Around here sometimes you do wish it was more like TV and a bigger-than-life character like House will just show up and conveniently solve everythingJ.D.

My House is the fourth episode of Scrubs' sixth season. Elliot takes her anger at Dr. Kelso out on Turk, Carla starts showing symptoms of postpartum depression, J.D. has problems with both his personal and work life and Dr. Cox feels like House when he has to solve the mystery of a man with unexplainable orange skin.


Dr. Cox and Turk discover an orange-coloured man

In this parody of the TV series House, the staff faces several mysteries. First, the husband of a patient sharing a maternity room with Carla has bright orange skin; second, one of J.D.'s patients is suffering heart failure for no apparent reason; and third, Dr. Kelso is ignoring Elliot as punishment for her taking a private practice job, but she is lashing out at Turk instead.

Kim prepares to leave for Tacoma

Meanwhile, Kim is considering taking a new job in Seattle, and J.D. is trying to convince her to stay by being the most supportive boyfriend he can. However, his plan backfires when she takes his supportiveness as evidence that their relationship could survive a separation and accepts the job.

Carla wants a break from the baby.

Turk and Carla are also having relationship problems, as he is trying to convince her to come home and return to work because she is racking up a huge hospital bill. Carla is angry at him for suggesting it and for being more concerned with money than her well-being.

Elliot reveals why she's angry at Turk

In the end, Dr. Cox saves the day by solving all of their mysteries: the orange man eats too many carrots, which turn him yellow, and too many tomatoes, which turn him red; J.D.'s patient's heart is failing due to "Broken Heart Syndrome," caused by the emotional trauma of her husband's recent death; and Elliot is mad at Turk because he hasn't acknowledged that she has moved on to a new job (while Kelso's bad treatment of Elliot indicates that he has).

What no one notices, however, is that Carla is sinking into postpartum depression.

Recurring Themes


Box of kittens, stat!

  • A patient codes due to Broken Heart Syndrome and J.D. treats him with a box of kittens.
  • J.D. runs to the airport to tell Kim that he completely supports her decision to take the job. They then have sex in front of everyone in the departures lounge, who applaud.


Carla is suffering from depression

  • When Dr. Cox explains all of the "mysteries" of the episode, flashbacks of previous events are shown.
    • The orange man drinking tomato juice
    • Dr. Cox says that Dr. Kelso acknowledges that Elliot is moving on to her new job by being hostile to her, while Turk does not acknowledge it at all.
    • Dr. Cox notes that J.D.'s patient still wears her wedding ring, even though her chart marks her as single.
  • Everyone misses the signs that Carla has post partum depression.
    • Carla defensively states that she wasn't crying although Rex reported crying coming from her room
    • Even though Carla is on bedrest, she's helping Dr. Cox with the mysteries because she "needs time away from the baby"

Janitor story

Janitor's mural

Janitor is painting a life-sized mural in Elliot's new office, and apparently used a real dead person's head as a model. The paint bucket he is using ultimately falls on Cox's foot (causing him to use the cane) and the mixing of colors leads to Cox's revelation about the orange man.

Episode Running Gags

Janitor successfully shoots J.D. with a paintball gun

  • The Janitor has a series of business cards with various professions on it: Painter, Air Traffic Controller, Gemologist, Captain of Industry, Middle Reliever, Ruggist
  • Janitor repeatedly tries to shoot J.D. with his paintball gun/business card maker, but he keeps missing (even though he hit Ted in the head with dead-on accuracy), but eventually got him after he received the news of Kim leaving.

Guest Stars

The Blanks as The Worthless Peons.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Where Do You Go" by Sister Hazel
  • "Lollipop" by The Chordettes
  • "Romeo and Juliet 'Fantasy Overture'" by Tchaikovsky


Sadly, there's nothing on god's green earth that turns ya orange.Dr. Cox

Maybe he got freaky with some cheetos.Turk
Swing and a miss there, Webster.

(Handing Cox a card after accidentally hurting his foot)Here you go.Janitor

Podiatrist?Dr. Cox
I also buy and sell feet, so any way you want to go, I've got you covered.Janitor


  • The title of this episode is a spoof of the series House, M.D.
  • The set of symptoms presented by the 'orange patient' and diagnosis were feature in Pilot of House M.D
  • J.D. mentions that he's a right handed person for many things.
  • In this episode, J.D. says that his right hand is his "me-time hand", but in another episode, when he hurts his left hand, he calls that hand his me-time hand.
  • It is revealed that Kim graduated from high school in 1990.
  • When Dr. Cox solves the mysteries at the end, the images are covered in a filter similar that the one which it was used in House, M.D. in its pilot.
  • Dr. Cox's walking stick is yet another reference to House, M.D.
  • Dr Cox's line that he is "not Superman" is an allusion to the shows theme song, another breaking the fourth wall gag.


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