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We're going to steak night. We're going to eat it right. Steak is such a treat. It is the world's best meat!Turk and J.D.

"My Last Words" is the second episode of Scrubs' eighth season. J.D. and Turk set aside a tradition to comfort a dying patient. J.D. confronts Denise about her bedside manners. Jordan and Dr. Maddox bond.


Steak Night dance

J.D. and Turk anxiously wait for their shifts to be over so they can enjoy the decade old tradition of Steak Night. J.D. gets upset that Ed is able to create any catchy saying in seconds, but falls prey to his charm. J.D. also tells Denise that she needs to work on her patient relations, as she is coming off rudely. Later, as Turk and J.D. secretly dance about steak, a nurse asks them to check on a patient, George Valentine.

George on his deathbed

The two friends check on George, who will probably die that evening. They make sure he is comfortable, and run out and buy him a beer as a dying request. When they return, Ted is talking to George about his will. They give him the beer and he tells them that his family is coming to be with him. As Turk and J.D. leave, Ted tells them that George doesn't have any family. They relieve George of Denise's care, and stay the entire night talking with him about his life. They try to comfort him about dying, and reveal that although they are surrounded by death on a daily basis, they are still afraid. George passes away, and J.D. and Turk think about him on the roof of Sacred Heart.

Recurring Themes

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Dr. Maddox suffocating a patient


  • Dr. Maddox suffocates a patient with a pillow.
  • The new administrative assistant, who is very cute, walks in sexy slow motion.
  • An elderly woman patient walks in sexy slow motion.
    • Like J.D. is given a "hot dog pen" during the first slo-mo moment, J.D. has two hot dogs in his pocket after the elderly slo-mo moment.
  • Rather than being buried or cremated, J.D. is stuffed like Rowdy when he dies and stays at Carla and Turk's apartment.

Guest Stars

Aziz Ansari as Ed Dhandapani and Eliza Coupe as Denise Mahoney

Courteney Cox as Taylor Maddox


In a deleted scene


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Steak Night!J.D. & Turk, later imitated by Ed & Shawn

Even though I'm a man, I don't like beer. I prefer appletinis, they make me feel fancy.J.D.

Not "G"! Awww...Ted

Can we go? Cougars only drink free till 9!Jordan

Ohh, when Carla dies, heaven is going to suck!J.D.

Really Ted? A fun font?J.D.

I like seeing my name in squiglies.George
Oh Yeah That's the font! Recognize!Ted
What's happening?
It's this new thing Ed came up withTurk
When you disrespect someone and they in turn, burn your ass. You must RECOGNIZE!Ed
Fine Ted I-I recognize.

Hell Yeah!
HELL YEAH!Everybody except J.D and George.
I hate Ed.

I know.


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8x2 JD Turk listen to George.jpg
8x2 stuffed JD.jpg
8x2 JD Turk sit and listen to George.jpg
  • It is not mentioned in episode, but this actually qualifies as Turk and J.D.'s final interview of George. This process usually covers getting a brief oral history of the patient and their final thoughts before they passes. This practice is later seen in Season Nine's "Our Histories."
  • Taylor Maddox can zero in on a person's greatest insecurity, just like Molly Clock could.
  • Dr. Maddox and Jordan go out to drink where "cougars drink free", an homage to their future show together Cougar Town.
  • Neil Flynn (Janitor), Ken Jenkins (Bob Kelso), Sarah Chalke (Elliot), and John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) do not appear in this episode. An alleged stipulation for Scrubs being picked up for Season Eight on ABC was the show needed to cut costs so every main cast member is absent for three episodes, except

for Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke who only miss two episodes.

  • During the credits, a deleted scene is shown where J.D. talks about keeping a stuffed Carla and Turk in a closet after they die.
  • Writer Aseem Batra won a Humanitas Prize for this episode.
  • In the episode "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" of Bill Lawrence's other show Cougar Town, this episode is running on a TV screen in the background. (Outside references to Scrubs)
  • While J.D. is changing the I.V. on his patient, George Valentine, we notice that he has nothing in his scrubs' front pocket, but after the fantasy about the sexy old woman, we can clearly see he has two hot dogs in it. This is a result of Turk knowing when J.D. is going to go into a super slow motion fantasy and using that time to play pranks on him, usually hot dog related.
  • Carla only appears in the fantasy about stuffed J.D.
  • J.D. and Turk's plans for their first day in heaven echoes their plans from the episode "My Way Home".
  • When Turk and J.D. are talking to their patient, George, Turk brings up the fact that he played football, and that he played the position of safety. In the movie Remember the Titans, Donald Faison (Turk) plays the running back, Petey Jones.
  • This episode was meant to bookend Season One's "My Old Lady".
  • Running Gag: Turk and J.D. singing the Steak Night song but are interrupted before they can finish.