Well, he woke up to a world of bad boyfriends, oaths and Gonorrhea.J.D.

"My Hypocritical Oath" is the fifteenth episode of Scrubs' fourth season. J.D. struggles with whether or not to tell Kylie that her boyfriend has an STD. Elliot goes against Kelso and tries to treat a patient. Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso clash over a prank.


J.D. meets Kylie in a Nightclub

J.D., Turk and Carla go to an "African American Nightclub" where, "after two hours of intense roboting", J.D. meets Kylie. She asks if he can check out her boyfriend, James. J.D. wasn't listening and jumps at the chance to see her again telling her to come to Sacred Heart the next day. Kylie turns up with James, but J.D. quickly gets over the disappointment and starts fishing for information. He finds out that they don't live together and that they've never had sex. James' tests reveal he has Gonorrhea, this puts J.D. in a bind as he must adhere to the Hippocratic Oath and is not allowed to tell Kylie. After talking with Elliot, he throws caution to the wind and runs off to tell her, when he finally finds Kylie, she thanks him for being a "great doctor", and at that point he realizes that Doctor-Patient confidentiality comes above his own personal feelings. The next day, he finds Kylie waiting on the ramp, coffee in hand, having split up with James.

Dr. Kelso has been the victim of a Med. Student prank, (they tampered with the speed setting on his treadmill sending him backwards into one of his office walls) and he's trying to find out how they got into his office in the first place We find out that Dr. Cox traded Nurse Tisdale's phone number with Ted for the keys to Kelso's office.

Ted tries to tell Dr. Cox the score of the game he is yet to see

Dr. Cox trips over Janitor's mop bucket, and so asks him to clean it up. Janitor is watching 'The Sixth Sense' in a supply closet, and when he refuses to clean up Cox's mess, Cox ruins the twist ending for him. Cox is looking forward to his night off, so he can watch the Lakers/Heat game (Shaq vs. Kobe), however Dr. Mickhead calls in sick and he is forced to cover his shift. After arguing with Kelso, Cox is allowed to tape the game on Kelso's VCR. However, Cox still faces a number of obstacles before he can watch the game, both Ted and the Janitor try to tell him the score. Cox sticks Ted's tie in his mouth before he can say anything. Whereas, he and a vengeful Janitor broker a deal before he says anything. Cox finishes his shift and is ready to watch the game in the comfort of his own home. When he turns the tape on he finds that Kelso recorded over the game. Kelso's message tells him never to mess with his treadmill as well as the score of the game.

Elliot's patient, Mr. Chang, has malaria and only an Exchange Transfusion will save him. Elliot is all for the procedure, yet Dr. Kelso has already given up on him. She defies his orders, and tells the Changs that if they give Mr. Chang the Exchange Transfusion he has a chance at survival. All goes well and Mr. Chang wakes up from his coma before failing. Elliot expects Kelso to rub it in her face, but her tells that telling the Changs the news will hurt her more than anything he can say. He also calls her a colleague; showing a new found respect for her, directly afterwards though, he says that he hates his colleagues.

Recurring Themes

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J.D. tries to get into an African American Nightclub


  • J.D. and Kylie play hangman as a way of getting around The Hippocratic Oath.


  • J.D.'s previous two attempts to get into "African American" clubs were thwarted by his outrageous costumes. He dressed as MC Hammer and Flavor Flav on these respective occasions.
  • Kelso has the speed on his treadmill tampered with by Med. Students, he subsequently gets thrown into the wall.
  • Dr. Cox gives Ted Nurse Tisdale's phone number in exchange for the key to Kelso's office, which he in turn gives to the Med. students.
  • Carla is drawing blood from James, but "can't find the vein" after 12 pokes.

Janitor story

Dr. Cox trips over Janitor's mop bucket and then spoils the end of the film The Sixth Sense for him out of spite. In revenge Janitor tricks Dr. Cox into giving him a home cooked meal and an hour in Cox's massage chair in return for not giving away the result of the basketball game, although he originally planned to have a group of hospital staff make a formation of the final score in the parking lot.

Guest Stars


"What is that on your lap?" - Dr. Cox

So, you don't want to know the end of something, I can relate to that.Janitor, speaking in a British accent and stroking an imaginary animal on his lap

What is that in your lap?Dr. Cox
Leonard. Half kitten, Half monkey.

Alright, you three can go in.Bouncer

You're out.

Ah, look, Sir, please....Carla
Baby, I got this. Listen here, man. Homie here, y'know he's a little outta his mizzle. So I'm just sayin' for just a li'l bizzle. If you let him up in this bizzle, he'll be all chizzle.Turk
You out too.

[OK, time to move in for the kill. Work the fact you're a doctor into the conversation. Just be subtle] I'm a Doctor...uh, John Dorian. Most of my patients live.J.D. to Kylie

...but you have to get in there and fish for information, alright? You don't wanna lose this hottie! She's a slammin' hottie! and you don't wanna...Turk


I got this. Baby, you know you're his world!J.D.

"I get to have sex!" - Turk

What the hell are you doing?Dr. Kelso

I get to have sex!Turk
I hate this place.

Hey! I heard a great joke; A man walks into a dentist's office and says "I think I'm a moth" and the dentist says "If you think you're a moth, then why are you in a dentist's office". [Oh no, I forgot the punchline. You can't bail out now! Stall! Stall!] So the moth says "That's a good question...what kind of dentist are you" and the dentist says "Well, I'm a general dentist, but I do dabble in Orthodontry, braces and such" and the moth says "Orthodontry? I hear there's great money in that...". [The light was on!] "...but to answer your original question, which was "If I think I'm a moth, why am I in a dentist's office?" The answer is, because the light was on".J.D.

[Kylie laughs]
It was a light. It's a light, James. Moth's love light. So James, other than your funny bone being broken, what seems to be the problem?

[Give her a compliment. Tell her she has a huge ass] You...J.D.

What happened to your eye?Kylie

Listen up! I have been cursed to work the night shift with you chuckleheads, which means I have to tape the Laker/Heat game, and seeing as no one in the history of this germ box has made it through a shift without saying "Oh my God! Oh my God! Did you see what happened last night on 'America's Fattest Fatties' a 900lb woman lost a pound and a half and then cried for twenty minutes", be warned, if you utter a word of the score of the game, it will be your last. Now, get out!Dr. Cox

Let's face it. What a doctor says and what they mean are often two different things.J.D.'s Narration

I know Dr. Robbins treated your husband in the ER, but we're gonna approach this case a bit differently. (Robbins is an idiot.)Elliot
And it's very comforting to have the Chief of Medicine here.
I took a special interest in this case. (I was thinking about food and I accidentally wandered over here.)Dr. Kelso
Hey Elliot, your boobies look hot today. (Hey Elliot, your boobies look hot today.)Todd


  • This is the third appearance of Nurse Tisdale.
  • The Todd sarcastically says to Carla that he isn't straight, but in the previous episode My Lucky Charm, he admits that he "appreciates hot, regardless of gender".
  • Kylie mentions how doctors should carry around tip jars, later in season 6 episode, "My Coffee", Dr. Cox starts carrying around a tip jar.
  • In J.D.'s flashback of trying to get into the nightclub, the clock around his neck is set to 10:10 to which he says "Man! Its only 10 o'clock." 10:10 is a widespread standard for clocks in stores.
  • Kelso says the score of the Lakers/Heat game was 98-97 Lakers however the actual score of the game was 104-97
  • At the end of the episode Dr. Cox eventually does get to watch the Lakers/Heat game only to be taped over by Kelso telling him not to mess with his treadmill as well as telling him the score of the game.


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