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Dr. Cox, can Sam watch West Side Story? It makes him fall asleep. [And it makes my heart sing!]J.D.

"My Manhood" is the eighth episode of Scrubs' seventh season. Turk acts hyper-masculine and takes it out on J.D.. Elliot uses the men's restroom and overhears Dr. Kelso on a phone call to his wife. Janitor starts The Janitorial.


J.D. and Turk are proud of their fight

Turk's masculinity

J.D. diagnoses a patient with the cold. She is upset that she does not get a pelvic exam from him. In the lobby, Kelso shows no sympathy for the patients who have been waiting a long time. Kelso then tells the Janitor that nobody cares what he thinks. Meanwhile, Turk wrestles for the right to control the television remote control. J.D. believes this is because he visited his brother and is hyper-masculine. When J.D. trys to change the channel to West Side Story for Sam, Turk beats him in a game of remote control wrestling. Back in the main lobby, J.D. and Turk are excited to be featured on the cover of the first issue of The Janitorial. Dr. Cox insults him for taking pride in being non-manly. Later, Mr. Cropper threatens J.D. because of the scratch marks on his wife's back. Turk steps in and mediates, and J.D. trash talks Mr. Cropper as he leaves. After some thinking, J.D. decides that he needs to be a manlier father figure for Sam. He takes the remote from Turk who then wrestles him. J.D. elbows him in the nose, and rather than being polite mocks him in front of other doctors.

First edition of The Janitorial

J.D. must evade Turk for the rest of the day because he is afraid Turk will fight him. J.D. hides in the cafeteria with Carla and Elliot. Carla reveals that Turk didn't spend a week with his brother, but had a testicle removed. J.D. is upset that Turk did not tell him this, and Turk says it is because he does not want to feel like less of a man. In the end, J.D. decides that he needs to teach his son that it is important to be yourself, and Turk learns that he is still manly, despite his condition.

Elliot overhears Kelso

Elliot uses the men's restroom and overhears Dr. Kelso on a phone call to his wife. He talks about how he is hopeless in convincing the board to let him keep his job. Elliot steps out of the stall and he insults her. She then promises to convince the board for him, to which he says no. She then agrees to keep it a secret. Later, Elliot and Carla realize that he was being manly and not directly asking for help. She then promises to help him which brings a smile to his face.

John's breast cancer

At the same time, Carla and Elliot diagnose a patient - John. He is very tight with his brothers. When they tell him that he has breast cancer he decides not to tell his brothers because he is embarrassed.

Recurring Themes

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Plant Turk

  • J.D. and Turk plant Turk's testicle in a garden under "perfect conditions." Months later they return and find a plant-Turk. Turk plans to use him to do "husband stuff" for Carla while he goofs off, only to be disappointed that the plant-Turk can't talk. He turns out to be very uncooperative and agressive.
  • An Olympic athlete asks his doctor to surgically remove his testicles, and possibly genitalia, to improve his running ability.

Janitor story

An edition of the Janitorial

After Kelso tells him that nobody listens to him, the Janitor convenes the Brain Trust. He tells them that they are starting a newspaper around Sacred Heart, to be called The Janitorial. After Dr. Cox calls him 'stupid', he publishes an article which says Cox loves hugs. Cox gets upset and once he realizes that the Janitor is smarter than he acts he apologizes. The Janitor then publishes another article restoring Cox's 'bad-boy' image.

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • J.D. is not given a girl's name in this episode, however Cox questions his masculinity as well as the less-than-manly example he is setting for Sam throughout the episode.

Episode Running Gags

  • Ted sits with the Brain Trust, as well as J.D., Turk, Carla and Elliot, and goes unnoticed. Janitor never notices Ted in the area, despite interacting with him.

Guest Stars

Mindy Sterling as Mrs. Cropper.


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  • "Collie Man" by Slightly Stoopid


J.D. and Turk plant Turk's testicle.

An Olympic athlete asks a doctor to remove his testicles

The third edition of the Janitorial

Tell me about it, like I thought it'd be cute if down in the morgue we got 'Hello Kitty' toe tags. Y'know, for the dead kids, but nooooo!Doug

I'm going to be writing all the editorials, on things like union strikes, insurance scams, baby wolfmen.Janitor

Who ordered a can of whoop ass? I think you did.J.D. to Turk

Well it's unfortunate that all children can't have the amazing role model that you are, Mr. Borderline Alcoholic.J.D. to Dr. Cox

Nailed him! It's great having silver bullets like that on everyone in the Hospital.J.D.'s narration
Sure told him!Nurse
Thanks Herpes.

I'm so sorry that they're forcing you out; I feel horrible.Elliot

Aww Sweetheart. You should it's your fault!Dr. Kelso

I should warn you I've killed a man. It was during surgery, but I don't need anesthesia to knock your ass out.Turk

What's your secret? Are you pregnant?Carla

Why would I be talking to Kelso if I was pregnant?Elliot
Ah, It's his baby.

That was one dream...and it doesn't count because he was half dolphin.
Which half?

Yeah, I squat 'n' surf.Dr. Cox

Always the best.Janitor

He broke two knuckles, but I only broke one skull. Scoreboard, Turk. Scoreboard!J.D.

Our kids? Turk, we're not married.J.D.

Dude, we're a little married.Turk
I know, I love it.

[J.D. opens arms ready to hug Cox.]
You read the interview too?Dr. Cox

What interview?J.D.

"Rocky III Freeze Frame Ending!"

And then we had it...J.D.'s narration

Rocky III Freeze Frame Ending!Turk and J.D.

Todd, how's the weather section shaping up?Janitor

I think all the ladies in the greater metro area should expect to see about eight inches tonight. What's up? Entire Coffee Bucks-Five!Todd


Now, I've called a great many horrible names in my life: Back stabber, Zebra poacher, Josh. And I have accepted these, because to each of them is a degree of truth.Janitor

  • This episode has led many fans to speculate that Janitor's real name might be Josh. In a conversation with Dr. Cox, the janitor describes how he's been called a lot of horrible names including backstabber, Zebra poacher and Josh. He later states that he accepts these names because there is a degree of truth to all of them. One popular fan theory is that "Josh" stands for Janitor Of Sacred Heart.
  • For some odd reason, Brain Trust members Ted and Doug believe that Dr. Cox is a nice guy as well, even though they helped create The Janitorial.
  • When the Todd goes for an entire Coffee Bucks five, he quite clearly does not high five the Janitor.
  • When J.D. asks Turk which testicle he had removed, Lamont or Grady, these are the names of two characters on Sanford & Son, a show that J.D. and Turk are known to share a mutual love for.