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There's nothing like the rays of the morning sun kissing you awake and gently reminding you that you got drunk and kissed your best friend's wife!J.D.'s Narration

"My Lips Are Sealed" is the twenty-first episode of Scrubs' fourth season. J.D. helps Carla and Turk overcome their marital problems. Jordan is upset because Dr. Cox isn't overprotective of Jack. Elliot laughs at an unfortunate patient.


J.D. sits inbetween a kiss

Turk, Carla, & Elliot

Turk and Carla continue to struggle with their marriage. With J.D. as the middle man, Carla is unsure whether she can trust Turk. After some persuasion from Turk, J.D. takes Carla to a bar so they can talk. They get drunk and return to Elliot's apartment where they briefly kiss. In the morning, they decide that because it was merely a "friend kiss," they should not tell Turk. But, understanding now that little things can ruin marriages, Carla forgives Turk and agrees to move back in with him. The episode concludes with Carla being honest to Turk about the kiss.

Dr. Cox & Jordan

An edited picture of Dr. Cox balancing Jack on his hand

After Jack has to get stitches, Dr. Cox and Jordan argue over Dr. Cox's often-risky playtimes with Jack. But when Dr. Cox asks Jordan why it is an "accident" when Jack gets hurt on her watch but negligence when it's under his, she is speechless. Their fight is exacerbated by the Janitor, who photographs Dr. Cox and Jack and edits the pictures to make the situations look much more dangerous. (For example, he shows Dr. Cox balancing Jack on one hand.) Jordan accidentally reveals her tendency to allow strangers to touch Jack, which the Janitor has also photographed and exaggerated; as a doctor, this scares Cox. He and Jordan realize that together, they worry about all potential dangers to their son. They come to an agreement that Jack can play, but he must be wearing full protection.


Elliot treats a patient, Mr. Gerst, who has an enduring erection after taking pills for erectile dysfunction. His story is made worse by the fact that his girlfriend didn't actually want to have sex. The "something special" that Mr. Gerst misinterpreted was having breakfast with her family. When her grandmother tried to hug him, his erection took off her breathing apparatus. After yelling at her colleagues, including Todd and Dr. Kelso, for laughing at the patient, Elliot herself laughs hysterically upon hearing this story. Feeling guilty, Elliot teaches the patient the importance of laughing at oneself, and Mr. Gerst manages to embrace the humor and tells the story to a friend.

Recurring Themes

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Janitor takes photos of a little girl, and then Jack


  • J.D. and Turk sweat profusely.
  • A quick-thinking J.D. closes the window so Elliot's "messenger monkey" cannot tell Turk that J.D. and Carla kissed.

Janitor story

Dr. Cox messes with Janitor, provoking a "war" in Janitor's eyes. He then photographs Dr. Cox with Jack at the playground and edits the photo to make it look as though Dr. Cox is showing off to another parent by holding Jack on the palm of his hand. He gives the photos to Jordan, who freaks out at Cox. Janitor then photographs Jordan letting strangers (including the homeless) hold Jack and shows them to Dr. Cox.

Guest Stars

  • Chris Hogan as Mr. Gerst
  • Michael Cotter as Michael
  • Mary-Margaret Lewis as Woman
  • Mary Mouser as Little Girl
  • Ian Vogt as Father


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Everybody Gets What They Deserve" by The Churchills


"Today, Dr. Cox's son needed two stitches" - J.D.

In my four years at Sacred Heart, there have been many emergencies, but none like this one, because today...J.D.'s narration

Where is he?!J.D., in slow-motion
...Dr. Cox's son needed two stitches.

"That was a thick bush." -Turk

Oh really, Turk! Was it a thick bush, 'cause there's berries in my ass!J.D.

Hey, do you know who sings this song?Carla

No, but I can tell you who doesn't sing it: Billy Joel, who brought us such hits as 'Uptown Girl' and 'Matter Of Trust,' and speaking of trust, y'know who's really trustworthy? Turk. I call him Turk-y Turk-y Turk-y Trust, a little nickname.J.D.

"That is the most ridiculous hat I have ever seen [and I must have it] - J.D.

Hey dude, check out what I found when I was taking out the trash.Turk, wearing a top hat

That is the most ridiculous hat I have ever seen [and I must have it].J.D.

I broke up with my German mistress. She smelled like sauerkraut.Dr. Kelso

I'm so sorry.Elliot

[Ted is stuck hanging upside down, with a very purple face]]
Ted, what are you doing?!J.D.

I like to do stomach crunches after lunch.Ted
Ted, lunch was four hours ago.

Yep, I wasted most of my Tuesday.
It's Wednesday.

Aw, man! I missed Gilmore Girls!

"Napkin on your lap, Satan's Valet. Thank you." - J.D.

Napkin on your lap, Satan's Valet. Thank you.J.D.

Just a quick question. Why is it an accident when he's with you, but when Jack gets hurt on my time, it's because I'm not careful enough?Dr. Cox

Because, I...Jordan
Oh dear God, you're speechless. I won! I won an argument! Jack, it's unprecedented. We'll be at the playground drinking beer. Oh God, we love beer!

Giant man, why are you making that noise?Little girl

Oh, well, because my camera doesn't make a real sound, and it's more fun that way. See, here you go. Chik-a-chika, chik-a-chika, look happy, chk-chk, look sad, chk-chk, look crazy, look like you're going away.Janitor


  • Dr. Cox says he freaks out about registered independents, among other things, despite claiming to be one in a later episode ("My Identity Crisis"), and by listing "all the red states and all the blue states" in his list about things he cares as little about as his last day with J.D.. ("My Old Friend's New Friend")
  • This episode is the only time Dr. Cox wears a jersey for a team other than the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Elliot says in this episode that she has a mole on her butt, which is later referenced through her nickname of "Mole Butt." ("Her Story II")
  • The monkey in this episode is Crystal the Monkey, who appeared in many other TV shows and movies, including The Hangover Part II.
  • J.D. and Turk have changed the clock in their apartment ahead 1 hour, back 3 hours, ahead 5 hours, and back 43 minutes, so that altogether, the clock is ahead 2 hours and 17 minutes. The clock says 8:49, which would make the actual time 6:32. However, J.D. and Turk state that the time is 9:52. For this to be true, the clock would have to say 12:09.
  • On streaming services, the captions say that "Hook" by Blues Traveler is playing on the jukebox right before Carla asks "Hey, do you know who sings this song?". The song playing is not "Hook".