Listen, there, Flowers: I know that your pink scrubs are balled up at the base of Barbie's bed three nights a week -- and congrats on that, really -- but if you're gonna go ahead and have a show-down with everyone who hassles her, then, gosh, you two aren't gonna have any time for that sweet, Aryan sex that you love so much! Dr. Cox

"My Kingdom" is the nineteenth episode of season two of Scrubs. Dr. Cox convinces the hospital staff that Kelso died while he is away golfing. J.D. begins a surgical rotation and tries to fit in with the other surgeons. Elliot and Paul Flowers (Rick Schroder) have relationship problems.


2x19 Hanging wedgie

J.D. is treated like a nerd

J.D. and Turk

At lunch, J.D. is embarrassed at how nerdy some of the medical residents are. Elliot reminds him that the next day he begins his surgical elective. The next morning Carla takes a picture of him and Turk wearing green scrubs. At the hospital, J.D. doesn't quite fit in with the surgeons. He annoys them and they give him a hanging wedgie in his white underwear. As he's hanging he asks Turk if he's the only one that got a hanging wedgie. He lies but then says no and helps get J.D. down. At lunch, J.D. mocks Turk for participating in ballet in college. Turk is upset that J.D. would sell him out so easily. At the bar, Turk tells J.D. that he has always been his friend because he has never been afraid to be himself. J.D. takes this to heart and sits with the nerds the next day at lunch and gives himself the nickname "King of the Nerds".

2x19 Cox fakes Kelso's death

Dr. Cox fakes Kelso's death.

Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso

Dr. Cox gets fed up with the old computers, and chucks one out the window. He demands Dr. Kelso buy a new one, but learns that the equipment isn't replaced because Dr. Kelso spends all the money on a new portrait and trip to Hawaii. While the Chief is on his golf trip, Dr. Cox fools everyone into thinking that Dr. Kelso is dead, much to the happiness of Ted. Dr. Cox then regrets his prank on Kelso after all of his stuff is taken away, and Kelso's office is left empty. He does prove that Bob really does care what people think about him. Dr. Kelso caves and buys a replacement computer, but it is another old computer, while Kelso has bought a new computer for his own office.

2x19 Kelso's portrait

Dr. Kelso's portrait

Elliot and Paul

Elliot and Paul start having relationship problems, after Elliot says "I love U2" (as in the band), but Paul takes it the wrong way. She starts to realize how demanding he is in their relationship, and this gets on her nerves. She tries to break up with him at the park, but because he is bossy he tells her exactly how she should break up with him. He leaves upset that she chose to break up rather than talk about it. Elliot finds herself regretting what she did.

Recurring Themes

     More: FantasiesFlashbacksJ.D.'s girl namesJanitor's pranks and lies

2x19 Turk and JD as pimps

Turk and J.D. and pimps


  • When Turk and J.D. enter the hospital, they are dressed like Pimps and get all the girls, because they are surgeons.
  • Janitor cuts off J.D.'s arm and slaps him with it. When the fantasy ends, it turns out that both J.D. and the Janitor were thinking the same thing.
  • J.D. levitates above the table, as King of the Nerds.
2x19 JD's first day of college

Turk remembers how J.D. was on his first day of college...

2x19 JD graduated college

...when he graduated college...

2x19 JD with puppet med school...

2x19 JD is the tannest intern

...and as an intern.


  • J.D. moves into his dorm in college.
  • J.D. graduating college, with an earring.
  • J.D. practices ventriloquism in med school.
  • J.D. tries bronzer as an intern.
  • Turk practices ballet in college.

Janitor story

Janitor buys a circular saw, but J.D. points out there is nothing he can use it for, and this is confirmed when J.D. catches Janitor cutting a twig with it. Janitor then finds something he can use it for, when Dr. Kelso's desk is too large, and needs to be cut smaller.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "The Payback" by James Brown
  • "Samantha" by Keren DeBerg
  • "Poison" originally by Bell Biv DeVoe, performed by Judy Reyes and Sarah Chalke.
  • "Folgers Coffee", "Mennen", and "McDonalds" jingles, performed by The Blanks.
  • "Blind, Deaf and Dumb" by The Churchills
  • "This Is Round" by Treeball
  • "High Time" by Michael Penn


2x19 Turk does ballet

Turk practices ballet.

2x19 Janitor cuts off JD's arm

Janitor cuts off J.D.'s arm.

2x19 Kelso alone in his office

Kelso sits in his empty office.

2x19 King of the nerds

King of the Nerds

[Ted's band singing an ad]
TED! You guys suck!J.D.

Boing-Fwip!The Worthless Peons (singing)

He's with Jesus, now. Tough break, Big GuyLaverne

I have... no words.Dr. Cox

How about "handsome"? Or "glorious"?Dr. Kelso

Appletini, please, easy on the 'tini.J.D.

No problem, lady.Bartender


  • When Dr. Cox hits the computer, a Windows logo is visible on the computer screen.
  • This is the first episode in which we see Dr. Cox meet the Janitor.
  • After the nurse pulls off J.D.'s tail, she smacks his bottom.
  • This is the first time J.D. orders an appletini on screen.
  • This is the first episode in which a reference to Dr. Kelso's age is made. It is also the first indication that no one truly knows his age as the plaque placed by Dr. Cox states he was born in 1947. Seeing as he retires in 2008 at the age of 65, Dr. Kelso's true year of birth is 1943, a fact that is seemingly unknown by anyone in the hospital.
  • In the Italian language dub of this episode, the "I love U2" gag is replaced with "Ti amo Bono" which translates to "I love you Bono", because "Bono" in Italian also means "handsome".
  • When Turk switches J.D. to another surgeon, the names and assignments on the board change.
  • Turk calling J.D. "Arnold" is a reference to bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • When Dr. Kelso says "You think it's funny that one of the surgeons paid his dwarf cousin 200 dollars to show up at rounds and sing 'Ding dong, Kelso's dead!'?", the dwarf cousin was alluding to the Munchkin's singing "Ding dong, the witch is dead!" in The Wizard of Oz.
  • This episode marks the second time Pat Benatar is mentioned.
  • This is the second episode where J.D. wears something other then blue scrubs in this one he wears green scrubs because he is doing a surgical residency with Turk.
  • In the flashback when J.D. steps into Turk's room for the first time, the name-plates visible are inverted. Also the one outside Turk's room says "J. Dorian" and "C. Turk", even though J.D. just came to the room for the first time with his hands full (so he couldn't have written it).

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