It's a riddle. Two guys destroyed your bike with a crowbar and a bat. One of 'em wasn't me.Janitor

"My Lucky Night" is the fourth episode of Scrubs' third season. Sean informs Elliot that he is leaving for six months and J.D. tries to take the opportunity to ask her out. Dr. Cox wants a promotion, but realizes he needs Jordan to get it. Carla joins Turk in surgery.


Turk and Carla in green scrubs

J.D. muses about how he has adapted to life at the hospital, such as how he uses the time that Dr. Cox's is ranting to get a lot more patient work done. However, when J.D. asks his mentor for a letter of recommendation so he can apply for a fellowship, Dr. Cox explains that J.D. needs to be independent and start doing things for himself.

Liquid rounds.

Later at the bar, J.D. feels like a fifth wheel with Elliot, Sean, Turk and Carla. Turk mistakenly reveals to Sean that J.D. and Elliot hook up every year and Elliot is embarrassed because she had not talked about it with Sean yet. Sean is upset that Elliot did not tell him about her history with J.D. but she does not seem to think it is a big deal. He becomes more upset when he finds out how close Elliot and J.D. are as friends. Ultimately he reveals that he is not mad at her but is redirecting his conflicted feelings because he is leaving for six months on a work trip. He tells her that it would be better to break up than to maintain a long distance relationship but Elliot fights for the relationship, hoping to maintain it despite the long distance.

At the hospital, J.D. confuses the Janitor and Troy with a riddle whilst Carla announces to Turk that she is covering for one of the surgical nurses and so will be working with him for a few days. While she is ecstatic to be working with her fiancé, Turk is less pleased. Carla begins to control every aspect of his job, stopping him from enjoying time with the other surgical interns and embarrassing him in front of Dr. Wen. He tells her off. However, when he is given a good career opportunity he realizes his high performance was thanks to Carla so he begs for her to rejoin him. She eventually agrees and the two patch things up.

Sean's ex.

Dr. Cox and Jordan are looking for a nanny and the latter is displeased that Cox is just going for young, attractive blonde women. Jordan says that they are too expensive to which Cox mentions the open Residency Director position at the hospital. Jordan responds positively, offering to help him out as it is a board decision. Unable to take help from anybody, he gruffly declines her offer. At Sacred Heart Dr. Cox reluctantly asks J.D. to join him at a meet-and-greet dinner so he can gain favor with the hospital board for the Residency Director position. J.D. agrees in return for Dr. Cox writing his recommendation. Dr. Cox finally understands that he needs the help of Jordan to get the job, and so she agrees to help him and the board votes in his favor.

At the end of the episode, J.D. feels that he needs to tell Elliot how he feels, especially now that Sean is out of the picture. He goes to her apartment but unfortunately realizes that Sean is back, deciding to make the long distance relationship work.

Recurring Themes

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Sean gets fat


  • J.D. fantasizes that Sean puts on lots of weight from drinking lots of regular sodas (Sean prefers diet). Elliot is upset and moves over to begin making out with J.D..

Janitor story

J.D. confuses the Janitor and Troy with a riddle: two coins add up to 30 cents and one of them is not a nickel - what are they? The duo spend the episode struggling with the riddle, eventually working out a complex solution, but J.D. reveals that the answer is that the other coin is a nickel. The two then destroy J.D.'s bike and the Janitor tells him: "It's a riddle. Two guys destroyed your bike with a crowbar and a bat. One of 'em wasn't me."

J.D.'s hairmet

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Molly
  • Janice
  • Denise
  • Tiffany Amber Thiessen
  • Princess

Guest Stars

Matt Winston as Dr. Jeffrey Steadman


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Blind, Deaf and Dumb" by The Churchills
  • "Don't Know Much" originally by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville, performed by Donald Faison
  • "Almost Feeling Better" by Tart
  • "On and On" by Keren DeBerg
  • "Cindy" by Tammany Hall NYC


A board meeting

Frankly, each time you call me a girl's name, I die a little inside.J.D.

You know Betty from work -- I see her every day, right? How would you feel if I told you *we* slept together?Sean Kelly

Well, I'd be disturbed, Sean, because Betty is a harp sealElliot
Yeah, but a harp seal who's smart, funny, and totally gets me!

Can't we just kill him?Troy

Nah nah nah. That's what he wants us to do.Janitor

Janitor and Troy with their weapons

It's no big deal. I make Turk wax his chest so he doesn't give me a rash.Carla

Oh, okay. Does she also make you wax your vagina?Todd

Bob Kelso. Ten inches.Dr. Kelso

It's like a baguette.Dr. Steadman

We been to the libary.Troy

Library, Troy!Janitor



  • Elliot, Turk, Dr. Cox, Carla, and the Janitor each narrate a long back-to-back line in this episode.
  • There is a Season Two episode entitled "My Lucky Day".
  • It is revealed that Dr. Jeffrey Steadman is gay when he thinks he has been chosen for the residency director job and invites members of the board over to his house to celebrate with sangria that his husband had made.
  • The surgical intern's board of patients has a name listed as "L. Roberts", a potential nod to nurse Laverne Roberts or her husband Lester.

Recurring jokes

  • Elliot's car has two replacement doors (red and yellow), because the two front doors were smashed off in "My Own American Girl".
  • When the Janitor is thinking to himself, trying to figure out the riddle, he thinks "Damn riddle! Easy, Janitor; you'll get this", thus calling himself "Janitor" and leaving his name once more in obscurity.
  • The nickle riddle and hairmet are seen in Season Five's "My Déjà vu, My Déjà vu".


  • Dr. Cox calls J.D. Tiffani Amber Thiessen, an American actress.


  • In the beginning of the episode, J.D. talks as if it was early morning, yet a few minutes later he heads off to a bar.
  • When Dr. Cox is talking to J.D. about his hairmet, an intern is walking towards the side of them, but when the camera switches she doesn't immediately walk past, but instead walks past ten seconds later.
  • When Elliot stops at the the bus station to talk to Sean, the yellow door on the car is open. When Elliot is talking on the phone with Sean, the door is closed. When the bus leaves, the door is open again.

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