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Well, you look fantastic! And, you know, I don't mean 'Hey, dude, check out that hot bitty at the bar!' fantastic — I'm talking about 'I'm sorry for your loss' fantastic.J.D.

"My Interpretation" is the twentieth episode of Season Two of Scrubs. Jamie Moyer's (Amy Smart) husband, Jack, dies and J.D. still has sex with her. J.D. has problems communicating with a German patient when he finds out the patient has cancer. Dr. Cox has to look after the baby when Jordan forces him. Turk has a sex dream about Elliot.


The T.C.W. Jamie Moyer's husband dies and J.D. goes to see her at the funeral. They end up having sex in a coat closet but J.D. is worried that Jamie is not ready for another relationship yet. Meanwhile, Jordan asks Dr. Cox to watch the baby for a while. Cox becomes very bored during the watch and the next time Jordan asks him to babysit the kid (whom she wants to name Quinn after her father, despite Dr. Cox's insisting on Jack), he makes up an empty excuse.

2x20 Turk's sex dream with Elliot II.jpg


Turk is having problems of his own when he keeps having sex dreams about Elliot. He eventually confesses it to her and makes her swear not to tell Carla, who he knows will turn into a jealous wreck. Carla ultimately finds out, not from Elliot but from one of Turk's patients who heard him discussing it with The Todd. She gets mad at first but quickly calms down later that day and reassures her soon-to-be husband that it's perfectly normal to have these dreams when engaged. When they are about to go to sleep Turk asks her if she has any such dreams. She says no, only to turn and see Ted in Turk's place, confirming that she and Turk are of the same mind.

99 Luftballons.


J.D., meanwhile, is struggling to tell a German patient who speaks no English, Rolf Mueller, that he may have pancreatic cancer. Later he finds out Elliot is fluent in German and that the patient's brother Hermann, whom he used as a translator, in fact withheld the information from his brother. When the patient's test results come back and the doctors learn that Rolf does not have cancer, J.D. contemplates whether it's worth telling him at all. He eventually decides in favor of it, using Elliot as the translator. In the process J.D. realizes that just as the patient's brother tried to protect him when he shouldn't have, so was J.D. being overprotective of Jamie and her decision to pursue a relationship with him. Armed with this knowledge he meets her and tells her that he realizes her husband is gone for good and that if she feels ready, he'll take her... in front of her late husband's parents.

Dr. Cox and Jordan

Dr. Cox isn't doing much better when Jordan catches him playing basketball, revealing that he lied when he said he couldn't watch her baby. When they next meet at his apartment he convinces Jordan to call the baby Jack. When she lets him hold Jack, Dr. Cox realizes that he really does care for him.

Recurring Themes

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Dr. Cox is a baby


  • Jordan's baby, with Cox's face, speaks to J.D.
  • The various sex dreams Turk has of Elliot, including her seducing him in a nurse outfit and him spanking her.
  • J.D. repeatedly imagines himself dancing with the German-speaking patient to "99 Luftballons", and again with Jamie and her late husband's parents.
  • Jamie clings to J.D.'s back as he has a conversation with Dr. Cox.
  • Carla has a sex dream about Ted.

J.D. accidentally sees Janitor's penis.

Janitor story

J.D. stops by the Janitor's house by accident because he needs to pee. By chance, he catches a glimpse of the Janitor's penis as the Janitor takes a shower, and sees a spot that looks like melanoma. Eventually, J.D. convinces the Janitor to let him take a closer look, revealing that the spot is, fortunately, benign. The Janitor, albeit through gritted teeth, thanks J.D..

J.D.'s Girl Names

  • Stephanie (in J.D.'s fantasy)
What do you say there, Stephanie, how about you step up to the plate and tell the guy? My God, I'm only three weeks old and already I've got more stones than you do. One of mine hasn't dropped yet.Dr. Cox as Jack

J.D. wishes it were possible to break awkward tension.

Guest Stars


     List of music featured in Scrubs


Nena - 99 Luftballons 1984

99 Luftballons

  • "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye
  • "99 Luftballons" (German version) by Nena
  • "Handful of the Blues" by Dustin Bentall (during Turk's fantasy scenes and J.D. in the closet with Jamie)


Janitor is checked out by J.D.

I sort of had a sex dream about you.Turk

Really? Was I the girl?Elliot

I'm gonna be straight with you: I saw your penis, and I noticed a possible melanoma that you should really have checked out.J.D.

When did you see my penis?Janitor
Last night, when you were showering.

Where were you?
Oh, I was outside, in the bushes.

Look, it was just a coincidence, man -- I mean, i-i-if you had looked out the window, you'd have seen my penis, you know!

What!?! Why?
Because I had it out while I was looking at yours!

It looks benign to me.J.D.

Benign, benign-and-a-half.Janitor


Turk has a sex-dream about Elliot

German language

  • It is revealed in this episode that Elliot speaks fluent German.
  • Viewers fluent in German have noted that Sarah Chalke actually speaks better German in this episode than the German characters.
  • Neither of the actors playing the Mueller brothers actually speaks German. Soren Hellerup is Danish, and while Ingo Neuhaus has a German name and was born in Germany, he grew up in America. Both mostly deliver their lines phonetically, with multiple grammatical errors.
  • In the German translation of this episode, the Germans are Danes and Elliot speaks Danish.
    • In the German version, Mr. Mueller's name is Mr. Olsen.
  • The sentence that Herman tells his brother is "Es wird alles gut gehen", but when J.D. attempts to tell Elliot what he heard he says "Es wird alles wieder gut" which is also correct in German, but clearly a different expression. Nevertheless, the translation "Everything is gonna be fine" fits for both versions.
  • The two sentences that Elliot says to prove that she actually speaks German mean:
    • The milkmaid: "Good morning, do you want to milk the cows?"
    • The evil old hausfrau: "Eat your schnitzel, or else you won't get a dessert!"


  • Dr. Cox's and Jordan's baby is finally given a name: Jack Cox.
  • This is the first episode where Janitor's home is seen. In later season we'll see that many parts of his home are full of taxidermied creatures.


  • In the scene where J.D. and Mr. Mueller dance to "99 Luftballons", a hand hitting the balloons back to the center is visible in the lower left corner.

References & Casting

  • When Dr. Cox calls J.D. "Errol Flynn", he is referring to an actor from the early 1900s, known for his romantic swashbuckler roles in Hollywood films and his flamboyant lifestyle.
  • The patient who has a sex dream is played by Leslie David Baker who portrays Stanley Hudson in the NBC series The Office.