All the best there Kim. Please note that the entire world is praying that the dominant genes are yoursDr. Cox

"My Hard Labor" is the second episode of Scrubs' seventh season. J.D. becomes a father when Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian is born. Turk obsessively plays a new video game. Dr. Cox takes Jennifer to the hospital to find a doctor he trusts to give her a shot.


J.D. holds Sammy

J.D.'s baby

J.D. becomes a father when Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian is born at Sacred Heart Hospital. Prior to the delivery, J.D. rode on a roller coaster of emotions. First, he talked with Turk how he hoped one day he would find himself in love with Kim. When he is paged to the hospital, he agrees to give Kim the epidural as painlessly as possible. However, he runs out of time because he and Kim talk about their relationship. Kim eventually figures out that he doesn't love her, but hopes to one day. She then breaks up with him because she doesn't want him there only for the baby's sake. He is kicked out of the delivery room, and later after being talked to by Dr. Cox and seeing Dr. Kelso comfort his son on the phone and Turk and Carla, he enters the delivery room uninvited, but stays to watch his son's birth.

Turk's video game

Janitor helps Turk play a video game

Turk has bought a new video game, which Carla blames for taking time away from Izzy. He declares that he must beat it before she takes it away. Under the excuse of supporting J.D., Turk sneaks away to the hospital to beat the game. He enlists the help of Janitor. Carla finds him and becomes upset. However, she turns out to be very talented at the game and ends up helping Turk finish the game. She explains that she too needs an escape from the stress of parenting and has beat the game multiple times already.

Elliot's fight

Elliot and Keith are still fighting after their breakup, and he acts repulsed every time he sees her. Elliot does let this get to her, and ends up helping Kim deliver the baby when J.D. is kicked out of the room.

Dr. Cox's child

Dr. Cox takes Jennifer to the hospital to find a doctor he trusts to give her a shot. He is afraid of his child associating him with pain, and would not do it himself. He asks the pediatrician Dr. Callahan to give her a shot, but he doesn't because he is "Dr. No Shot" and doesn't like to be associated with pain either. Dr. Cox eventually gets Keith to help him after refusing to let Boon touch his child and finding out that Carla is shaking with anger.

Recurring Themes

Kim gives birth to Colin Hay.

7x2 Down Under.jpg

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  • Instead of a baby, Colin Hay pops out of Kim and sings "Down Under".


  • Elliot tried to be the doctor who never said the word "terminal".

Janitor story

Janitor answers Turk's call to find a teammate for a videogame he is playing. Janitor can't seem to understand the motivation for shooting the space goblins, and later takes a moment to say a word at the fall of the space goblin. This upsets Turk, whose goal is to beat the game before J.D. and Kim's baby is born. Janitor quits the game after Carla, who had been playing the game ever since Turk bought it, insults the Janitor's skill.

Episode Running Gags

  • Boon says "I am/we are your doctor(s). Deal with it," albeit in a scared and nervous way.

Guest Stars

Debra Azar as Donna Berlutti.


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Heartbeats" by The Knife (performed by Jose Gonzalez)
  • "Down Under" by Colin Hay


Kim dumps J.D.

Nurse Shirley

Kim holds Sammy.

7x2 JD Kim and Sam.jpg

Proud new parents

7x2 Kim hands Sam to JD.jpg
7x2 JD kisses Sam.jpg
7x2 JD Kim and Sam HQ.jpg
7x2 JD holds Sam HQ.jpg

You're amazing.J.D. to Kim on multiple occasions

It's incredible your handwriting is actually more annoying than your voice.Dr. Cox to Josephine

What I want you to do is, go over to Mr. Meltzer and say these words: "I'm your Doctor, deal with it!" Can you say that?Dr. Cox

I'm Your Doctor...Boon and Josephine
Not you. Never you.Dr. Cox to Josephine

I'm you Doctor, deal with it?Boon

Oh my God! I'm gonna be a bluncle!Turk

[Carla looks confused.]
A Black Uncle.Turk and J.D.

Why is she laughing? I hate her and her chimpunk-y face!Kim about Dr. Berlutti

I'll be in charge of the epidural and as soon as you're ready, I'll have it make you so numb it'll feel like you're passing a marshmallow.J.D.

That sounds sticky and uncomfortable!Kim
Passing a unicorn.

That's a big horse with a horn!
Passing a rainbow.

That's better.

J.D needs me and I really want to be there for him.Turk on the phone to Carla

All right people, listen up! I need to beat this video game before Kim delivers J.D.'s bastard child. It takes two people to do it, so I can't do it by myself. Who's with me!Turk
I would Turkleton, but I only play Pac-man and that carjack game. There's nothing like scoring a Caddy and mowing down street hoes.Dr. Kelso

Sir, what are you doing here so late?
I live here. Enid kicked me out of the house six weeks ago. She wheeled in and caught me hitting on her speech therapist. C'est la vie.

Thank you Perry much.J.D's narration

Ah, what the hell. J.D., I'm falling in love with you.Kim


Yeah, we're your doctors!Josephine in a normal pitched voice

Why don't you always talk that way?Dr. Cox
Because it hurts my throat too her annoying voice

I'm taking a few moments to speak on behalf of our fallen adversary...Forgive me Space Goblin, if it were not for the novice level setting and the 10 cups of coffee I had earlier today you might have bested me this day in the Marsh of Gothrick. We're not that different, you and I, despite your arm mounted canon and insatiable taste for human flesh... Janitor

You realize that while you're talking his alien friends are shooting you in the face, right?Turk
Well that is just rude.

Hit him with the lamp.Dr. Kelso

There's no lamp in this game, Sir.Turk
I was talking to your wife. Hit Turkleton with this lamp.

...I'm all hassellhoff'd out.Dr. Kelso

Hey, you. Did Barbie just go in there [Kim's birthing suite]?Dr. Cox

[J.D. nods, Cox opens door]
Oh. Dear God, it's like Baghdad in there.

Fine, but if you use the words 'emotional rollercoaster' I am O-U-T. OUT.

— 'Dr. Cox

Deal. I feel like I'm on this emotional...ride of some sortJ.D.

You're a piece of crap!Kim

You're doing great.J.D.
I hate your hair.

Impossible. Nobody does.


  • Kelso and Janitor are friends at night.
  • Nurse Shirley and Sam Dorian make their first appearances in this episode.
  • Carla talks about Warthogs and Jackals while playing the video game, both elements of the Halo universe. However, the game that Turk and Carla are playing is not Halo, it's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (that wasn't even released for the Xbox 360 at the time being). Also, on the screen only one player shows up, but Turk says 2 people are needed to play (and still the two of them are playing simultaneously) aside from that there is no split screen for multiplayer play. In this same scene J.D.'s controller is not on.
  • This is the second episode with Colin Hay of Men at Work. However, he plays a much more minor role.
  • J.D. mentions that if he and Kim got cloth diapers that were black with orange spots they could pretend he was Bam Bam, from The Flintstones cartoons. However, Bam Bam Rubble wore an orange loin cloth with black spots.
  • Aloma Wright whose character Laverne was killed in a car accident returns as her twin sister Shirley to which J.D. replies with "man she looks familiar"
  • After the Janitor leaves the game Turk is seen holding a wired Xbox 360 Controller with the wire cut off, but when the camera zooms in and then back out Turk now has a wireless controller with the battery pack inserted.
  • Kim angrily tells the OB/GYN that J.D. broke up with her, despite the fact that Kim was clearly the one who ended the relationship.
  • Just before Elliot enters the delivery room, Keith says "that's disgusting" and tells Elliot to "burn in hell". In these scenes she is wearing a black and red strip jumper much like Freddy Krueger who many people wanted to burn in hell.
  • Dr. Kelso said he would give Dr. Cox's daughter a shot but his coffee mug was filled with scotch and he was "all hassellhoff'd out" a reference to the infamous video of David Hasselhoff drunk.

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