot, Carla, and Turk that he impregnated Kim without actually having sex with her which makes it more difficult for him to accept the pregnancy. Turk later tries to convince J.D. that he understands what he is going through, but J.D. gets upset and explains that Turk's life is planned and his is all happening by accident. J.D. also tries to explain his problems to his patient, Mrs. Zeebee, but realizes that she is a much stronger person for being fearless about her cancer while he is worried about a baby. He gets over himself and visits Kim's apartment so they can talk about it.

Dr. Cox gets revenge on Jack by dumping spaghetti on him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox is forced to deal with his anger problems when Jordan chastises him for throwing spaghetti on Jack and forcing the interns to run laps around the hospital. Carla shows him a patient, Mr. Slydell who has a stress induced ulcer. He explains to Perry that his anger cost him his job, family, and health. Perry tries to be anger-free, but when Elliot coddles the interns too much he snaps and returns to his angry self, only to find out that Mr. Slydell has died. He does, however, manage to keep his cool at home with his ornery son.

Recurring Themes



  • Kim cries whenever she hears "Funky Cold Medina", revealing that her brother died from such a drink.

Janitor story

Mr. O'Neill

Whatever. I'm not saluting a pole!J.D.

And so it begins... again.Janitor

Janitor wonders if he is wasting his life after seeing an elderly patient, Mr. O'Neill explains that he spent so many years getting a Judiciary degree that he has a long list of regrets. He ponders about what he could have done with his life, but in the end continues to prank J.D.. He puts up a flag pole without a flag and forces J.D. to salute it, despite there being no flag at the top, so he refuses. As revenge, a group of maintenance staff, and Turk (who forgot Carla's middle name and assumed it was "Juanita" after J.D. vents his frustrations) attack J.D., and paint him like an American Flag. Janitor manages to swing down, grab J.D. and tie him to the pole.

Episode Running Gags

Ted enjoys Pop Rocks

  • Turk brought back Pop Rocks as a trend, and Ted and Keith love them.
    • When J.D. talks to Kim on the phone in the vicinity of Ted, Kim mistakes the fizzing sound of Ted's Pop Rocks for static
    • After being unable to find Pop Rocks, Ted buys "Fizzy Pebbles" from a generic store and he and Keith try to solve the urban legend that mixing Pop Rocks and Cola would cause an explosion; the resulting explosion makes a mess that Janitor cleans with blue Gatorade.
  • Dr. Cox threw spaghetti on Jack, and then later Jordan tells him that Jack had a "Vietnam flashback" after his school cafeteria served spaghetti

Guest Stars

The Blue Man Group as Themselves


Everyone dances to N'Sync

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Bye Bye Bye" by 'N Sync
  • "Dancing Queen" by ABBA
  • "Here It Goes Again" by OK Go
  • "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Lōc
  • "Be Yourself" by Audioslave


J.D. is hoisted up as a flag

Are you gonna let me down anytime soon?J.D.

Not until you spend a little time acting like a flag.Janitor
As I acted like a flag, I sensed that the Janitor learned nothing from this experience.J.D.'s Narration

[Janitor sprays cleaning liquid in his mouth]

I filled it with blue Gatorade. I just do that to freak people out.Janitor

Scintillating.Dr. Kelso

Your sarcasm is wasted on me, you giant pregnant beast. This is an anger-free zone. There's no anger here.Dr. Cox

Okay, what if... I get a sex-change operation, and I trick him into marrying me?Janitor

But if it doesn't work, you'll just be an older, fairly ugly, janitor woman.Mr. O'Neil

A sweaty Dr. Cox punishes the interns.

That's it. Every single one of you is gonna run laps around the hallways until I say stop... Think I'm kidding? Shyah! Shyah! Shyah shyah shyah! Shyah!Dr. Cox

We're at war, my friend. All American flags are on back-order. What do you want me to do in the meantime? Run a pirate flag up there? Maybe turn the whole building into a pirate ship? I could put a captain's wheel up on the roof... catch a parrot somehow, slap on an eye-patch, go to work with a caulk-gun, seal her up, make her water-tight... I could take her out to sea.Janitor

Are you insane?J.D.
No. I'm a pirate.

This is a bit awkward, but I feel obligated to ask you about your relationship with Dr. Briggs. Was she naughty?Robert Kelso

Get help, sir.J.D.


  • Title Explanation: My Mirror Image signifies the way Dr. Cox, J.D., and The Janitor see patients at Sacred Heart as themselves.
  • The episode has some timing issues. It's only been 2.5 weeks (that's the time skip mentioned in the previous episode) since Jordan found out she was pregnant yet she already has a visible pregnant belly.
  • J.D. is pushed onto the stage with performing group "The Blue Man Group".
  • When J.D. calls Turk at the hospital, Turks cellphone is blue. But when he is in Las Vegas picking up J.D. and plays his ringtone, his cellphone is silver and black.
  • When Dr. Cox makes the interns run around the halls, 3 of them run into the elevator Jordan just came out of. The blonde female intern who is having issues with her asthma was one of them. If she went through the backside of the elevator, she only ran about 50 feet.
  • J.D.'s patient, Mrs Zeebee, is a reference to Zach Braff's initials.
  • Dr. Cox's patient, Mr Slydell, is a reference to the Office Space character Bob Slydell, played by John C. McGinley.
  • The name of the patient that the Janitor talks to, O'Neil, is a reference to Neil Flynn, who plays the Janitor.
  • In the scene where Dr. Cox throws the TV out of the window, this shouldn't happen, because at the line of sight that Jordan and Dr. Cox look at each other, he would have had to throw it across the parking lot for it to land near her.
  • J.D. previously heard the "Thanks a latte." joke in My Own Private Practice Guy.


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