I'm never happy when a guy comes back into Elliot's life. But at least with Sean... it's entertainingJ.D.'s Narration

"My Journey" is the second episode of Scrubs' third season. J.D. gets jealous of Elliot and Sean Kelly's relationship while Elliot struggles to find time for Sean. Carla finds a jar of urine and tries to find out whose it is. Turk is having difficulty expressing emotion to a patient.


3x2 Sean waves

Sean waves to Elliot

J.D. is jealous that Sean Kelly is back in Elliot's life, and also worried that his relationship with Turk will change now that he and Carla have set a date for their wedding. He can't understand why Turk is so reluctant to acknowledge how close their bond as best friends is, and in particular to go out and celebrate their friendship. A patient of Turk's makes the reason clear: He is gay, and the resemblance of him and his life partner to J.D. and Turk is uncanny.

Meanwhile, Carla discovers an unmarked urine specimen, but no one else seems to care about identifying it, and so it becomes her obsession. At last the Janitor, who is frightened of Carla, finds the label identifying it.

3x2 matching duos

J.D. and Turk look like a gay couple,

Although Elliot is happy to be with Sean again, he doesn't want to be a couple, because he was devastated the last time she dumped him. Elliot assures him that she won't put her job ahead of him now that she's not an intern anymore, but she is forced to cancel their first date and realizes that the hospital always has to come first. She admits this to Sean, but promises that she will give as much of herself to the relationship as she can if he is willing to give her a chance; he accepts this promise.

After Turk discusses his problem with J.D. with his gay patient, who makes him feel better, Turk and J.D. do go out for a celebration, and their friendship is restored.

Recurring Themes

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3x2 Marrying Marsha

J.D. marries "Marcia Brady"


  • J.D. dreams about his wedding day; the priest asks if he will take "Marcia Brady" to be his wife. The fantasy bride to be is, in fact, Maureen McCormick. However, J.D. insists, saying, "Marcia, please."
  • J.D. dreams of Carla telling Janitor to be nice to J.D. and to "bring him a fruit smoothie everyday." Janitor asks in Spanish, "Would he like strawberry or banana?" Carla uncharacteristically stumbles over her Spanish, asking for a "purple tree car with cheese." Janitor cries, "LIAR" in Spanish, yanking off Carla's hair and face, revealing J.D.

Janitor story

  • Janitor develops a fear of Carla after she tells him off. He later goes to great lengths to please her by finding the label to her unmarked urine specimen.

J.D.'s Girls Names

3x2 Laverne missing tooth

Laverne chips a tooth.

  • Hilton Sisters, used by Perry Cox for J.D. and Turk when they are talking about Turk's wedding with Carla.
Wedding talk! Oh, how lovely! Listen, Hilton sisters: Mr. Quinn in 206 still has a severely shattered clavicle and he needs a surgical consult now. And, seeing as he's your patient, and you're a surgeon, gosh, I was hoping that if you two hens have an extra moment between choosing centerpieces and deciding just exactly how you're gonna attach that veil onto Baldy's head, well, it would just be super-de-duper if you could peek in in there and give him the old lookie-loo; wouldn't it?Dr. Cox

Guest Stars

3x2 Sean and Betty

Sean and Betty


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Dont Stop Believing" by Journey


3x2 JD as Carla

J.D. pretends to be Carla.

Whoa! Do you actually talk to each other?Elliot

Elliot, come on, he's just a dolphin.Sean
[The dolphin squeaks in the direction of Sean]
Because, Bruce, then she would think I was crazy, that's why!

Carla, you're forcing me to say something that I prayed I'd never have to say again to another woman: Please, please, please, put down the cup of urine.Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox, does this shade of red make me look like a clown?Elliot]

No, barbie, makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively to clowns.Dr. Cox
Oh, I'm sorry, that was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you're a horrible, horrible person.

3x2 Sean and Elliot kiss

Sean and Elliot kiss while dolphins jump.

It's just that, Dr. Cox, I've got a date with this guy named Sean-Elliot

Would you do me a personal favor and excuse me just for one moment?Dr. Cox

[Dr. Cox closes his eyes and pretends to snore]

All right, fine, man! I can have plenty of deep moments with The Todd!Turk

Do you think gay dudes get turned on by their own weiners?Todd


Oh, nothing - I just found out my favorite chips cause anal leakage and, oh, I'm not talking to you.J.D.
How did you get him to stop talking to you?Dr. Cox
I don't get it, man. All I wanted to do was take you to dinner, and you made me feel like a total idiot.
Wait a minute, I always make him feel like an idiot.
Why you making a big deal about this?

You never tell me how you feel!
Aw, dammit all! I never tell you how I feel.
I'm not talking to you!


3x2 Sean and whale jump

Sean jumps with a killer whale.

  • This is the first episode in which Sean's job as a trainer at SeaWorld is mentioned. The writers gave him this job because they thought it would be cool enough to make him look like a superhero next to J.D..
  • In the scene with Sean at SeaWorld, Elliot is already wet before the dolphin actually flips water on her.
  • On the DVDs, in J.D.'s fantasy of "Carla" getting the Janitor to be nice to J.D., the character switch (between Carla and J.D.) occurs when Janitor yells "Liar" (in Spanish) and by using the frame-by-frame, the mask is clearly visible on his scrub lapels.
  • The two front side doors of Elliot's car, which were knocked off in the previous episode, have been replaced by mismatched red and yellow doors.
  • When Turk and J.D. are talking to Will Quinn for the first time, approximately five minutes into the episode, Turk says that they did not have a car in med school. However, it was revealed in "My New Old Friend" that J.D. has had Malik since he was 17.
  • Elliot booked her wedding on April 25th, 2006, which is, coincidentally, the air date of "My Lunch".
  • When J.D. throws the chart out of the window, there are two errors:
    • Turk's stance changes from standing upright to leaning on the bed.
    • Turk is holding a patient's chart at the end of the scene, despite not holding a chart throughout the scene.
  • Laverne says she's going to go get her tooth fixed so she can stop looking like Larry Holmes, a former professional boxer.
  • When Dr. Cox calls Turk and J.D. the Hilton sisters, he is referring to Paris and Nikki Hilton, celebrity sisters.
  • Maureen McCormick, the actress who starred as Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch, acts as J.D.'s Marcia in his fantasy.
  • The woman sitting in the train in front of Elliot, plays Mrs. Gorski in the Season Three episode "My Clean Break".
  • After J.D. tries comfort Leverne, she calls him a jackass however on Netflix the subtile reads Cracker.

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